5 Frequent Bad Boy Mowers Problems: Diagnosis and Fixes

Bad Boy lawn mowers have a long-standing reputation for reliability. The manufacturer boasts of using premium techniques to create this heavy-duty machine.

And true to that, the brand has some of the most well-designed grass-cutters with a hefty price tag complimenting the sturdy machine. But like any other mower, Bad Boy mowers also have unique problems. The most common Bad Boy mowers problems are failure to start, alignment issues, vibrations, deck-lift system failure, and smoke production.

This detailed guide will explore the most reported issues among users of Bad Boy mowers, how to troubleshoot, and the appropriate fixes for each.

Starting Problems

This is among the most commonly reported Bad Boy mower electrical problems. If you’re having difficulty starting your machine, check for the following possible issues:

  • Empty tank – If there’s no gas, fill your tank with fresh fuel.
  • Clogged air filter – Debris can block the filter, limiting airflow. Remove the filter, clean it, and then replace it if necessary.
  • Blocked fuel lines – Dirt and bad fuel deposits can log the lines and limit gas flow. Clear the clog using compressed air and a carb cleaner and replace the line if damaged.
  • Damaged spark plug – Check for a broken or dirty plug, lousy connection, or whether your ignition system isn’t properly gapped. Replace the plug, secure the connections, and gap it appropriately.
  • Damaged fuel pump – A leaking or failed pump can’t move the gas, hence needs replacement.
  • Dirty carburetor – Ethanol deposits and bad fuel can dirty and clog the carburetor to limit fuel flow. So clean the components and replace the damaged ones.
  • Clogged or faulty fuel cap – A clogged vent can cause a vacuum in your fuel tank and limit gas flow. So try removing the duct and cleaning or replacing the cap.
  • Battery issue – Corroded terminals, loose cables, or dead batteries can prevent starting. So clean the terminals, tighten the wires, or replace the bad battery.
  • Old or spoilt fuel – Fuel can break down over time, hence the risk of clogging the fuel system or losing efficiency. So replace it with fresh fuel stabilized with Sea Foam or any other additive to clean the system.
  • Spoilt safety switch – When this safety measure fails, your mower won’t start. So test it and replace it with a working one if necessary.
  • Damaged recoil – A broken or damaged recoil can prevent your pull-start mower from initiating. So try restringing it or check whether any broken parts need restringing.

Bad Boy Lawn Mowers May Smoke

One of the leading Bad Boy mowers problems, a smoking lawnmower can be distressing. The situation may result from oil burning off a hot component or water accessing the fuel system.

Below are more causes of a smoking Bad Boy mower and how to address them: 

  • Clogged air filter – Debris can block the filter and limit air flow, so clean the filter or replace it.
  • Oil-filled crankcase – Too much oil can build engine pressure forcing oil into the valve train to the cylinder. Drain the oil to the recommended level. 
  • Very little oil – When the oil level is too low, friction in the engine will increase heat. It may be too late to add oil at this level, so take it to a specialist for engine inspection. 
  • Internal problems – Issues with the engine gasket, valve train, or piston ring can cause a smoky mower. Find a reliable local repair shop for troubleshooting. 

Alignment Issues

If your mower pulls sideways or derails from the track while mowing, you may face an alignment problem.

Bad Boy alignment problems emerge when some tires have a better grip than others, shock absorbers malfunction, or some need adjustments.

You’ll need to correct wheel pressure, fix hydraulic issues, or check for oil leakage on different transaxle parts. But these solutions only work if there are no Bad Boy mower transaxle problems or major mechanical failures.


Vibrations are among the most common Bad Boy mowers problems. Bad Boy mowers vibrate naturally during regular operation. But if this vibration intensifies, you’ll need to inspect your machine closely because even the slightest defect can cause significant vibrations.

Here are some probable issues:

  • Missing or loose engine mounting bolts – Check the bolts, secure the loose ones and replace those missing.
  • Lodged debris – Your Bad Boy can shake excessively because of minor things. So check the deck and mower for any foreign materials, small or large, that may be stuck, and remove them.
  • Spoilt spindle housing bearings – Check your spindle housing bearings for any damage, then replace the bearing or entire spindle housing assembly.
  • Bad clutch – Bearing failure can cause vibrations, and the linkages and bushing in the manual engagement clutch can wear out. Check for this and replace the clutch if necessary.
  • Worn deck belt or pulleys – Examine the pulleys for bearing failure and deck belt for wear, then replace any worn or damaged pulleys and belts.
  • Damaged or unbalanced blades – Balanced blades maintain normal vibration levels. Check for this issue and balance the blades or replace the damaged ones.
  • Wrapping around the spindle – Long weeds and string can wrap the mower’s blade swindle. Remove all items and debris and check for spindle damage.

Deck Lift Systems Might Fail

Finally, you’ll likely encounter problems with your Bad Boy’s electric deck-lift system, where it may fail to lower or lift properly.

The issue may result from:

  • An unlevel deck – This problem can prevent your deck from raising its four corners properly. So check whether all is set and level it where necessary.
  • Bad housing sealing – Any sign of poor housing sealing could cause a deck system failure. So spread a sealant gasket around the badly sealed actuator housing.
  • Moist actuator – A moist or poorly sealed actuator is a common problem. So unscrew and check the section, clean it, then close it properly.
  • Shaft screwing failure – The deck lifts and lowers when the shaft screws enter and exit with the spinning actuator. Therefore, check whether the screws are perfectly fitted and functioning.
  • Rusty shaft sleeve – Check for rust, then clean appropriately.

Final Thoughts

While the Bad Boy mower is among the best lawn mower brands to grace the market, it still has its blemishes. If you own one, it would be best to familiarize yourself with the above common Bad Boy mowers problems, their diagnosis, and practical solutions.

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