7 Frequent SANY Excavator Problems (And Effective Fixes)

SANY excavators are comfortable and ideal for small and big operations. However, don’t let this deceive you into assuming they are perfect. These excavators malfunction occasionally and can be a pain if you don’t know how to fix them. The leading SANY excavator problems are hydraulic pump issues, transmission problems, overheating, hard starts, metal fatigue, excessive corrosion, and electrical complications. Most of these issues arise due to poor servicing.

Do you own or operate a SANY excavator? Read on as we dissect the issues you might face with your excavator and how to fix them.

SANY Excavator Hydraulic Pump Issues

A problematic hydraulic pump strains the excavator’s arms, restricting their movement and disrupting or delaying your work schedule. Hydraulic pump problems in SANY excavators could arise due to the following:

  • Low hydraulic fluid
  • Contaminated fluid
  • A faulty hose
  • Leaking fittings
  • Broken valves

Low hydraulic fluid levels reduce the system’s pressure, overworking the pump. Constantly monitor the fluid levels and refill the tank to the correct level whenever necessary to prevent these problems.

Dirty hydraulic fluid has debris and dirt that clog and harm the pump after prolonged use. To fix this problem, flush out all the bad fluid, then clean and refill the tank. If the pump is destroyed, consider replacing it whole for enhanced effectiveness.

SANY’s hydraulic hoses wear out with time from high temperatures, abrasion, tube erosions, and bending. Check them constantly and replace them immediately after they show aging signs.

Leaking fittings reduce the hydraulic fluid, causing the pump to malfunction. Replace these for improved performance. You could also try tightening them and refilling the fluid to check for any change before buying new ones.

Valves monitor the hydraulic fluid flow. Broken or bad valves significantly reduce fluid flow, leading to a malfunctioning pump. Regularly check on these components and switch them for new ones if faulty.

SANY Excavator Transmission Problems

The transmission system of a SANY excavator controls all the gears, making it susceptible to malfunctioning. The leading causes of transmission issues are poor maintenance and contaminated fuel.

Gearbox parts require constant lubrication due to excessive movements and vibrations during operation. In case of constricted movement, lubricate all the parts sufficiently. Consider replacing components that are completely worn out.

The transmission oil quickly gets contaminated, causing adverse damage to the system. Regularly check on the oil and replace it immediately at first sight of dirt and debris to fix these SANY excavator problems.

SANY Excavators Overheat

Overheating is common among SANY excavators. Your SANY excavator might overheat due to the following reasons.

  • Overloading
  • A faulty exhaust system
  • A defective radiator cap
  • A clogged radiator

Always confirm the load before applying it to the excavator. Excess load causes the engine to overwork and produce lots of unnecessary heat. Overheating may cause some excavator components to blow up, which is expensive to fix. Divide the load into manageable bits to prevent overheating and increase the excavator’s lifespan.

A faulty exhaust system doesn’t let out the overheated exhaust fumes from energy production, raising the engine’s temperatures. Replacing a broken system and cleaning all clogged exhaust pipes will solve these issues immediately.

Defective radiator caps let in excess air, causing the coolant to strain when flowing through the system and cooling the engine. Tighten the caps if loose and replace them if broken.

Radiator vents quickly collect dirt and debris, leading to clogging and malfunctioning. The excavator overheats when the heat isn’t let out. Regularly clean the radiator vents and replace the entire system if the clogging is extreme.

Hard Starts

Your SANY excavator may refuse to start due to the following:

  • A faulty directional joystick
  • Broken starter wires
  • Turned-off dead man’s switch
  • Lack of voltage

The starter relies on electric power from the key to start. Check if there’s any voltage from the key to the starter using a voltmeter. If not, look for faulty connections and adjust them immediately.

Directional joystick wires break and malfunction easily, leading to starting difficulties. Monitor the joystick closely and replace all bad wires for smooth operations.

The dead man’s switch must be on for the excavator to start. Always confirm its positioning before starting work to avoid hard starts.

Bad starter wires don’t trigger the engine to start. Replace these to solve this inconvenience.

Metal Fatigue After Prolonged Use

Although SANY excavator components are made of heavy-duty metal, these parts are still prone to caving in after a while. Prolonged use and stress cause the material to weaken and bend or break, leading to equipment failure.

To reduce the wearing out process,  regularly oil or grease all actively moving metallic parts. Lubrication reduces the strain and stress applied to moving components, extending their lifespan. It also reduces the risk of mechanical failure that may result in terrific accidents.

Excessive Corrosion in SANY Excavators

If you operate your SANY excavator in areas with extreme climate changes, then it’s susceptible to frequent and intense corrosion. Always clean the excavator after working in muddy areas or salty grounds to prevent these SANY excavator problems.

Salty water has dissolved ions, accelerating the rate of corrosion and rusting. Washing the salt residue immediately after use saves the excavator a great deal.

You should also always apply a protective coating on all the excavator components to restrict their contact with harmful materials.

Electrical Issues

Electrical problems give SANY excavators a hard time turning on, cause their engines to cut off unexpectedly and the lights to misbehave. Poor connections and faulty fuses are the leading causes of these complications.

Check all the wiring and confirm that the connections are correctly placed. Replace damaged wires and adjust any faulty connections.

Fuses promote smooth electrical flow. These components easily get blown with short circuits. Monitor them closely and replace them if they show signs of being burnt, like discoloration.

Electrical problems can be critical. Let a professional mechanic check the excavator and deduce the extent of the problem.

SANY Excavator Maintenance

A proper maintenance schedule is the best way to combat common SANY excavator problems. Below are essential maintenance tips and guidelines.

  • Clean the air filters regularly for smooth operations.
  • Ensure that you warm up the engine for ten to fifteen minutes before starting to prevent stress and increase its lifespan.
  • Replace the reducers after the first five hundred and twenty hours. Then do it every two to three years for the best performance.
  • Regularly grease or lubricate the slewing drive bearings and slather the screws with thread sealant to keep them tight.
  • Lubricate all fittings and bearings every ten to fifteen days. Apply the grease at different angles to ensure every inch is covered. 
  • Stick to anti-wear hydraulic fluid. Use low viscosity fluid, ISO 32 or 46, during the winter and high viscosity fluids, ISO 58 or 100, during the summer for smooth operations.
  • Always ensure the oil pipes are in tip-top condition and the oil flow is smooth.

So, Are SANY Excavators Any Good?

Despite the listed SANY excavator problems, SANY excavators perform exceptionally well. That’s why SANY controls about 15% of the global excavator market. You can avoid most of the mentioned problems by regularly maintaining your excavator.