Kawasaki FR651V Oil Type | Which Oil Suits the FR651V?

Engine oil is critical to the optimal performance of different engines, including the Kawasaki FR651V. Using the appropriate Kawasaki FR651V oil type saves you from regular engine repair and facilitates the longevity of your engine. But which oil suits the FR651V?

Kawasaki recommends using API Service Classification oil SF, SG, SH, SJ, or SL on FR651V engines. The oil should have a viscosity of 10W-40, but this can change depending on the ambient temperature.

Let’s look into the FR651V Kawasaki engine and all the compatible oil types. Also highlighted are problems that arise when you use the wrong oil type or fail to change the engine oil.

What Is the Kawasaki FR651V?

The Kawasaki FR651V is a 4-stroke internal combustion engine used in mowers and tractors. Lawnmower brands use this engine mainly due to its versatility and high-level performance throughout the year.

You can attribute the engine’s high performance to its construction. The Kawasaki FR651V has a V-twin architecture and forced air cooling, which allows it to run without overheating or failing, even in tough conditions.

And, with the proper maintenance and adherence to the manufacturer’s oil and fuel type recommendations, the Kawasaki FR651V engine can serve you for years while keeping your maintenance costs low.

Recommended Engine Oil for Kawasaki FR651V

The manufacturer-recommended engine oil for Kawasaki FR651V should have an API Service Classification of SF, SG, SH, SJ, or SL.

The choice of oil from this category will depend on the year the FR651V engine was manufactured. SF engine oil is suitable for engines built before 1988, while SL is suitable for engines built before 2004.

In addition to the API Service Classification, the recommended engine oil must have the right viscosity. Kawasaki recommends the 10W-40 engine oil for most conditions, but you can use oil of varying viscosity to match the ambient temperatures as follows:

  • SAE 5W-20 for ambient temperatures below 32°F
  • SAE 10W-30 and 10W-40 for ambient temperatures above 14°F
  • SAE 20W-50 for ambient temperatures above 32°F
  • SAE 30 for ambient temperatures above 50°F
  • SAE 40 for ambient temperatures above 68°F

Adapting the viscosity of the engine oil to match the ambient temperatures can help manage engine oil consumption.

How Much Oil Does the Kawasaki FR651V Require?

Once you’ve found the right Kawasaki FR651V oil type, the next step is figuring out how much engine oil you should use. Like all engines, the FR651V indicates the maximum and minimum oil you should use in the oil reservoir.

The Kawasaki FR651V oil capacity is 1.8 L (1.9 U.S. quarts) when the oil filter is installed and 2.2 L (2.1 U.S. quarts) when the oil filter is removed.

You should place the engine on a level surface when refilling the engine oil. Pour the oil into the reservoir between the ADD and FULL levels.

Do not add the oil beyond the FULL level to prevent overheating and smoking. If you accidentally overfill the oil, drain it into a clean container as you would when changing the oil.

Kawasaki recommends checking the engine oil level daily to ensure you have the right quantities. Using insufficient engine oil could lead to several issues.

How Often Should You Change Engine Oil?

Changing the engine oil is a critical maintenance task you should regularly conduct to ensure your engine operates optimally.

You should change the engine oil for the Kawasaki FR651V engine after the first 25 hours of operating a new engine. Afterward, change the oil after every 100 hours of use or annually, whichever comes first.

When changing the oil, follow the following directions:

  • Place the engine on a level surface
  • Let the engine run for 3 minutes to warm the engine oil
  • Stop the engine
  • Remove the oil drain plug
  • Drain the engine oil into a container. Never drain the oil when hot, as this could cause severe burns. Let the engine cool down to warm before draining or handling the oil
  • Once you’ve drained the oil, plug the drains, remove the oil gauge, and refill the reservoir with fresh engine oil. Ensure the engine oil level is above ADD but below FULL levels
  • Dispose of the drained engine oil appropriately (check your local authorities for disposal recommendations)

You should also change the engine oil if you’re using a different oil. For example, if you use 10W-30 oil and want to use 10W-40 oil, you must first drain the 10W-30 oil. Mixing the two can cause engine damage.

In addition to changing the engine oil, you must replace the oil filter after every 200 hours of use. To replace the oil filter:

  • Drain the engine oil.
  • Place a pan under the oil filter installation to capture any engine oil in the filter.
  • Rotate the oil filter anticlockwise to remove it.
  • Apply a coating of fresh engine oil to the new oil filter to seal it before installation.
  • Insert the new oil filter, rotate it clockwise until it connects with the mounting surface, and complete an additional ¾ turn.
  • Run the engine for about 3 minutes, stop the engine, and check for any signs of oil leakage around the filter.
  • Check the engine oil level and refill with the appropriate Kawasaki FR651V oil type.

Kawasaki FR651V Engine Oil Problems

Changing the engine oil is an important maintenance activity that ensures your Kawasaki FR651V engine lasts as long as possible. Failing to change the engine oil can lead to several issues:

Increased Mechanical Damage

Engine oil provides lubrication for the mechanical components of the engine. When you don’t change the engine oil, it breaks down and degrades, reducing its effectiveness as a lubricant.

With a lower lubricating ability, the engine parts rub against each other and wear out faster than they would have with proper lubrication.

Reduced Engine Performance

When you leave engine oil for too long, it breaks down and forms a sludge. This sludge cannot flow properly, creating issues with lubrication and slowing down the engine. When you leave the sludge in the engine for too long, it could cause engine failure.


Engine oil lubricates various engine parts, preventing excessive heat generation. When the engine oil is low, these parts receive insufficient lubrication and generate more heat through friction.

As the friction increases, the engine becomes hotter and could fail unless you stop to let the engine cool and refill the oil to the appropriate levels.

Engine Failure

Engine failure can occur if you use the wrong type of engine oil for your Kawasaki FR651V engine. The wrong engine oil can create issues with lubrication, overheating, contaminants, and corrosion of engine parts resulting in engine damage and failure.

Ensuring you’re using the recommended engine oil and changing it as required should prevent the issue from occurring.

Use the Correct Kawasaki FR651V Engine Oil Type

Kawasaki engines stand out for their strength and durability. But for them to work optimally, you must use the right Kawasaki FR651V oil type.

The right FR651V oil type must be compatible with the engine model and have the correct viscosity for the ambient temperatures. It must also be of the right quality, meaning you should change it regularly based on the servicing intervals.

If you don’t use the right oil type or follow the recommended maintenance schedule, you may encounter a few problems that could cost more in repairs.