6 Most Common Husqvarna Z248F Problems and Effective Fixes

While there are many reliable zero turns, the Husqvarna Z248F can meet most of your mowing needs.

It’s a powerful mower that can tackle residential lawns with ease. But as with any zero-turn mower, the Husqvarna Z248F might have issues, especially after using it for years. The most common Husqvarna Z248F problems are fuel system issues, trouble steering, excessive deck vibration, blades not engaging, and drive belt problems.

If you own this mower, it’s necessary to understand these problems better and how you can rectify them. Herein is a detailed Husqvarna Z248F troubleshooting guide to help you out.

Trouble Steering

Steering issues in Husqvarna Z248F can arise if you neglect mower maintenance over an extended period. When this problem occurs, you’ll experience difficulties steering the mower.

A zero-turn mower with steering difficulties can result in uneven cutting patterns. The mower might be challenging to steer on one or both sides. Difficulty steering is more likely to cause accidents when mowing on hilly terrain.

If your Z248F has steering problems, the following might be to blame:

  • Jammed steering arms
  • Damaged steering damper
  • Uneven tire pressure

Effective fixes:

Do the steering arms feel stiff and won’t turn the mower on one or both sides? If that’s the case, check for jammed bolts or clogged bearings. Clean the bearings to remove any dirt accumulation and lubricate them.

If you find jammed bolts and nuts, loosen them, remove clogs, and tighten them accurately. Next, check if a damaged steering damper is the culprit and replace it with a compatible option.

Check the tires for low or uneven pressure if the steering arms are okay. Low or uneven tire pressure makes steering difficult. So, inflate the tires and ensure all tires have equal pressure. If the tires appear worn, they will quickly deflate. Replace worn-out tires if necessary.

Fuel System Problems

Issues with the fuel system can be the root cause of starting or stalling problems. Sometimes, poor performance in your Z248F arises due to issues with the fuel system.

Inspect the fuel system before tinkering with other components that can cause starting or stalling issues. If you suspect that your mower’s fuel system is the culprit, look out for the following:

  • Old or contaminated fuel
  • Clogged fuel filter
  • Clogged or damaged fuel pump
  • Empty fuel tank

Most Husqvarna Z248F problems related to the fuel system occur due to poor maintenance. If these issues arise, you can fix them as follows.

Check the fuel tank if your mower fails to start or stalls after riding for a while. Low fuel level can be the cause, so fill the tank with fresh fuel.

If the tank is full, check for old or contaminated fuel. Fuel gets old when left in the tank for a long time. It breaks down, leaving residual particles in the fuel line.

To clean the fuel system, drain the old and contaminated fuel. Pour a fuel injector cleaner into the tank and add fresh fuel. Start the mower and allow the cleaner and the fuel to circulate the fuel lines. Drain the fuel and repeat the process. Do this until the fuel system is clean.

If your mower loses power, check if a clogged filter or pump is the culprit. Replace a clogged fuel filter and clean the fuel pump if necessary. If the pump is malfunctioning, it might be damaged and needs replacing.

Drive Belt Issues

The Husqvarna Z248F relies on the drive belt to transfer engine power to the wheels and cutting blades. The belt should remain tight and correctly adjusted to perform well. However, the belt can develop issues with time and cause loss of power while operating the mower.

A slippage issue is one of this mower’s most common belt problems. If you leave the belt unchecked for a long time, it might become loose and slip.

Effective fixes:

If your mower loses power while running, locate the belt and check its condition. If it’s misadjusted, return it to its proper position and ensure it’s tight. If you find a worn-out, cracked, or broken belt, replace it.

Lastly, inspect the pulleys for insufficient lubricant or damage. Lubricate the pulleys or replace them if necessary.

Excessive Deck Vibration

One of the most reported Husqvarna Z248F problems is excessive deck vibration. While this mower boasts a sturdy deck, it might start to vibrate excessively. Excessive vibration of the deck indicates some of the following issues:

  • Loose blades
  • Worn or damaged blades
  • Broken spindle housings
  • Debris stuck under the mower deck

Effective fixes:

The first component to check is the blades. If they’re loose, tighten the blade bolts or replace worn-out bolts. If you find worn or damaged blades, replace them.

While inspecting the deck and the blades, you might spot debris stuck on the underside. Grass clippings, leaves, sticks, or small stones can stick under the deck and cause vibration while mowing. Remove any stuck debris and clean your deck with a mower deck washer.

Lastly, inspect the spindle housing to see if it’s loose or broken. Tighten loose bolts and install new ones if you find any missing. If you find broken spindle housings, replace them.

Battery Issues

The battery of the Husqvarna Z248F is a crucial component in the mower’s electrical system. It helps start the mower and keep the lights on when needed. However, the battery can have issues over time and result in the following symptoms:

  • Starting problems
  • Malfunctioning lights
  • Battery not charging

Effective fixes:

If you experience the above symptoms with your mower, inspect the battery and pay attention to the terminals. Dirty or corroded terminals will prevent the battery from charging. Clean the terminals using water, baking soda, and a wire brush.

Next, check for low voltage using a multimeter. Recharge the battery if the voltage reading on the multimeter is below 12 volts. If you have a damaged battery, it won’t hold a charge, so replace it.

Blades Not Engaging

Problems with the Power Take Off (PTO) can cause your Z248F mower’s blade to fail to engage. If the blades on your mower won’t engage, look out for the following:

  • Malfunctioning PTO switch
  • Disconnected or broken blade clutch cable
  • Improperly installed blades

Effective fixes:

Before checking for malfunctioning components, confirm if you’ve turned on the PTO switch. If the switch is on, but the blades won’t engage, the switch might be defective and needs replacing.

Next, check for a disconnected or broken clutch cable. If it’s disconnected, secure it properly. If the blade engaging problem persists, check if you have a broken clutch cable and change it if necessary.

Lastly, check if improperly installed blades are the cause. Consult the Husqvarna Z248F manual to install and align the blades correctly.

Are Husqvarna Z248F Issues a Deal Breaker?

Not at all. While this mower has potential problems, it’s a reliable zero-turn for mowing small to medium-sized residential lawns. It’s durable and can last longer if properly maintained.

If you encounter Husqvarna Z248F problems, resolve them promptly to get your mower up and running again. If you can’t rectify some of these issues, take your mower to a professional to diagnose and fix it.