4 Most Common Odes 800 Dominator Problems and How to Fix Them

The Odes 800 Dominator is powered by an 800cc, V-shaped, four-stroke twin engine that’s powerful enough for camping, exploring, and off-road transportation. Despite its alluring features and a solid reputation among the UTV community, the Odes 800 Dominator isn’t without drawbacks. The most common Odes 800 Dominator problems are excessive cab heat, fuel pump issues, squealing brakes, and clutch problems. 

Over time, you’re bound to run into a few Odes Dominator 800 problems, most of which are caused by a lack of care and maintenance. Herein is a detailed dissection of these issues and how you can fix them.

Excessive Heat From the Cab

The Odes 800 dominator tends to get too hot, especially in the summer. Hot air from the engine warms the underside of the seats, while heat from the radiator vents into the cab. This creates a hot, almost oven-like, unbearable environment for most drivers. Worse still, the Odes 800 Dominator is a closed UTV, which traps all the heat inside. 

Despite the plethora of Odes complaints about excessive heat, having an overheated UTV is perfectly normal. But if you can’t stand the heat, there are plenty of ways to cool down your UTV. You could try the following hacks.

  • Removing the outer doors for faster heat dispersal
  • Installing under-seat fans to blow cool air in the cab
  • Using heat shields

The above fixes should help keep your Odes 800 Dominator cooler during summer, but they’re not permanent fixes. The only way to sidestep the heating issue is to buy an UTV with air conditioning or an open cab.

Issues With the Fuel Pump

Fuel pump issues are among the most common Odes 800 Dominator problems.

The fuel pump is responsible for conveying fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. When it fails, your UTV may experience acceleration problems, rough idling, or failure to start altogether. Fuel pump issues are a common problem among most Odes 800 Dominator owners and require immediate attention.

Problems with the fuel pump are likely to happen if you run the UTV on low fuel, use dirty fuel, or don’t filter it well enough. Sometimes fuel pump problems are caused by electrical problems in the UTV. In either case, it’s best to address the issue early before it leads to Odes 800 Dominator starting problems that are harder to fix.

The best way to check whether you have issues with the fuel pump is by removing the hose and starting the UTV. If fuel sprays from the hose, then your fuel pump works fine. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to repair or replace the fuel pump.

In some cases, the issue might be as minor as corrosion or a blockage in the relay. If so, simply cleaning the relay should solve the problem. You can do most of these Odes 800 Dominator fixes on your own and sidestep most of these fuel pump issues with proper Odes 800 Dominator maintenance. 

Engine Overheating

Like other UTVs, the Odes 800 Dominator is prone to engine overheating. Most owners of utility vehicles complain of frequent engine overheating. Overheating is caused by many reasons, including:

A broken temperature sensor: To keep the engine cool, the Odes 800 Dominator has a fan that turns on automatically at a certain temperature. 

However, when the temperature gets too high, the fan doesn’t turn on in time to maintain the temperature, leading to overheating. In some cases, the sensor completely fails and does nothing to prevent extreme temperatures. 

If your temperature sensor is malfunctioning, your best bet is to replace it. You can also try putting a toggle switch on the dashboard to get around the temperature sensor and turn the fan on whenever you want. 

A blown head gasket: The head gasket seals your engine’s compression chamber so there is enough compression to keep the engine running as it should. Frequent overheating leads to a blown gasket, which, in turn, leads to even more frequent overheating. 

A head gasket test kit will help confirm whether you have blown a gasket. If so, replace it with a new gasket while you look into why the engine is overheating.

An air bubble in the cooling system: A malfunctioning engine fan can lead to air entering your cooling system and into the water pump. This creates an air bubble in the pump that renders it inoperable. This means it can’t pump water or coolant, leading to overheating. 

You’ll need to bleed the air bubble out to prevent overheating issues. Also, you should know that a blown gasket could cause a lot of bubbling. Replacing the gasket will give you a much-needed reprieve. 

Squealing Brakes

One of the most common Odes 800 Dominator problems is squealing brakes. A hard squeal whenever you hit the brakes indicates worn-out or unlubricated brake pads. Try lubricating the brake pads with grease; if it still squeals, consider replacing them.

Issues With the Clutch

Using the wrong gear or engine oil could cause clutch issues that lead to Odes 800 Dominator shifting problems, making driving the UTV less pleasurable. 

The Odes 800 Dominator uses a wet clutch that’s great for longevity but prone to issues. One symptom of a faulty clutch is when the UTV requires more revving to get up to the required speed. 

When you hit the gas, the vehicle takes some time before picking up the pace. A functioning clutch should allow the proper speed change with every gear shift. 

You can avoid issues with your clutch by using the right engine oil, as shown in the manual. Also, ensure you use low gear when driving at low speeds or carrying heavy loads. If it‘s too late and your clutch is faulty, contact a licensed mechanic to repair or replace the defective component. 

Is the Odes 800 Dominator Worth the Money?

The Odes 800 Dominator is an incredible utility vehicle that offers excellent value for money. However, taking good care of your Odes 800 Dominator is imperative to getting the most out of it. 

If you notice excessive heating, clutch, and brake issues, or engine overheating, take the appropriate steps to address the problem immediately. The earlier you do so, the better it is for your UTV and pockets.

Use the information above for your Odes 800 Dominator troubleshooting and fixing. If the above Odes 800 Dominator problems are too complex to handle, feel free to hire a licensed mechanic to help.