6 Most Common Scag Patriot Problems and Quick Fixes

Scag Patriot is a high-performance zero-turn mower best suited for residential and commercial applications. These mowers run on 22 or 23 HP engines, guaranteeing some of the best cuts. Like any other zero-turn mower, a Scag Patriot mower may develop some problems over time. The most common Scag Patriot problems are starting issues, uneven cuts, excessive vibrations, smoking engine, unadjusted steering lever, and blown fuses.

This article explores the six common Scag Patriot issues and some DIY fixes you can apply to your equipment.

Problematic Starts

If your Scag Patriot mower won’t start, it’s probably not getting enough fuel, spark, or air for combustion.

Here are the components to check and how to fix the issues:

  • Inspect the battery to ensure it is functioning properly. You may have a dead battery, corroded terminals, or loose cables. Charge the battery, clean the corrosion and tighten the cables.
  • Check for a bad solenoid and replace it with a new one.
  • Examine the starter to ensure it is functional. If it has gone bad, replace it.
  • In the case of loose spark plugs, connect them correctly. If the spark plugs are dirty, clean them off before reconnecting.
  • Inspect for a clogged or damaged fuel filter if the engine doesn’t start because of insufficient fuel flow. Clean the dirty filter and replace it if it is faulty.
  • Inspect the air filter and carburetor for dirt preventing air and fuel flow. Clean the air filter and the carburetor. If the air filter and carburetor are faulty, replace them with new ones.

Smoke Production

A mower’s engine will release white, black, or blue smoke to indicate a significant internal problem. Allowing your mower to continue running while smoking might lead to major problems.

To fix your smoking Scag mower, turn it off and consider the following:

  • Check for oil leaks or an overfilled oil tank. If the oil leaks into the exhaust muffle, the mower will smoke when it starts running. In this case, the oil tank might need replacement. If the oil tank is overfilled, remove the excessive oil.
  • Inspect the air filter for debris preventing airflow and clean or replace it if it is faulty.
  • If the engine oil is too low, it can increase engine friction and cause extreme heat and smoke. Try adding oil to see if it’ll help fix the issue. If the smoke persists, you should contact a professional to inspect and fix your Scag Patriot mower’s engine.

Uneven Cuts

Amon the most reported Scag Patriot problems is uneven cuts. A Scag Patriot mower that gives a bad or uneven cut can be disappointing to use.

To continue to enjoy excellent cuts on your lawn, consider the following issues and how to fix them:

  • Turn off the engine and check the mowing blades. If the blades are dull, they’ll give a bad cut. Sharpen the cutting edge with a hand file, bench grinder, or rotary tool.
  • Inspect for a misadjusted or damaged drive belt. The drive belt spins your mower’s blades when cutting grass. Adjust the belt or replace it if it’s damaged.
  • Uneven or low tire pressure can cause a bad cut because of an unlevelled deck. Fix the uneven tire pressure by deflating or inflating.
  • Keep up with the right speed to ensure your mower cuts evenly.

Excessive Vibration

If your mower is vibrating excessively, it means your equipment has faulty components or issues with components installation.

Below are components to check and how to fix them:

  • If drive belts are twisted or damaged, they may cause excessive vibration. Install them properly or replace them if damaged.
  • Check for any missing or loose mounting bolts. Mounting bolts reduces vibration when the engine is running. Secure the bolts and replace the missing ones.
  • Unbalanced or faulty mowing blades can cause vibration. Balance the mowing blades and replace the damaged ones.
  • Check if there’s any debris logged in your mower. Debris stuck in your mower deck can cause excessive vibration. Remove any foreign material stuck on the mower deck.

Unadjusted Steering Lever

Riding a Scag Patriot mower with an unadjusted steering lever can cause discomfort. Adjusting the steering lever to match your height will make mowing easy and comfortable. Here’s how to fix the issue:

  • Loosen the knob and move the steering lever to your ideal distance. This can either be moving it back or forth.
  • Adjust the seat to match your height.

Scag Patriot Keeps Blowing Fuses

If you install new fuses and they keep on blowing, you may be dealing with a malfunctioning ignition switch.

The switch might be passing a lot of currents, blowing off the fuses.

Here’s how to fix the issue:

  • Switch off the ignition key and remove the old and faulty ignition switch.
  • Replace the ignition switch with a new one.

Final Thoughts

While Scag Patriot are some of the best zero-turn mowers in the market, they tend to develop issues over time. Luckily, you can fix most Scag Patriot problems if you have the know-how.

First, examine your mower to understand the cause of the problem.

If you’re experiencing some of the problems mentioned above, use the given DIY fixes to solve them. However, if the problem persists, call an engine mechanic to diagnose and fix the problem.


Are Scag mowers dependable?

Scag Zero-turn mowers are from a reputable brand known for its state-of-the-art power equipment. A Scag mower is a powerful, durable, comfortable, and easy-to-use mower built to work hard.

What is the warranty on a Scag Patriot?

Scag Patriot comes with a 2-year commercial warranty or a 3-year or 500-hour non-commercial warranty.

How long will a Scag Patriot last?

Scag Patriots are built with durability in mind. A Scag Patriot mower can last many years with proper maintenance and servicing.

Which Scag engine is the best?

The 22HP Kawasaki FX Series V-Twin Engine is the best Scag engine for commercial and residential landscapers. It’s powerful, fast, and cuts the grass on extensive grounds in less time.

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