6 Most Common Kubota KX057 Problems and How to Fix Them

The Kubota KX057 is a 46.7-horsepower mini excavator with a digging depth of 11’11” and a maximum dump height of 13’2.” It’s a highly productive and reliable excavator with a cabin design that allows for operator safety and unmatched comfort. However, this compact excavator isn’t without its downsides. The most common Kubota KX057 problems are leaking fluids, problematic starts, overheating, hydraulic issues, slow operation, and the engine shutting off randomly.

Do you own a troublesome Kubota KX057? Join us today as we explore some of the most common issues with this excavator and how to fix them.

Leaking Fluids

Internal leakage is a common problem with Kubota KX057, mostly resulting from the continuous wear of internal parts. Fluid leaking also occurs because of manufacturing defects, errors in selecting components, and negligence during the quality control process.

If you notice any leaking in your Kubota KX057, the first thing to do is identify the source of the leak. In most cases, the leaking fluid is either hydraulic or gear oil. The former has a similar consistency to gear oil but is much thinner.

A clogged drain filter is the leading cause of hydraulic fluid leakage. Check whether the drain filter is clogged and if so, replace the filter. Also, inspect the hydraulic lines for deterioration or gaps. Use a sealant to seal these gaps or crevices.

Gear oil leaks appear as a thick liquid on the planetary side of the drive motor. Also, check for any leaks on the tracks or behind the sprocket. Refilling your gear oil more frequently also indicates a gear oil leak.

Locate the main seal on the exterior of the main bearing. Check the seal for wear and tear and replace it if damaged. Neglecting this issue increases wear in the bearings and damages the final drive.

Starting Issues

It’s not uncommon for heavy-duty machines like excavators to have issues with starting up, and the Kubota KX057 is no exception. There could be many reasons why your Kubota KX057 isn’t starting. Some of these reasons include:

A Failing Starter

Start-up issues may result from problems with the starter itself. Ensure all connections with the battery are tight and turn off all electrical loads like the lights and LCD screen.

Next, check the solenoid for any visible damage. Lastly, try starting the excavator; if it doesn’t start, you have a problem with the ignition module. Replacing it should solve the issue.

Cold Weather

The oil in your mini excavator thickens and coagulates under freezing temperatures. This thickening causes clogs in the excavator’s internal parts and renders it inoperable. In severe cases, the excavator fails to start completely.

This is one of the most preventable Kubota KX057 problems. You can prevent this issue using high-quality synthetic oil resistant to temperature fluctuations. This oil retains its viscosity despite the cold water, meaning it won’t clog any moving parts. It also contains corrosion inhibitors to keep rusting at bay during the wet season.

A Dead Battery

The reason why your KX057 excavator won’t start could be because of a dead battery. Check whether the battery gauge reads 24 volts. If it reads 0 volts, you likely have a dead battery. Use a jump starter to revive it.

Next, check the battery water levels to see if it’s above the minimum level. If not, add water to raise it and turn on the excavator again. If it doesn’t start up, you probably need new batteries.

Faulty Wiring

Sometimes the start-up failure isn’t because of the battery but because of internal wiring. Faulty electrical components and wiring preclude the battery from transmitting power to the engine. Check the starting switch for power and the battery’s voltage to confirm whether you have faulty wiring.

Wiring and electrical issues might be a little complicated for the average person. Consider consulting a technician to get to the root of the problem and chart the best way forward. However, you can try soldering visibly damaged wires and replacing visibly damaged electrical parts.

Clogged Fuel Lines

Clogged fuel lines are among the common Kubota KX057 problems. Dirt and debris can clog the fuel lines leading to start-up failure. Clogging prevents fuel from reaching the engine and keeps the excavator from starting. To unclog your fuel lines, unhook them and spray carb cleaner on both ends.

Next, use compressed air to spray inside repeatedly until the fuel lines are debris-free. Return the fuel lines, and start your Kubota KX057.

Overheating Issues

The Kubota KX057 is predisposed to overheating, especially with prolonged use. The most common reason for this overheating is when dirt and debris clog the radiator. Dirt, debris, and mulch thrown up at the excavator during operation can cause these clogs.

To remove the clogs, turn off the engine and drain all the coolant from the radiator. Next, remove the radiator from the engine and use a hosepipe or pressure washer to flush out any remaining sludge or debris.

Once complete, gently tap the bottom of the radiator to dislodge any remaining debris. Reconnect the radiator, and the overheating problem should stop.

Hydraulic Problems

The Kubota KX057 is engineered to reduce noise and vibration during operation. The excavator consists of thinner cab pillars, a plate ceiling, and a thicker floor plate to reduce vibration. Unfortunately, hydraulic issues with the Kubota KX057 cancel out these parts’ noise and vibration-reduction capability.

Hydraulic malfunctions are among the most common Kubota KXC057 problems. Signs of a hydraulic malfunction include slow performance, increased vibrations, and unusual noises.

The flail mower gets lower every time you move it because of hydraulic failure, reducing the excavator’s efficiency and productivity.

Hydraulic issues occur because of dirty hydraulic components or when air enters the hydraulic system. Sometimes a cold coil or clogged filters can lead to the same.

Try spraying dirt or debris off the hydraulic system. Also, check the hydraulic seal for any damage. Lastly, inspect the air compressor and diction side for leaks and use sealant to stop the leaking.

The Engine Shuts Off Randomly

Few things are as annoying as when your Kubota KX057 shuts off abruptly during heavy-duty work. This is mostly because of fuel starvation but could also happen because of electrical issues and faulty wiring.

In most cases, a malfunctioning shutdown solenoid with a bad timer is to blame. If so, your best bet is to replace the solenoid.

You’ll also want to check the fuel lines for blockage. Blocked fuel lines starve the engine of oil, eventually making it shut down a few minutes after starting.

Use compressed air and carburetor cleaner to eliminate debris in the fuel lines. Also, replace clogged fuel and air filters.

The Excavator Operates Slowly

The Kubota KX057 is a highly productive excavator but sometimes suffers from slow operation. This problem may affect specific parts of the excavator or the entire unit.

The reasons for this slowness could be anything from faulty cables to a deteriorating hydraulic system. It’s best to call a licensed mechanic to figure out the cause of the problem and determine what parts you need to repair or replace.

Regularly Maintain Your Kubota KX057

Most Kubota KX057 problems are standard with most compact excavators. Proper maintenance and routine servicing should help you sidestep most of the mentioned problems. The warranty covers issues like leaking because of manufacturing defects or QC negligence. Follow these issues up with your vendor to get warranty coverage.