6 Best Zero Turn Mowers Under $1500: New and Used

In landscaping, you are as good as the utilities you have. If you have a large yard, you need to upgrade from a standard hand-held lawn mower to a zero-turn mower for the best results.

As its name hints, a zero-turn mower is a riding lawn mower with a zero-degree turning radius. The mower can turn 360 degrees within its midpoint. This aspect of the lawn mower makes it perfect for various yards due to its maneuverability.

You are in the right place if you want to upgrade to a zero-turn mower. Sit tight as we introduce the best zero turn mowers under $1500, both new and used.

Things To Consider Before Buying an Under $1500 Zero Turn Mower

Shopping for landscaping and farming utilities requires keenness to get the befitting item. The same applies when looking for a zero-turn mower. Let us look at the factors to consider before buying this piece of equipment.


As is evident, we focus more on the price, explaining why we are looking for new or used zero-turn mowers under $1500. When looking at the cost, cheap is not always the way to go. On the contrary, you look at the value offered. In this case, the mower should have excellent features at a reasonable price.

Used zero-turn lawn mowers are typically affordable. Nevertheless, you must be careful when buying second-hand utilities. Thoroughly inspect the mower to check for faults. A qualified mechanic or someone experienced in zero-turn mowers can help you when making the first purchase.

The Engine

Like most motorized utilities, the engine is the heart of the zero-turn lawn mower. Check the engine’s specs to determine if it’s powerful enough for your yard. Also, go for popular engine brands, as it is easy to get spare parts. Kawasaki and Kohler are among the best engine brands, renowned for their power. Honda and Briggs and Stratton are other reliable brands. 

Deck Size

The deck size is another consideration when looking for zero turn mowers under $1500. The befitting size depends on your yard’s area and how fast you want to mow. A 42 to 48-inch mowing deck is suitable for small yards, such as those in the suburbs.

A 54 to 60-inch deck works perfectly for larger areas or commercial use. Keep in mind that larger decks cost more. A smaller deck upholds the mower’s maneuverability. 

The Mower’s Brand

The brand is another crucial factor when looking for an ideal z-turn lawn mower. Like the engine, you must pick a popular brand, as spares are readily available and affordable. When searching for used zero-turn mowers under $1500 near me, check the brand and its state. You want to avoid buying something that will underperform.

Power Source

Most z-turns run on gas, though battery-powered mowers are becoming more popular. Pick the best option between gas-powered vs. electric mowers. The latter is pricey, and you may not get one under $1500. 

Besides the highlighted features, you must consider the extras the mower comes with. The accessories include:

  • A lawn mower bag
  • Extra wheels
  • A tool set or box
  • Extra seat
  • A cover
  • Floor mats

The more accessories, the better the deal. 

Reviewing the Best Zero Turn Mowers Under $1500

Our picks for the best zero-turn mowers for under $1500 are as follows.

  • John Deere Z235
  • Toro TimeCutter SS4225 
  • Husqvarna Z246I
  • Poulan Pro P46ZX
  • Cub Cadet Z-Force S48 
  • Craftsman Z560

John Deere Z235

John Deere spares no effort in the quality of its products, something you will appreciate in the Z235. Manufactured from 2013 to 2015, the John Deere Z235 boasts a robust 20HP Briggs and Stratton 2-cylinder engine with a 655cc displacement.

A noticeable thing about the John Deere Z235 is its compact build. It weighs only 459 pounds, which is relatively low, considering most z-turn mowers weigh more than 500 pounds. 

This John Deere mower comes with a 42-inch deck with two blades. It is perfect for home use and will work better for yards under 4 acres. 

The Z235’s size should not distract you from its sturdiness, a characteristic of John Deere products. Its frame is durable, with the deck featuring 10-gauge steel, helping it deal with obstacles in the yard.

This mower’s price was around $2500 when it debuted in 2013. Presently, you can get a clean unit at $1300. 


