How Much Is Sod per Square Foot at Lowe’s (2024 Price Guide Updated)

Installing new sod in your yard can add aesthetic value to your home. Unlike grass seeds, sod takes less time to thrive. You can use sod to cover areas in your lawn where grass seeds won’t grow. However, sod can be expensive and labor-intensive to install. You’ll also need to know the size of your yard to determine the sod size required.

Fortunately, Lowe’s has something for you if you’re looking for a suitable type of sod to spruce up your yard. But before you buy, it’s necessary to understand the company’s pricing for sod. This article looks into grass sod Lowes, including sod prices per square foot.

Lowes Sod Grass Prices

Lowe’s sells sod by square foot, piece, roll, and pallet. Below are the prices of grass sod at Lowes:

  • Square foot: Most homeowners buy sod in square feet. So, how much is sod per square foot at Lowe’s? While many factors determine the price of sod you want, you’ll pay between $0.30 and $0.90 per square foot. The company’s price of sod per sq. ft. does not include installation costs. The cost will also vary depending on the sod type or quality.
  • Piece: You can buy grass sod at Lowes in pieces to install in your yard. Each company’s piece of sod is 2.66 sq. ft. (383.04 sq. inches or 0.247 sq. meters). A piece of sod costs between $0.70 and $3.
  • Roll: Lowes sod grass is available in rolls measuring between 9 and 10 square feet. The price of each roll ranges from $3-$8.
  • Pallet: A pallet of sod at Lowes covers about 450 to 500 square feet. Your pallet will cost between $150 and $450, depending on the sod type.

Calculate the area in square feet of your yard to determine the amount you might spend on sod. In this case, you’ll need to measure the space’s length, width, and depth.

When measuring the length of installation space, remember that a piece of Lowe’s sod is 2.66 sq. ft. Measure the length of your yard to determine how many pieces you might require.

Then, determine how wide your installation space is by measuring its width. Since Lowe’s sod varies in width, consult them to help you choose the correct sod for your yard.

Next, measure the thickness of your installation space. You’ll find 1-inch, 2-inch, and 3-inch thick sods at Lowe’s. So, knowing the thickness of your installation area will help you choose the right grass sod Lowes. Lastly, multiply the figures you get to know the size of sod you need.

After knowing the sod size required in square feet, you can determine its total cost. Alternatively, you can use Lowe’s price filter to know your sod’s total cost.

Since not all yards come in square or rectangular shapes, consider the possibility of extra sod when doing your calculations. If your yard is irregular or circular, you’ll need to cut the sod to make it fit in some areas. Add 10% to 15% extra sod that might go to waste during installation.

If you’re installing the sod yourself, head to Lowe’s website and follow their sod installation instructions.

Types of Sods at Lowes

The cost of sod grass at Lowes varies depending on the type. If you’re a first-timer, you might want to know more about the various kinds of sods you’ll find in the company.

Lowes’s most common types of grass sods include Bermuda, Bluegrass, Fescue, and Zoysia. Let’s explore these sod types and their prices at Lowe’s.

Bermuda Sod Grass

Bermuda sod is a popular grass for many U.S. lawn enthusiasts thanks to its ability to tolerate heat, drought, and traffic. It’s a perennial warm-season grass that grows actively in the late spring and summer.

Bermuda is suitable for southern lawns in the coastal regions as it can withstand dry climates and salinity. For your Bermuda sod to thrive, you must expose it to full sun and soil that drains well. Its roots can grow up to six feet deep, making it more resilient to dry climates.

Lowe’s sells Bermuda sod from Bethel Farms and Gotta Go Grass. The sod is available in pieces and plugs. Below are the prices of sod pieces and plugs at Lowe’s:

  • 2.66 square feet of Bermuda sod costs $29 to $52 per piece.
  • 5.32 square feet of Bermuda sod costs $58 per piece.
  • Bermuda sod plugs cost $36 to $164.

Pros of Bermuda Sod

  • Establishes itself quickly
  • It can tolerate heat, drought, salinity, and traffic
  • Recuperates quickly in high-traffic areas
  • It stays green all winter
  • It’s durable

Cons of Bermuda Sod

  • Highly invasive
  • High maintenance grass
  • Not suitable in cold climates
  • Poor shade tolerance

Fescue Sod

Fescue sod is a cool-season grass suitable for U.S northern lawn owners. This sod is tolerant to heat and cold, making it popular in areas experiencing warm and cool seasons.

Fescue grass comes in different varieties like tall, hard, sheep, creeping red, and chewing fescue. The grass has a deep root system that draws water and nutrients from the soil. As a result, this grass requires less watering and fertilizing.

Pros of Fescue Sod

  • Withstands heavy traffic
  • No need for extensive dethatching
  • Requires less watering and fertilizing
  • Remains green through the winter months
  • It’s shade tolerant
  • Drought tolerant

Cons of Fescue Sod

  • Prone to brown patches in summer
  • Susceptible to pests and diseases invasion in wet conditions

Zoysia Sod

Zoysia sod is a perennial, warm-season grass well-suited for lawn owners in the southern states. It’s able to withstand heat, drought, and foot traffic.

For your Zoysia sod to thrive, ensure it accesses full sun and soil with good drainage. However, if your lawn has a light shade, your Zoysia sod will establish itself and reach its full potential. Like many other warm-season grasses, Zoysia roots grow deep into the soil to access moisture and nutrients.

The grass proliferates in late spring and summer and goes dormant during winter. It has light to medium-green blades during its season but turns brown in winter dormancy.

Zoysia grass sod Lowes is available in plugs from Bethel Farms. The sod plugs prices range from $32 to $136. 

Pros of Zoysia Sod

  • Tolerates drought, moderate shade, and salinity
  • Spreads quickly
  • Traffic-tolerant
  • Requires less fertilizing
  • Resistant to pests

Cons of Zoysia Sod

  • It turns brown in winter
  • Establishes itself slowly

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

Many U.S lawn owners prefer this sod due to a beautiful, dense green lawn they get. However, Kentucky bluegrass is a high-maintenance grass suitable for lawns in the northern regions. It’s a perennial, cool-season grass with shallow roots and lower tolerance to drought.

Like other cool-season grasses, the growth of Kentucky bluegrass slows in summer, and it might go dormant in extreme heat. Your grass can recover with proper irrigation.

Bluegrass sod at Lowes is available in 500 square feet pallets from Harmony Outdoor Brands, costing $584. 

Pros of Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

  • Tolerates cold climates
  • Spreads quickly when well cared for
  • Recovers quickly from damage
  • Disease resistant

Cons of Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

  • It’s a high-maintenance sod
  • It’s not shade tolerant

Final Thoughts

A suitable sod Can transform your yard, making it more aesthetically appealing. Lowe’s is worth your consideration when looking for the best stores to buy sod. This store sells sod in square feet, pieces, rolls, and pallets.

The cost of grass sod Lowes is $0.30-$0.90 per square foot. A piece of sod costs $0.70-$3, while a roll costs $3-$8. If you want to buy in pallets, you’ll pay $150-$450. Thankfully, Lowe’s offers instructions on caring for your newly-installed sod.