6 Most Common Landmaster UTV Problems and Effective Fixes

Off-road enthusiasts with a preference for American-made utility vehicles might be tempted to try Landmaster UTVs. These vehicles are versatile and durable despite the condition of the terrain.

You can enjoy riding your Landmaster UTV for years with proper maintenance and good use. However, Landmaster UTVs aren’t immune to utility vehicle issues. The most common Landmaster UTV problems are fuel system issues, overheating, electrical issues, problematic drive belts, engine issues, and brake problems.

Thankfully, most of these issues are easy to diagnose and fix. Read on to understand how you can solve problems with your Landmaster UTV.


UTVs soak up the most abuse when handling rough terrains to give you the best riding experiences. However, your Landmaster UTV might overheat when used over time. An overheating UTV can result in severe engine issues and make riding uncomfortable.

Generally, overheating problems in Landmaster UTV result from a clogged radiator, low coolant levels, and a malfunctioning cooling fan. These issues can affect the overall performance of your UTV.

An overheating problem might also occur due to a clogged air filter. If your UTV has a clogged air filter, the engine won’t receive enough air to ensure the correct air-fuel mix. When this happens, the engine temperature can rise while riding and cause overheating issues.

Overheating can cause the cabin to become excessively hot. Hot air from your UTV’s engine or radiator can escape into the cabin and warm the underside of your seats. When that happens, your Landmaster UTV might be uncomfortable to ride.

Effective Fixes:

Check the radiator for clogs or debris if the UTV is overheating. Mud, dirt, and debris can clog the radiator, making it impossible to cool the engine. Clean the radiator to remove all the clogs.

Then, inspect the cooling fan to ensure it’s operational. Clean the fan to remove any debris or foreign object. If you have a damaged cooling fan, replace it.

You’ll also need to check for a dirty or clogged air filter. Use water, soap, and a vacuum to unclog the filter. Alternatively, replace it with a new one.

Lastly, check if the problem results from a low coolant level. If the level of coolant is low, top it up.

Electrical Issues

Many Landmaster UTV owners have experienced electrical problems with their vehicles. Electrical issues in these UTVs might result from faulty or loose connections, a dead battery, short circuits, and a blown-out fuse.

Like other Landmaster UTV problems, you must diagnose electrical issues to determine the cause. So, how should you diagnose and fix electrical problems in your off-road vehicle?

Effective Fixes:

In most cases, the battery is the primary culprit when it comes to Landmaster UTV electrical issues. Use a multimeter to read your battery’s voltage. Recharge the battery if it has low power. If the voltage suggests your battery has gone bad, replace it.

Check for loose connections and clogged terminals if the battery is okay, but your UTV’s electrical issues persist. If you have a problem with loose connections, tighten the terminals.

Then, clean the terminals to remove gunk or grime. You can use a battery terminal cleaner or baking soda and water to clear the stubborn muck.

Inspect the wiring for loose or dirty wiring. Secure loose connections and clean dirty wires with a degreaser.

If these solutions don’t fix electrical issues in your UTV, check for a blown-out fuse. Pay attention to the wires close to the fuse. If they appear melted, it means you have a blow-out fuse. You can fix this issue by replacing the fuse.

Brake Problems

Brakes are crucial components in your Landmaster UTV. If the brakes run into a problem, they might cause reduced stopping power and speed adjustment problems.

Issues with the brakes occur due to worn-out or dirty brakes. Sometimes, the problem might result from improper adjustment. The common symptoms of brake issues in your Landmaster UTV include squeaking, grinding, and brakes becoming too hard to push.

Effective Fixes:

Inspect the brake pads to look for signs of wear. If they appear worn out, replace them with new ones. If the brake problem persists, check if your 4WD vehicle suffers from brake adjustment issues. Readjust the brakes if necessary and road-test your Landmaster UTV.

Dirty brake rotors could also be the culprit when they get stuck. In this case, use a brake cleaner and a brush to clean the rotors.

Landmaster UTV Engine Issues

Besides overheating, your Landmaster UTV engine can experience other issues. Since the engine is the heart of your UTV, it’s necessary to fix these problems before they cause severe damage.

The most common engine issues in Landmaster UTVs are idling, overloading, and reduced power output. An idle engine causes the engine to run even when your UTV is not in motion. If your engine suffers from idle speed, it might result in the wastage of fuel or damaged spark plugs.

When the problem results from an overloaded engine, your Landmaster side-by-side won’t reach its rated RPM at its maximum capacity. This problem can cause other issues, such as overheating and mechanical failure.

Effective Fixes:

If you experience idle speed or an overloaded engine in your Landmaster UTV, follow the engine’s user manual to determine the solution. The correct engine oil should help prevent overloading. So, check if the engine oil is dirty or old. Drain the oil and add fresh oil.

A professional mechanic or local dealer can help solve the issue if you can’t set up the engine idle.

Fuel System Problems

Landmaster UTV problems resulting from the fuel system can cause the engine to misfire, run poorly, or fail to start. If you suspect your UTV’s fuel system has issues, the culprits could be a clogged fuel line or a faulty fuel pump.

A clogged fuel line prevents sufficient fuel from reaching the engine. As a result, the engine’s RPM goes down, causing poor performance. Similarly, the engine will suffer from insufficient fuel if you have a faulty fuel pump. When this happens, the engine might misfire or fail to start.

Effective Fixes:

Inspect the fuel line to check for clogs or sediment buildup. If the fuel filter appears dirty or clogged, replace it. You can also drain the dirty fuel and use a fuel system cleaner to eliminate any clogs in the fuel line.

If the fuel system problem persists, check for a damaged or old fuel pump. Replace the fuel pump if it appears old or damaged.

Drive Belt Problem

Several Landmaster L7, L7X, and L7XL UTV owners have experienced a problem with the drive belt. Generally, the drive belt makes a squeaking noise when used for an extended period.

When the exhaust manifold gets heated, it might deform or sag the drive belt covers. When this happens, you’ll hear a squeaking noise from the belt while riding.

Effective Fixes:

A squeaking noise might come from other UTV components. So, if you suspect the drive belt is the cause, replace the belt and ensure to install it properly. Alternatively, install a heat shield on the belt. Take your UTV to a local dealer to install the heat shield and confirm the warranty covers this installation.

Final Thoughts

Landmaster UTV problems can be troubling if they occur while riding. Fortunately, you can use our effective solutions to fix the above issues with your UTV. If you can’t fix a Landmaster UTV issue, take your side-by-side to a qualified technician to diagnose and make the necessary repairs.

Lastly, maintain your UTV and check for any issues before going off-road. Regular maintenance is a great way to prevent some of these Landmaster UTV issues from occurring.