Landmaster UTV Reviews: Is This UTV Worth the Hype?

Finding a UTV that suits your needs can be an overwhelming task. If you’re familiar with the American Landmaster UTV, you might wonder if it’s worth the money.

According to most Landmaster UTV reviews, this vehicle has made its name in the industry thanks to its power, comfort, versatility, and durability. The Landmaster UTV is a reliable partner in recreation and farm work. It’s best suited for rough terrains and delivers plenty of torque to haul and tow.

But is this UTV worth the hype?

Join us as we examine Landmaster’s power, comfort, speed, durability, and safety. We’ll also provide the pros and cons of the UTV to help you decide if it’s a worthwhile investment.

Landmaster UTV Review

If you’re a fan of American Landmaster, you can opt for their gas-powered or electric-powered UTVs. Their UTVs have a simple build and feature basic accessories. They’re among the smallest UTVs in the industry and are ideal for beginners and experienced riders.

Luckily, the simplicity of your Landmaster UTV will work to your advantage. The UTV’s simple build design and a few accessories guarantee minimal issues experienced in other high-end models. Moreover, owners can easily maintain and resolve most of its problems.

But despite being an entry-level UTV, the vehicle is powerful enough to handle even the most challenging tasks. It’s also one of the most affordable UTVs in the industry, making it a perfect choice for budget-conscious riders.

Below we’ll look into various reasons why the Landmaster UTV might suit off-road enthusiasts:


Gas-powered Landmaster UTVs use single-cylinder Kohler or V-twin Vanguard engines. These engines are powerful and deliver plenty of torque to handle demanding tasks. 

Models using the V-twin Vanguard engines produce more torque than those equipped with single-cylinder Kohler engines.

The V-twin Vanguard engine is an excellent choice for tackling rough terrains, towing, and hauling heavy loads.

Gas-Powered Landmaster UTV ModelsEngine TypesHorsepowerTowing Capacity
L3Single cylinder Kohler9.5 HP1,100 lbs.
L4Single cylinder Kohler14 HP1,300 lbs.
L5V-twin Vanguard (Briggs & Stratton)18 HP1,500 lbs.
L7V-twin Vanguard (Briggs & Stratton)23 HP1,500 lbs.
L7 CrewV-twin Vanguard (Briggs & Stratton)23 HP1,500 lbs.
L7 ProV-twin Vanguard (Briggs & Stratton)23 HP1,750 lbs.

Electric-powered Landmaster models feature a 48 DC lithium-ion battery. This battery is powerful to power the UTV’s AC motors and deliver plenty of torque.

Lithium-ion batteries are more reliable and efficient than dry-cell or lead-acid batteries. They’re also fast to charge and come with a longer lifespan.

Electric Landmaster UTV ModelsBattery TypeHorsepowerTowing Capacity
EV48 DC lithium-ion battery16 HP1,200 lbs.
EV Crew48 DC lithium-ion battery16 HP1,200 lbs.
EV 4×448 DC lithium-ion battery16 HP1,500 lbs.

Top Speed

Low speed is one of the downsides mentioned in most Landmaster UTV reviews. The manufacturer emphasizes torque over speed when designing these UTVs. Thankfully, your Landmaster UTV will be fast enough to ride around neighborhoods, farms, and ranches.

The fastest Landmaster UTV is the L7 Crew, whose top speed is 38mph. Check the table below to see the top speed of each model.

Gas-Powered Landmaster ModelsTop SpeedElectric Landmaster ModelsTop Speed
L322 mphEV24 mph
L424 mphEV Crew24 mph
L524 mphEV 4×430 mph
L734 mph  
L7 Crew38 mph  
L7 Pro24 mph  


Landmaster UTVs have a spacious interior that can accommodate 2-4 riders depending on the model. They have comfy seats with reliable suspension and back support. Whether riding on paved roads or rugged terrains, the seats protect you from back pain and muscle sprains.

Landmaster is also easy to access, thanks to its low step-in height, making climbing in and out easier. The wide doors allow riders to get in and out easily. The UTV suits short riders, children, and riders with physical disabilities.