  • Engine: Briggs and Stratton 4-cycle, 2-cylinder 655cc engine
  • Transmission: hydrostatic
  • Deck: 42-inch, 10-gauge deck with two blades
  • Electric clutch
  • Weight: 459 pounds


  • A robust engine
  • A sturdy construction
  • Space economy courtesy of its compact build
  • It drives smooth
  • Easy maintenance


  • Unsuitable for large yards or mowing uphill

Toro TimeCutter SS4225

The Toro TimeCutter SS4225 hit the market in 2015, originally costing $2799. Older models are affordable, and you can get one from $1400 to $1000. Newer releases are pricier, going for around $3500. 

Far from the cost, you will love how smoothly the Toro SS4225 moves. Coupled with a cozy seat, you will enjoy every moment you tend to your field. This z-turn runs on a 22HP Kohler engine, though some newer releases run on a Toro engine. 

A notable feature of this mower is its patented Smart Speed technology, which allows you to change the mowing speed without affecting the blade speeds. Speaking of blades, the Toro TimeCutter SS4225 has a 42-inch deck with two cutters. Such a mowing deck is suitable for a small yard of roughly 2 acres.

Maintaining this utility is effortless, especially oiling. You don’t need any tools to change your oil. Additionally, the mower has a cupholder and an under-seat storage cubby.


  • Engine: a 22HP Kohler 2-cylinder, air-cooled engine
  • Transmission: dual hydrostatic
  • Mowing deck: 42-inch deck with two blades
  • Power steering 
  • Drive type: rear-wheel drive


  • It is comfortable and drives smooth
  • A powerful engine
  • Toolless oiling
  • It has a cupholder and a storage cubby
  • The Smart Speed technology


  • Poor slope handling 

Husqvarna Z246I

You need a zero-turn mower with a bigger mowing deck if you have a large lawn of up to 3 acres. The Husqvarna Z246I is among the best used zero turn mowers under $1500, courtesy of its 46-inch cutting deck, a few inches shy of making it a commercial mower. 

The deck is a 13-gauge build, translating to durability. You can use the Z246I in a place with boulders without fearing for the blades, as the deck protects them.

It is a reliable utility, supported by a 23HP, 724cc Briggs and Stratton engine, which gives it a maximum forward speed of 6.5 mph. 

It has variable speeds and is supported by a hydrostatic transmission. The Husqvarna Z246I has a quiet operation, saving you from noise complaints.

This mower is highly versatile, evident from many features, such as six cutting heights ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches. The electric blade engagement hints at its convenience. 


  • Engine: a 23HP, 724cc Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Transmission: hydrostatic transmission
  • Deck: a 13-gauge, 46-inch deck with two cutters
  • Six different cutting positions
  • Electric blade engagement


  • A wider cutting deck
  • A robust frame
  • Quiet operation
  • A convenient electric blade engagement
  • You can adjust the cutting height to six different positions


  • The deck belt quickly falls off, leading to fast wear and tear

Poulan Pro P46ZX

Still on the best zero turn mowers under $1500, you can go for the Poulan Pro P46ZX. Its selling attributes include durability and an expansive 46-inch mowing deck suitable for vast residential areas. The Poulan Pro P46ZX sports a 22HP twin-cylinder engine supported by a dual hydrostatic transmission. 

You will have a smooth time operating this zero-turn mower, courtesy of its ergonomic padded handlebars for comfort. Additionally, it has an electric clutch for the effortless engagement of the blades. Its three anti-scalp wheels protect your lawn from the heavy metallic deck. 

You can lift the deck to six levels, between 1.5 and 4 inches. The Pro P46ZX needs little storage space due to its small frame, which weighs 494 pounds. 


