7 Most Reported John Deere RSX 850i Problems and Effective Fixes

The all-powerful and innovative Gator RSX 850i from John Deere is a popular UTV for outdoor enthusiasts.

Its power, speed, and agility rival other industry-leading UTVs from prominent companies. However, some RSX 850i users claim this Gator is prone to issues. The most reported John Deere RSX 850i problems are starting, transmission, overheating, brakes, and electrical woes. Luckily, most of these issues are fixable. Read on as I detail how you can repair your JD RSX 850i.

Problem Starting

Like other UTVs handling rough terrains, the Gator RSX 850i might develop starting problems with time. You might notice that your UTV is hard to start, or sometimes it won’t start at all.

If you face this issue with your Gator, ensure to check the following:

  • A failing battery
  • A blown fuse
  • A faulty spark plug

The primary cause of starting issues in your RSX 850i is the battery. Check for low voltage and recharge the battery.

If the UTV fails to start, inspect the battery terminals for corrosion. Clean the terminals and lubricate the connections. Replace the battery if your Gator engine won’t start despite the above fixes.

A blown fuse can also cause starting woes in your RSX 850i. If your Gator has a blown fuse, replace it.

Lastly, the starting problems might result from a loose or faulty spark plug. Locate the plug in your UTV and replace it if it’s faulty. You can also check for loose spark plug cables and reconnect them firmly.

John Deere RSX 850i Transmission Problems

The JD RSX 850i might have issues with the transmission after conquering rugged terrains. And like most John Deere RSX 850i problems, transmission issues come with time.

If your Gator has transmission problems, you’ll face difficulties shifting gears. In most cases, it’s hard to shift gears from forward to neutral and reverse to neutral. These issues might result from the following:

  • A defective shifter and linkage
  • Adjustment problems
  • Lubrication problems

Effective fixes:

Add more lubricant before repairing or replacing any component, and check if there’s a leak. You can also try to adjust the shifter if necessary.

If none of the above will fix transmission problems in your UTV, contact an authorized dealer or professional for help. The dealer or mechanic will replace the defective shifter or linkage. If the transmission issues persist, your dealer can replace the clutch.


The engine might overheat if you take your Gator out for long, hot rides. If you fail to address this issue promptly, the engine might suffer severe damage.

Usually, your JD RSX 850i will overheat due to a dirty radiator or low coolant level.

Effective fixes:

If you want to prevent overheating problems, always check the coolant level. Refill the reservoir with fresh coolant and inspect for leaks. If your UTV has a leaking part, find a compatible replacement.

A dirty radiator can restrict the continuous circulation of coolant, causing the engine to overheat. If you have a dirty or clogged radiator, remove debris and gunk with an effective cleaning solution.

Fuel System Issues

Does your Gator engine lose power and stall while riding? In most cases, the fuel system in RSX 850i can cause the engine to overwork, lose power, and stall. Sometimes, the engine can be hard to start, and it will overheat while riding.

Check the following if you encounter these issues with your Gator:

  • Low fuel level
  • Clogged fuel filter
  • Malfunctioning fuel pump

Effective fixes:

If your UTV begins to stall, check if the gasoline in the tank is running out. Refill the tank with fresh, high-quality fuel as necessary.

Another component to inspect is a clogged fuel filter. Dirt in the fuel line can clog the filter and decrease engine power. So, replace a dirty filter.

If the mentioned fixes won’t resolve the problem, inspect the fuel pump and clean it if it’s dirty. If a faulty fuel pump is the cause of fuel system issues, contact an authorized dealer to replace it.

Steering Problems

Issues with the steering are among the most reported John Deere RSX 850i problems. You might encounter difficulties turning the steering if your steering system is defective.

Steering issues in your Gator might occur due to the following:

  • Low steering fluid level
  • Worn steering components
  • Faulty power steering system

If the steering is hard to steer, check the fluid level and refill it as necessary. If the fluid is leaking from the system, repair or replace the leaking parts.

You’ll need to inspect the power steering system for worn components and loose connections. Replace any worn or damaged parts and secure loose connections. A dealer or technician will help you replace the steering system if the steering issues persist.

Brake Issues

The JD RSX 850i has reliable brake sensors and pads. However, these components can succumb to wear and tear due to excessive use over an extended period.

Brake issues in your UTV will come with signs like a grinding or squeaking noise. You’ll also notice that your Gator takes longer to stop after applying brakes.

The major cause of brake issues in your UTV is the brake pads. Check if they’re worn or damaged and replace them. If the brake problems persist, check for worn sensors and replace them.

Electrical Problems

Electrical problems are common in RSX 850i UTVs. When these issues occur, your Gator might have issues like starting problems, engine dying, and problems with the lights.

Sometimes, these problems occur despite having a fully charged battery. If you experience electrical issues with your UTV, check the following:

  • Loose or damaged connections
  • Blown fuse
  • Broken wires

Effective fixes:

Secure any loose connections and replace them if they appear damaged. If you find any broken or frayed wires, replace them.

Next, check the fuse and replace it if it looks burnt. Ensure the battery is in good condition. Recharge it and remove any corrosion on the terminals.

If your bulbs won’t work after fixing the above issues, replace them.

Are John Deere RSX 850i Issues Deal Breakers?

While John Deere RSX 850i is susceptible to several problems, it’s still one of the best UTVs in the market. It’s a powerful, versatile, and efficient UTV you can rely on when exploring challenging terrain.

If you encounter the above John Deere RSX 850i problems, use our effective fixes to resolve them. If you can’t solve the Gator problems, take it to a service dealer or mechanic to get it fixed.