The L-ROSS (Landmaster Ride Optimization System) ensures smoother riding experiences on uneven terrains, bumps, mud, and hills.

The standard power steering and windshield come in handy when going for long rides. The power steering makes it easy to ride the UTV in farms and ranches without worrying about narrow passes or sharp turns.

Some Landmaster UTVs feature the standard power steering while others don’t. UTVs without the power steering feature can be challenging to control in rough terrains. Luckily, you can add the power steering feature to any Landmaster UTV model to enjoy smooth rides in rugged terrains.

Landmaster UTVs are also known for quieter driving experiences. The engine-powered UTVs feature improved mufflers and side skirts to reduce noise. If you prefer noise-free Landmaster UTV, opt for the electric-powered models.


Besides being comfortable vehicles, American Landmaster UTVs are convenient to meet the needs of different riders. They feature ample cargo beds for carrying equipment and supplies around farms and ranches. The cargo beds accommodate between 400 and 1,000 pounds depending on the model.

If you want safe storage for your small items, Landmaster UTVs feature an in-dash storage compartment for storing bags and water bottles.

They’re also ideal for towing heavy equipment with ease. Landmaster UTVs feature towing capacities ranging from 1,100 to 1,750 lbs. Powerful UTVs such as the L7 and L7 Crew will tow heavy loads, including vehicles.

Regarding the drive system, Landmaster UTVs are available in 2WD and 4WD to suit different riding conditions. The 2WD models are light-duty UTVs you can use around your farm or home.

If you want a vehicle to tackle rough terrains, go for the 4WD models. These UTVs will provide increased traction and balance while making your ride smoother.


Landmaster UTVs are made of heavy-duty steel frames. The tough steel frames are appropriate for challenging environments. They’re rust-resistant and last longer despite tackling rough terrains.


After going through most Landmaster UTV reviews, we’ve seen that it’s one of the easiest UTVs to maintain.

The compact size and simple build mean you won’t spend much time and money maintaining your UTV. That’s unlike high-end UTVs from other brands with more features and accessories.

If your Landmaster UTV develops issues, you can easily access parts to diagnose and troubleshoot the problems.

How Much Does a Landmaster UTV Cost?

Landmaster UTVs are among the lowest-priced vehicles in the UTV industry. Some models, such as the L3 and L4, will cost you less than $10,000. Depending on the dealer and location, prices range between $6,999 and $19,999.

Who Does the Landmaster UTV Suit?

Landmaster UTVs are best suited for the following uses:

  • Taking leisurely drives around properties or neighborhoods
  • Going for lighter trail riding
  • Tackling chores like hauling brush, firewood, gravel, hunting gear, and game
  • Towing cargo trailers

Landmaster UTV Pros and Cons


  • Durable, thanks to the all-steel frames
  • Budget-friendly
  • Minimal engine noise
  • Excellent suspension system to offer smoother rides
  • Reliable Kohler and Vanguard (Briggs & Stratton) engines
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comprehensive warranty


  • Not ideal for steep hills
  • They’re slower than other models
Landmaster UTV reviews


Below are responses to commonly asked questions about Landmaster

Where are Landmaster UTVs made?

Landmaster UTVs are made in Columbia City, Indiana, in the United States.

How much does an American Landmaster EV cost?

American Landmaster EVs cost between $13,399 and $19,999. Some Landmaster EV models are more expensive than the Polaris Ranger EV. Note that prices of Landmaster EVs can vary depending on the dealer and location.

How fast does an American Landmaster go?

The fastest gas-powered Landmaster UTV is the L7 Crew, with a max speed of 38mph. Regarding the electric Landmaster UTVs, the EV 4×4 is the fastest in the lineup, reaching up to 30mph.

Is Landmaster UTV Worth the Hype? 

Landmaster UTVs are popular for their performance, versatility, comfort, and durability. They are ideal for riding, towing, or hauling around residential areas, farms, and ranches. You’ll find these UTVs at lower price tags than most brands.

But as you’ll find in most Landmaster UTV reviews, these utility vehicles are not as quick as other UTVs. They also perform poorly in steep hills and muddy terrains. 

Before buying a Landmaster UTV, consider its strengths and weaknesses to determine if it’s worth the investment.