5 Most Common Kubota 500 RTV Problems and How to Fix Them

The Kubota 500 RTV is a workhorse and a true embodiment of reliability, resiliency, and style. It has been a darling for outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate performance and hardiness.

This UTV is suitable if you want a rugged vehicle for agricultural, commercial, and recreational use. Despite being a sturdy UTV, the 500 RTV is prone to a handful of hitches. The most common Kubota 500 RTV problems are brake issues, difficult starts, transmission malfunctions, fuel pump issues, and steering problems.

Do you own a problematic Kubota 500 RTV? Read on as we dissect common issues with this RTV and their fixes.

The Engine Won’t Start

Most UTV owners are familiar with hard starts. The engine may take a long time to start or completely fail to turn. The 500 RTV will fail to start for various reasons, primarily a problematic electrical system.

The battery may be defective and won’t provide enough charge for ignition. Other culprits are the wiring system and starter.

Sometimes, the hiccup originates from the fuel line. The fuel pump may be faulty, or you have insufficient fuel. Contaminated or substandard gas is also a possible factor behind this problem.

Cold weather can affect the battery performance leading to troublesome starts. The gas may freeze and block the fuel line. Don’t rule out damaged spark plugs, especially if you notice signs like a rough idle, poor acceleration, and misfiring.

How To Fix

You may have a faulty battery if you notice an odd smell, corroded terminals, dim headlights, and slow cranking. Clean corroded terminals and try jumpstarting the battery to see if it responds. Replacement is a suitable option if the battery doesn’t respond.

The starter may be bad if you notice clicking sounds when you turn the key. The starter relay or motor may be responsible for the Kubota RTV 500 engine problems. The best move is to get a new starter assembly.

Ensure the gas tank is full of high-quality fuel. A fuel line and tank flush will help with contamination. Finally, inspect your spark plugs, and replace them if they are worn out.

Braking Issues

Troublesome braking is one of the common Kubota 500 RTV problems you may encounter. You will notice anomalies when pressing on the pedal. It may be firm or spongy and may produce squealing sounds. Also, the braking response may delay.

Possible causes are worn parts, like brake pads or rotors, and low fluid levels. You must attend to braking troubles immediately you notice them to avert accidents.


Diagnosing braking issues can be challenging for an inexperienced eye. Consult a mechanic or a Kubota service center for diagnosis and repairs if you suspect brake problems. 

Sudden Stalling

Kubota RTV 500 fuel pump problems affect the engine’s performance. A malfunctioning pump affects gas flow to the engine, which may cause unexpected stalling. You may notice this issue when accelerating or idling. 

Apart from a defective pump, the UTV may stall due to the following reasons.

  • Insufficient or stale fuel
  • Overheating
  • A clogged air filter
  • A blocked fuel line
  • Driving uphill
  • Carburetor failure

The Fix

Start by inspecting the fuel line, which is the most probable cause of the snag. Have a professional check the fuel pump. A replacement is the best solution for a damaged pump. Fill the gas tank with high-quality fuel and clean the tank if the fuel is stale, contaminated, or of low quality. 

You must regularly service the carburetor to prevent dirt accumulation. Disassemble the carb to clean it and repair damaged parts. 

Overheating is one of the common Kubota RTV 500 problems that will lead to sudden stalling. You address the elevated engine temperatures by changing the engine oil, maintaining the radiator, and working within the UTV’s load limits. 

Driving uphill may affect fuel flow. Use alternative roads to ensure the UTV is at equilibrium for adequate fuel flow. Furthermore, you should clean the air filter and get a new one if it’s past its service time. 

A Troublesome Transmission

Some Kubota 500 RTV problems originate from the transmission unit. A hydrostatic transmission system regulates this side-by-side’s power flow. After prolonged use, you may notice setbacks, such as difficulty changing gears and dashboard alerts.

Possible causes of the transmission failure may be:

  • A damaged clutch
  • An overheated hydraulic system 
  • Low fluid levels 
  • Hydrostatic pump failure

The Fix

You need a diagnostic tool to get to the root of Kubota RTV 500 transmission problems, particularly overheating. You can avoid overheating by ensuring you have enough transmission fluid and repairing damaged parts.

Replace worn-out clutches and fix a faulty hydrostatic pump to rejuvenate the transmission system. The transmission unit’s maintenance, diagnosis, and repairs can be complex. Consult an experienced mechanic if the drawbacks are too challenging to handle.

Complications With the Steering System

The 500 RTV’s steering system is an occasional let-down, especially if you hardly maintain it. The steering wheel may be hard to turn, or you may notice strange sounds. The primary cause of steering troubles is a lack of lubrication. Also, you may have worn-out parts or an issue with the suspension system.

The Solution

Greasing is the solution to a stiff and squeaky steering wheel. You may have a broken part if the wheel is still stiff after lubrication. Disassemble the steering unit to locate the hitch and fix it.

Additionally, you must attend to the suspension system. Ensure the tires are inflated and balanced to avert steering troubles. 

Is the Kubota 500 RTV Worth It?

The Kubota 500 RTV problems may discourage you from pursuing this UTV. It is understandable, as no one wants a problematic vehicle. The 500 RTV’s hiccups are commonplace with other side-by-sides and mainly result from negligence. Routine servicing of this UTV will keep the troubles at bay.

The advantages of the Kubota 500 RTV outweigh its problems by a considerable margin. It is robust and resilient, two crucial features that define a reliable UTV. It is a worthy acquisition that will have your back for commercial and agricultural applications.