Should You Tip Fence Installers (And How Much)?

A qualified fence installer can boost your home’s safety, increase the value of your home, and improve your property’s aesthetic appeal. But do you tip fence installers? Like any service, it is tradition to tip the serviceman for good work, and fence installers are no exception. A tip shows the fence installer their services are appreciated. Tips to fence installers don’t have to be monetary but can come in the form of gifts, snacks, and referrals.

Read on and learn whether and how you should tip fence installers.

Should You Tip Fence Installers?

Typically, you are not mandated by any law to tip a fence installer. However, it’s always courteous to offer gratuity at the end of the service. While your intentions may be pure, some installers find tipping charming, whereas others may find it condescending.

Whether or not a person appreciates a kind gesture depends on the recipient. Always ask before to ensure the fence installer is comfortable with being tipped and if they show signs of being on the fence, retreat.

Some fence installers decline to receive tips because they believe tipping frequently results in employer expectations, resulting in lower wages. This argument is quite valid, as seen with the current situation in waiters and waitresses.

Most individuals concur that they will not tip fence installers unless they have performed a fantastic job or provided additional value or services above what was expected, which is valid.

Do not fuss about tipping because this will most likely make the fence installers mad. Some may even return the money since they may feel patronized. A few reasons that would prompt you to tip fence installers are:

  • To demonstrate your appreciation for their labor and hard work
  • If they have been working under more difficult conditions than usual
  • If you are delighted with their work
  • To encourage the fence installers to perform even better the next time
  • If they go above and beyond by providing additional services, then they are being compensated for
  • Giving back is always gratifying, and your fence installer presumably works very hard to deliver superior services
  • To raise the fence installer’s wage

If you decide to tip your fence installer, ensure you give the money directly to them and not the company.

How Much Should You Tip Fence Installers?

15-20% of the total purchase is the customary tip for any service. However, you could use the size of the project as guidance in determining how much gratuity to give your fence installer. Anything between $100 and $200 should be acceptable if the project costs more than $2000 or $1000. $20 to $50 is suitable if the job is small.

Remember, it is prudent to tone down on your generosity. Give the installer sufficient money to make them feel appreciated without making them uncomfortable. Giving the fence installer a ridiculously large amount of money may end up defeating the purpose.

Ultimately, it is your discretion how much to tip the fence installer. You can always inquire about the company’s or contractor’s tipping policies if you are uncertain.

Alternative Ways to Tipping

Money is not the only way to show appreciation for work well done. There are myriad ways to show your fence installer that you appreciate the hard work they are putting in to ensure your home is safe and maintains its aesthetics.

Like other contractors, fence contractors have mastered their specialty to a great degree. They may therefore find a cash tip offensive. Fence contractors are often better appreciated in other ways that do not involve money. Below are alternative ways of tipping fence installers.

Write a Thank-you Message

A thanks message is exceptionally sentimental and thoughtful since the fence installer acknowledges that you took time off to appreciate them in writing. Also, the fence installer will likely keep the message longer than cash.

Send a Gift

Just like a message, a gift is very sentimental, and the installer will have it for a long time. Even after they retire or change careers, a gift will remind the fence installer that they were good at what they did and their clients appreciate their effort.

Provide Fence Installers With Snacks

Snacks and snack breaks enable the fence installer to relax and get more energy to keep pushing. It also breaks the monotony of constantly working, which may exhaust them.

Serve Lunch During the Fence Installation Process

Serving lunch to the fence installers is not only considerate but also heartwarming. Fence installation requires a great deal of energy and time. Serving the installers lunch will ensure they have enough energy to continue working without becoming too weary.

Refer Fence Installers to Friends and Family

There is no greater prize than referrals in any business. Referring the fence installation to your family and friends guarantees that the installers remain in business, ensuring they have a roof over their heads, food on the table, clothing, and fewer financial woes.

Posting a Review on the Installation Company’s Website

Posting a review on the website gives the company an advantage when potential consumers search for fence installation services. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance while searching for fencing services.

The type of gesture most appropriate for the fence contractors working on your property will always depend on the specifics of your situation. Do what you are comfortable with, but also be mindful of the fence installer.

However, you could always ask them politely if they are comfortable receiving tips.

When Not to Tip Fence Installers

Do you tip fence installers all the time? The answer could be no. Leaving a gratuity for the fence installer would seem conventional, but there are valid grounds against tipping your fence installer. These include:

  • If the employer prohibits gratuities
  • The installers are impolite
  • If the installers do a lousy job
  • If the installers fail to meet their deadline for no good reason
  • When the fence installers keep bringing up excuses
  • If the fence installer is the sole proprietor and owns the fence installation service

Considerations to Make Before Tipping a Fence Contractor

Before you tip your fence installers, it is always right to have these factors in mind:

Your Location

Traveling to a remote or far place to offer your services takes more time and resources. Also, depending on the terrain of your land, if your home is a rocky or hilly place, the installers will use more material, time, and energy. It only makes sense to appreciate the fence installer through a tip in this situation.


If the fence installer surpasses your expectations and delivers top-notch work, a tip will be appropriate.


Tipping doesn’t need to break the bank more because this cash is not budgeted for most of the time. Give what you are comfortable with, and if money is tight at that time, there are other alternatives to showing appreciation.

The Quality of the Customer Service Provided

Appreciating good customer service is paramount. Good customer service includes timely communication, respect, and after sales services, to name a few.


Depending on the amount of work lined up for the fence installer, you can use this to determine the tip you will give. A significant workload warrants a relatively higher tip than a smaller workload.

The Weather

Consider tipping your fence installer if you intend to install a fence in a region prone to extreme weather conditions. This is true even if the installers are paid a respectable hourly wage.

Final Thoughts

So, do you tip fence installers? You should tip fence installers. Before tipping, it might be necessary to inquire whether the installer accepts tips. Some fence contractors find cash tips offensive. Such fencing contractors are better appreciated in other ways that do not involve money.

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