How Much Do Landscaping Boulders Cost?

Landscape boulders are an affordable and low-maintenance way of increasing your property’s curb appeal. You can use boulders to improve the landscape and sell your property at a higher price. But how much do boulders cost?

The price of a boulder ranges from $100 to $600 per ton, with the average price being $350. It will cost you $40 to $300 to install a boulder, depending on the amount of work to be done. The total cost depends on the boulder’s type, size, style, and the distance it will travel to your property.

Here’s a breakdown of how much you’ll spend on different boulders.

Granite Boulders

Granite boulders are used to create water features, shape river beds, and line up ponds. They can be black, white, or colored and are often round or angular in shape.

White granite boulders have a salt and pepper pattern not found in dark-colored granite boulders.

Granite is heavier than limestone and therefore doesn’t affect soil acidity. It’s also an excellent water feature because it doesn’t leach or contaminate the water.

These boulders stack well, allowing you to create multiple layers. A ton of 4” to 8” granite boulders covers 40-50 square feet of the ground.

But how much are boulders? Expect to pay about $400 per ton when purchasing granite boulders.

Limestone Boulders

Limestone boulders are great for making beautiful paths, garden beds, and accenting walls. Their bright colors contrast nicely with the soil or vegetation around them.

You can use them for walls or raised garden beds. Large limestone boulders have a more commanding look and so can be used as standalone landscaping features

When installing limestone boulders, bury their base to look like natural rocks. You can soften the edges by planting flowers or other plants around them.

ASTM rates limestone according to its hardness. Limestone rated III is the best because I and II wear out quickly.

What’s the cost for these boulders? A ton of limestone boulders costs about $130.

Quartzite Boulders

Quartzite boulders add exciting color to your outdoors, and their sturdiness guarantees they will endure the weather for ages, which makes the cost of landscaping boulders worth the years.

Pure Quartzite boulders are gray or white, but red and pink shades are possible due to varying amounts of iron oxide.

Quartzite boulders have been weathered over the years, revealing minerals that have a captivating color and texture.

Besides using quartzite boulders for landscaping, they can be used as diving rocks at the swimming pool, as seats around the fireplace, and as climbing rocks for kids.

You’ll pay about $400 per ton of quartzite boulders. The cost of these landscaping boulders is on the higher end.

Sandstone Boulders

Sandstone boulders look like compressed sand or sedimentary material that is stacked together.

They’re usually tan or brown, but red, gray, and black are also available. These boulders can be used to outline an outdoor area to highlight it.

Bright sandstone boulders contrast nicely with dark mulching, while dark sandstone is good only if you want a slight texture and not too much contrast with the surroundings.

You can also edge an area with sandstone boulders to create a barrier or place them in walkways as stepping stones.

So, how much do boulders cost? Sandstone boulders cost about $0.13 per lb.

Glacier Boulders

Glacial boulders are rocks that were exposed when a glacier melted away. Therefore, they’re best suited as water features in ponds but can also be used for borders or as standalone features.

Glacial boulders are mostly pale gray or fawn in color. Mixed ones are known as Celtic or Caledonian boulders and consist of mid-grey, pink, black-pink, and white-pink colors. Sometimes they can turn green, which is more visible when wet.

These boulders are blockier and rounded, although angular ones are available. They make good outdoor seats and are a pleasant addition to your patio or garden.

Glacial boulders vary in their natural size. You can find some the size of a football while others are as big as a car.

The review won’t be complete before mentioning the landscape boulder cost. A ton of glacier boulders costs approximately $200.

Marble Boulders

Marble boulders have shades that range between white and deep gray. They can also have an occasional green tint, especially when wet.

Marble boulders can be in the form of chunk rock, which is the smallest size of 10-50lbs. They can also be medium in weight. Extra-large ones can weigh over 1000 lbs.

You can use them as focal points for your garden. Alternatively, use them as retaining walls or to add water features to your pond.

You can also divert foot and vehicle traffic using these boulders.

Marble does not fade or decompose. It’s known for its durability. If you’re looking for originality, marble boulders similar in color to the Devil’s Marbles rocks are ideal.

Marble boulders cost about $150 per ton.

Laterite Boulders

Laterite rock is red earthy and rich in aluminum and iron. The darker the laterite, the heavier and more resistant to moisture.

You’ll recognize laterite from its yellow and red ochre. It’s also full of pores. Before it’s dug out, it’s soft, but once cut, it hardens and resists water.

Yellow-brown laterite is soft and less dense, while laterites that form on acidic rocks are dark brown.

Laterite blocks can be used as building stones for garden walls. They can also be used as decorative features in your garden.

Boulder Price Tips

Below are a few tips to help you out when looking for the best landscape boulder cost:

  • No two boulder companies have the same price for each item. The prices vary with companies. Visit as many as you can. You can save as much as 20% by negotiating.
  • Wait for contractors’ down seasons. That’s when you’ll get massive discounts.
  • When budgeting for a boulder using an online calculator, add 15% extra in case the company’s price is slightly higher.
  • If your landscaping project is more complex, hire a landscaping company. They will get the best boulder prices.

So, How Much Do Boulders Cost?

Landscape boulders’ average cost is $350 per ton, but prices range from $100 to $600 per ton. Hiring a company to install the boulder will cost you an additional $40 to $300. The final price depends on the finishing you want.

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