7 Most Common Spartan Mower Problems (Plus Fixes)

Spartan mowers are uniquely designed and built in America to give professional lawnmowers and homeowners the best mowing results.

These mowers are pretty strong, reliable, and durable. But this doesn’t mean that Spartan mowers are entirely perfect. These mowers develop technical issues that affect their effectiveness over time. The most common Spartan mower problems are uneven cuts, loud noises, starting issues, maneuverability problems, stalling, turning issues, and spindle problems.

Read on as we dissect the mentioned problems and how to fix them.

Uneven Cuts

After some time, you may notice your mower missing some streaks of grass on the lawn. Spartan mower cut problems can be annoying but are easy to fix. Although this issue is the most complained about of all the Spartan mower complaints, it could be your own doing. 

When last did you sharpen your mower’s blades? The blades could be dull hence the not-quite-desirable results. Blade maintenance is necessary for any mowing machine. Bent or damaged blades can’t provide clean cuts.

When running at high speed, these blades sometimes collide with solid objects like rocks that can severely damage them. Always check on the conditions of the mower’s blades and sharpen or replace them if necessary.

A dirty mowing deck could be another reason your Spartan mower gives uneven cuts. Over time, the mower’s deck underside collects a lot of debris, such as grass clippings, dirt, and mud. This debris hinders the movement of air and grass clippings inside the deck. The solution is always to check the underside of the deck and clean it regularly for better cuts.

Also, ensure the Spartan mower is running at full throttle. Full throttle rotates the blades at high speed, resulting in regular cuts.

Too Noisy

Loud noises are among the most common Spartan mower problems. Unusual noises often start upon engaging the mower blades. What could be the cause?

Usually, when you hear such noises, it may just be some defective units that a dealer can quickly replace or repair.

Other reasons for unusual sounds include loose blades or blades that have come out of their housing and worn-out bearings. If the blades are loose or outside their housing, tightening and returning them to the housing should fix the noise problem.

Starting Problems

This problem is widespread in most lawnmowers, not only with Spartan mowers. It mainly occurs due to the age and condition of the machine.

For a Spartan mower to start successfully, it has to get the right amount of fuel, air, and spark to create combustion in the cylinder. However, many things can stop this from happening. Here are some things you should check on whenever you have problems starting your Spartan mower.

  • Dirty carburetor
  • Bad spark plug
  • Clogged air/fuel filter
  • Bad or dead battery
  • Empty fuel tank
  • Bad fuel
  • Incorrect wiring
  • Faulty charging system
  • Corroded battery terminals

If, after checking and correcting all the above factors, your mower still won’t start, consider taking it to a professional for servicing.

Spartan Mower Spindle Problems

The spindle is a crucial component of a lawnmower. This part has to be in good shape for your Spartan mower to function effectively. Its purpose is to hold the mower blades as they rotate at high speed. If anything goes wrong with it, the mowing results get affected negatively.

A bad Spartan mower spindle provides an uneven cut on the lawn. You may also hear unusual noises and vibrations. If left unattended for long, broken body parts may begin to fall off. 

Most customers complain about their mower spindles going bad quickly. Thankfully, this is relatively easy to fix. A simple maintenance routine will keep this part in good working conditions for a long time. You only need to grease it once a month or weekly if it’s for commercial use.

Hard To Turn

Difficulty turning is among the common Spartan mower problems. There are two potential reasons a Spartan mower may suddenly become too hard to turn.

The weight of the mower could be one of them. Homeowners forget to check underneath the mower’s deck to see if there’s debris buildup. It’s this accumulated dirt that makes the mower weightier than it is. Once you remove it, your Spartan mower should operate effortlessly like before.

The mower’s wheels are another reason your Spartan mower cannot turn. Check on the wheels to ensure they’re not bent or loose. Loose or bent wheels are a safety concern you shouldn’t ignore.

Stalling Unexpectedly

Your Spartan mower might suddenly stop working. In most cases, this happens when the carburetor is clogged, or the filters are dirty.

If your mower shuts off unexpectedly, check and remove any buildup dirt and debris from air/fuel filters and the carburetor. Other causes of stalling include broken drive belts and mower blades not appropriately aligned on the spindle. 

Maneuverability Problems

Most owners experience maneuverability problems when mowing at an elevation with Spartan mowers. For them, it becomes hard to move around smoothly around trees, flower beds, nurseries, and other obstacles on the way.

That is because their mower wheels often get stuck on these obstacles. The tricky part is having to physically remove the wheels from time to time as you work.

Spartan Mower Troubleshooting

For a Spartan mower to remain effective for a long time, it needs proper care and maintenance. Here are a few Spartan mower troubleshooting tips that will keep common Spartan mowers problems at bay.

  • Always ensure the deck is clean and free from any debris. If not cleaned regularly, it will affect the mower’s performance in the long run.
  • Use fresh gas every season. If you still have gas from last season, discard and clean the tank before refilling it with new gas.
  • Ensure the mower blades are clean and sharp for clean and even cuts.
  • Check air filters to remove clogging. Dirt accumulation on the air filters blocks and prevents air from reaching the engine. As a result, fuel may not burn as efficiently as it should, causing mower starting issues.
  • The Spartan mower fuel filters and spark plug should also be debris-free. Replace if necessary.
  • Ensure that the tire pressure is the same.

Final Thoughts

Like any other brand in the market, you’re bound to experience some challenges with your Spartan mower over time. Thankfully, Spartan mower problems are easy to fix.

If you’re unsure how to fix or replace any component in your Spartan mower, take it to a professional. Doing so ensures you don’t damage it further.