  • Engine: Briggs and Stratton twin-cylinder engine
  • Transmission: dual hydrostatic
  • An electric clutch
  • Six deck height levels, between 1.5 and 4-inches
  • Weight: 494 pounds.
  • Deck: 46-inch reinforced steel deck


  • A wide-cutting deck
  • A powerful engine
  • Three anti-scalp wheels for lawn protection
  • It is economical on storage space
  • A comfortable high-backed seat


Cub Cadet Z-Force S48

At first sight, you might think that the Cub Cadet Z-Force S48 is your typical riding lawn mower due to its steering wheel. It is a unique feature, as most z-turns use handlebars. The steering wheel makes things easier for those who aren’t used to handlebars.

A 24HP Kohler V-twin professional-grade engine powers the Z-Force S48. Some units may have a Kawasaki engine, so you should pick a preferable option. This Cub Cadet model has a 48-inch deck with three blades. The three cutters guarantee precision.

The Z-Force S48 is among the finest zero turn mowers under $1500 that will serve you for a long time due to its reinforced steel frame. It is a worthy pick for more extensive lawns of roughly 2-3 acres.


  • Engine: a Kohler V-twin engine
  • Transmission: hydrostatic
  • Controlled via steering wheel
  • Deck: 48-inch with three blades


  • Comfortable to use, specifically for those not accustomed to handlebars
  • A durable build
  • A wide 48-inch deck with three cutters
  • Easy operation
  • A powerful engine


  • Assembling the mower can be problematic 

Craftsman Z560

If you are looking for commercial-grade used zero turn mowers under $1500 near me, there is a high chance you will encounter the Craftsman Z560. It has a powerful 24HP Briggs and Stratton twin-cylinder engine and a 52-inch cutting deck with three cutters. It is suitable for large areas of more than 4 acres.

The Craftsman Z560 is heavy-duty steel construction and weighs 865 pounds when assembled. You can use this mower for mulching, though you have to buy the mulching kit separately. 


  • Engine: 24HP Briggs and Stratton twin-cylinder engine
  • Transmission: dual hydrostatic
  • Decks: 52-inch cutting deck with three blades
  • Electric blade engagement
  • Assembled weight: 865 pounds


  • Suitable for large areas, courtesy of its potent engine and expansive cutting deck
  • A heavy-duty steel body
  • Suitable for mulching
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • A cozy high back seat


  • It lacks the regular braking system

Is a Zero Turn Mower Worth It? 

Are you still undecided about getting a zero turn mower? If yes, you should focus on its advantages to have a hint of what to expect once it graces your garage. It is easy to use, though it might take some time to learn its controls, especially if you are used to the regular riding mower. 

Maneuverability is a standout attribute of this mower type, courtesy of its design. You should get this mower if your yard has obstacles, such as trees and rocks. Other perks of this mowing utility are comfort, speed, and adaptability. 

What about the disadvantages of a zero turn mower? The primary drawback of this utility is its cost, which is higher than that of typical riding mowers. The price is justifiable when you consider its many desirable attributes. 

Also, it may have a problem going uphill, a common issue with various mowers. A powerful engine eliminates this minor drawback.

Related Questions

What is the difference between a riding lawn mower and a zero turn mower?

The main difference between a riding lawnmower and zero turn mower is steering. Riding mowers have a steering wheel, while z-turns have handlebars, and their operation allows for tank-like movement, allowing for a 0-degree turn.

Why are zero turn mowers so expensive?

Zero-turn lawnmowers are costly due to their incredible features, such as speed and maneuverability. Additionally, they are more comfortable than most regular mowers.

How do zero turn controls work?

Zero turn mowers have two handlebars that control each rear wheel. Moving the handlebars either slows or speeds up an individual wheel. To turn, you slow down the wheel in the direction you want to turn to and speed up the opposing wheel, causing a tank-like turning at 0 degrees.

Final Thoughts

Getting a cheap zero turn mower is challenging because most have a prohibitive price when they hit the market. This piece introduces us to the finest zero turn mowers under $1500, most being used, though you might find new but discontinued models at this rate.

Be keen when shopping for used z-turns, considering features like the engine and state of functionality for the best deal.