5 Problems With Rural King Tractors and Solutions

If you’ve scoured the internet for a new lawn tractor, you’ve probably come across the Rural King Tractor. This tractor has, over the years, helped homeowners execute dozens of landscaping tasks. Most homeowners prefer this tractor since it’s affordable, reliable, and easy to handle.

However, like other lawn vehicles, the Rural King Tractor has its fair share of problems. Some people believe Rural King Tractors are junk as they develop issues after a few months of use. So, are RK Tractors junk?

This article explores five problems with Rural King Tractors to help you figure out if it’s a good choice or not. Let’s dive in.

Rural King Tractors Problems

Below are common issues that affect RK tractors:

  • Servicing issues
  • Gearbox pump failure
  • Wiring problems
  • Difficulty when sourcing replacement components
  • Structural problems

Servicing Issues

If you use your RK Tractor regularly, some components might break down and require replacement. The best way to keep your tractor up and running is to take it to a Rural King store near you for servicing. But this is where the problem comes in.

Rural King stores are known to lag in servicing, and you may have to postpone your projects long before the job servicing is over. Servicing can take several weeks or months, even if it’s a simple repair or replacement.

Late servicing makes homeowners avoid RK Tractors since no one wants to postpone their projects for weeks or months.

Rural King stores seem to lack skilled technicians to repair the tractor when components break down. Some homeowners complain that some technical issues tend to persist even after repair.

And since you don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on a tractor that won’t get prompt service, the RK Tractor may not be the best choice.

Gearbox Pump Failure

The gearbox pump is a crucial component of your tractor’s operations. When the gearbox pump fails, your tractor may experience various mechanical issues. A tractor with a failed gearbox pump can’t be driven, which can be a problem for people using the tractor regularly.

You may have trouble shifting gears with a faulty gearbox pump because they tend to drift off. For example, if you’re driving in second gear, the tractor will automatically shift to third or fourth gear. Such a tractor can disrupt workflow, ruin productivity, and cause accidents.

Gearbox pump failure may damage other components in your tractor’s gearbox system. If there’s no constant fluid supply in the system, your tractor’s shafts and gears will get improper lubrication, and the check engine light may get illuminated.

There are cases of some Rural King Tractors that have experienced failure of a single component, such as the gearbox. Some tractors have also undergone complete gearbox system failure in severe cases.

If an entire gearbox system fails, you may have to spend much money on repair and wait longer before resuming your projects.

Wiring Problems

Wiring issues are among the common problems with Rural King Tractors.

Many RK tractor owners have reported problems with corroded wiring that caused electrical fires. If your tractor has corroded cables and develops an electrical fire, the fire might damage your tractor and endanger your safety.

Moreover, corroded wiring may result in decreased current flow and voltage. As a result, the sensors may detect non-existent faults in various components. If you’re still unsure about the source of the problem, you may spend a lot trying to fix issues that are not real.

Some RK Tractor owners have also reported corroded wiring within the dash, while others have claimed that corroded wiring has triggered their tractors to get into regeneration and limp modes.

It gets worse when corroded wiring becomes a recurring issue even after repair. You may think Rural King Tractors are junk if a simple corroded wiring issue can render your tractor useless.

Issues With Replacing Components

Sourcing replacement components is one of the main problems with Rural King Tractors. The most reliable lawn tractor is one with readily available replacement components. If you’re using your tractor regularly, you expect some of its parts to wear out and break down.

But that doesn’t mean the end of using your farm vehicle. You can visit a local dealer store and purchase a new component for repair.

However, your tractor may be of little value if your repairman can’t find the replacement component. Unfortunately, this happens to be an issue with Rural King Tractors.

Most successful brands have dealer stores all over the U.S. with readily available replacement parts. While the Rural King Tractors company seems to continue growing, sourcing replacement components is always a concern.

If your Rural King Tractor breaks down and requires a replacement component, you may have to wait long until your dealership searches for the component. Rural King Tractor replacement components require shipping from South Korea to the U.S.

As a customer, you may wonder, “What would happen if the company ever runs out of business?” The truth is, it’d be tricky trying to find replacement components. Rural King Tractors are junk if you can’t easily source replacement components where your tractor breaks down.

Structural Problems

The last thing you may want is to purchase a tractor that develops structural issues now and then. Many RK Tractor owners claimed their tractors developed structural problems after the first use.

Since not many people can afford expensive tractors with long lifespans, purchasing affordable tractors may seem a good idea. However, that’s until you buy the RK Tractor.

Some RK Tractor owners have reported cases such as broken tillers while still brand new and steering failing while driving.

Are RK Tractors Any Good?

Rural King assembles handy lawn tractors, but when they develop issues, these tractors can be a complete disappointment. Most RK Tractor problems may render your tractor junk. If your Rural King Tractor components became faulty, sourcing replacement parts and servicing needs is an issue.

If you don’t face any problems with Rural King Tractors soon, you can rest assured of a reliable farm vehicle at an affordable price. The tractor has many features and accessories that you can’t overlook when looking for a new tractor.

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