All You Need to Know About Crusher Run for Landscaping

Crusher run, also called ‘crush and run,’ is a mix of fine and coarse aggregates, giving it better drainage and compaction properties.

Crush and run is made from crushed stones and comes in various diameters from ½ to 4 inches to cater to your different landscaping requirements. These stones suit yard areas where grass won’t grow. Crushed stones are easy to maintain since they don’t need watering, fertilizing, or weeding.

Uses of Crusher Run

Crush and run is a versatile landscaping material with a wide range of applications.

Some of the uses of crusher run include:

Driveway installation – Installing crusher and run stones as foundation extends the lifespan of your driveway. The material’s robustness and compactness help the surface material not to develop potholes, cracks, or shifts due to severe strain from vehicle traffic and other elements.

Masonry work – Crush and run offer a strong base that can hold large stone materials in place for masonry work, such as setting up stone pavers or retaining walls.

Crusher run can be a dependable backfill that retains loose dirt and ground. Such features come in handy when excavating to install sewer lines, drainage pipes, and utility wires.

When you want a distinctive walkway, you can lay down boundaries and fill it with crushed stones. It will have a different appearance than flagstone and become a distinct element of your environment.

You can add a crusher and run stone as a decorative element if there is a section of your yard where the water doesn’t drain. The stone adds some decoration while assisting water drainage and preventing puddles.

You can use a crusher and run stones to create a secure seating area around a fire. It makes your landscape look cozy, gives it a slight beach vibe, and prevents the spread of fire.

Crusher run driveway

Benefits of Using Crusher Run in Your Landscape

The advantages of using crusher and run stones in your landscape are numerous. These include:

Crusher and Run Don’t Decay With Time

Unlike wood chips, crushed stones don’t degrade over time. You won’t need to bother about renewing the ground cover.

These stones require relatively little upkeep, making them a fantastic option for people with large gardens.

Crusher Run Stones Help Control Pests

It’s challenging to deal with pests that invade your yard or property. Whether you control the pests yourself or hire a pro, using chemicals to prevent pest infestation is costly and time-consuming.

Luckily, you can apply crushed stones as natural pest control if you strategically position them to discourage pests from your yard.

Crusher and Run Offer Better drainage

Crusher run surfaces allow for easy water and air circulation, eliminating run-off, erosion, and the formation of puddles.

Crusher Run Stones are Weed resistant

Hard rock crusher run does not have water-bearing contaminants; hence weeds lack nutrients and water source to grow.

Crush and run naturally create a weed-resistant landscape, and it’s the best alternative to apply in the sections of your yard where you don’t want to use dangerous chemicals.

Crusher and Run Stones Are Easy to Install

It is simple and easy to install crush and run stones on any landscape. You only need to dig about six to twelve inches deep and spray some weed killer. This won’t harm nearby walls and fences.

Ensure you apply edging or retaining substance to prevent the crush run from dispersing.

How To Install Crusher Run Driveway

Installing crush and run driveways is cost-effective and provides a long-lasting solution if well-maintained. Follow these steps when installing such a driveway.

  • Assess the landscape and select the best driveway location. Ensure the ground drains well.
  • Use a measuring tape, stakes, and twine to sketch the driveway. Place stakes and string to delineate all the driveway sides.
  • Dig a 1-foot-deep trench for a driveway. If the driveway is small and you don’t mind the uphill task, you can use a shovel to do this job. But when removing the soil, hiring a digger is easier.
  • In the trench, spread out the landscaping fabric such that it overlays at the seams. The landscaping fabric prevents weeds from sprouting up in the road and holds the silt in position. Use a utility knife to trim the landscaping fabric to size.
  • Fill the trench using the first stones’ layer up to six inches deep. Use stones that are the size of your fist. Use a metal rake to spread the rocks. You can hire a mechanical roller from a home improvement store to compact them in place.
  • Use stones the size of a golf ball to apply the intermediate layer and compact it using a mechanical roller. Cover to a 6-inch depth.
  • Apply crush and run gravel of 4 inches to complete the driveway. Spread the gravel across the driveway, and use the mechanical roller to compact it. On the driveway, make a crown by cutting an arch through the middle; this enables the driveway to drain water quickly when it rains.

Final Thoughts

Crusher run can completely change your landscaping, making it more alluring with good drainage. Other than beautifying your yard, you can use it for driveway and patio installation, masonry work, and other structural foundations.

Using crush and run has many advantages. These stones don’t degrade over time, prevent moisture accumulation, and control weeds and pests.

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