How To Start a Bad Boy Mower Correctly: Follow These Steps

Starting a Bad Boy mower can be tricky for most first-timers. The starting procedure involves some steps for firing up the engine. If your Bad Boy mower is new or well-maintained, it should not have issues when started correctly.

So how should you start your Bad Boy mower?

Herein we will discuss how to start a Bad Boy mower in a few steps. You’ll also discover what might make your mower fail to start despite following the correct steps.

Bad Boy Mower Starting Procedure

Before you start the mower, check the battery, gas, oil, and spark plug. In most cases, poor maintenance and several problems might cause the mower not to start. So, ensure your mower is in good condition before starting it.

What if the mower is okay, but you don’t know how to start it?

Begin by consulting the manual to get specific starting instructions related to your mower model. Alternatively, you can follow these steps when starting the mower:

Step 1: Prep Your Mower

Place the mower on level and airy ground. A flat surface on your yard or driveway will allow proper distribution of fluids in the machine. This step should also help you check the fluid levels and add if necessary.

If you don’t have a level ground, use supports such as blocks to keep the mower leveled. Then, inspect other components such as tires, spark plug, and the battery. Proper ventilation is crucial to starting your Bad Boy mower.

Step 2: Pull the Parking Lever Up

After prepping your mower, you need to engage the parking brake. Start by locating the parking brake near the right steering lever. This parking lever stays in the “down” position when disengaged. Pulling this lever up should help engage the parking brake.

Remember that your mower won’t start if you fail to pull the lever up. Engaging the parking brake prevents your mower from moving and causing accidents while starting the engine.

Step 3: Set the Arms in Neutral Position

Bad Boy mowers feature two drive arms for controlling the machine while riding. Before starting the mower, you must set the arms in a neutral position. You might find your manual instructing you to put the arms in the “open arm” position.

To put the arms in the neutral or “open arm” position, extend the levers (arms) outwards. Do this as you would when stretching your arms outward. Extend the arms fully to ensure your mower starts smoothly. Failure to extend one arm fully will cause the mower not to start.

Putting the arms in a neutral position ensures you don’t move them when starting the mower.

Step 4: Turn the PTO Switch Off

The PTO switch is a yellow switch at the side of your mower’s seat. This switch allows you to engage and disengage the blades.

When starting your Bad Boy mower, it’s necessary to keep the switch in the off position. You don’t want your mower blades to spin while starting.

So, turn the switch off to disengage the blades. Pressing the switch in the “down” position should help turn it off. Note that starting the mower when the switch is on is risky and can cause starting difficulties.

Step 5: Set the Choke Lever in the “Start” Position

Warming up the engine is crucial when determining how to start a Bad Boy mower. You’ll need to set the choke lever in the start position to warm up the engine. But first, check whether your mower has a choke lever.

This lever is also called the throttle and resembles a small knob. You can locate it on the mower’s control panel. You can move the lever back or forth to close or open the throttle.

To set the throttle in the start position, move the lever backward or toward the close or choke position. This process allows the engine to warm and be ready to start.

Step 6: Turn the Ignition Key

The engine is ready to start, and all safety features are correctly positioned. Next, locate the ignition key and turn it to start the engine. Don’t hold the ignition key for long in the crank position. Holding the key for about 2-3 seconds will help start the engine.

Step 7: Disengage the Safety Features

After starting the mower, you need to set it properly to use it. In this case, you should disengage the parking brake and steering levers (arms).

Start by pulling the parking lever down to disengage the parking brake. Then, compress the arms to return them to their normal position. If you want to start mowing, turn the PTO switch on to engage the blades. You can do this by pressing the switch in the “up” position.

If you start operating your Bad Boy mower without disengaging the safety features, it will turn off in a few seconds. You can start cutting your grass once your mower is up and running.

Bad Boy Mower

What Makes a Bad Boy Mower Not to Start?

Have you followed all the above steps and consulted the manual, but your mower won’t start? When looking into how to start a Bad Boy mower, always consider factors that might cause starting problems.

Below we’ll discuss issues that might cause your mower not to start despite using the right Bad Boy mower starting procedure:

Fuel Problems

A low fuel level or an empty tank could be why your Bad Boy mower won’t start. Check the tank and add fresh fuel if you find it empty. If fuel leaks from the tank, allow a mechanic to inspect, repair, or replace it.

Does your mower have sufficient fuel, but it won’t start? If so, check for old/contaminated fuel. Old or contaminated fuel will clog up the lines and block the fuel flow.

Drain the old or contaminated fuel and flush a fuel injector cleaner into the lines. Then put fresh fuel into the tank and add an additive to help it last longer.

Battery Issues

A low battery can be the causative factor if the mower fails to start. So, test it and recharge it if necessary. If the battery fails to charge, inspect the terminals and clean them if they appear corroded. You can also tighten any loose connections. If the battery is old or bad, replace it.

Bad Engine Oil and Spark Plug

If it’s been a long since you changed the engine oil, bad oil might cause starting issues. Examine the oil and change it if it appears dirty or dark.

Inspect the spark plug and wipe out any carbon buildup. If the plug appears burnt or broken, replace it.

Clogged Air Filter and Carburetor

A clogged air filter will cause Bad Boy mower starting problems. So, locate the filter and check if it’s dirty. You can clean it to remove the dirt and debris. If the filter is old or damaged, replace it.

The carburetor gets dirty over time and becomes gummed up, leading to starting problems. Locate the Bad Boy mower carburetor and check if it’s dirty. You’ll need to disassemble it and clean it with a carb cleaner. Alternatively, hire a local mechanic to clean the carburetor or replace it if it’s defective.

Final Thoughts

There are several steps to starting a Bad Boy mower. Thankfully, we’ve looked into how to start a Bad Boy mower with the general steps. You can also consult the manual for detailed instructions for starting your Bad Boy model.

If your mower doesn’t start despite following these steps, it might have fuel, battery, engine oil, air filter, or carburetor issues. Diagnose the problem and fix it as necessary. Lastly, maintain your mower to keep it in good shape for years.