7 Most Common Cazador UTV Problems and Effective Fixes

Cazador Utility Vehicles rank among the best in the market for affordability. Although these UTVs can withstand tough conditions and heavy use, they’re prone to several problems. The most common Cazador UTV problems are fuel not reaching the carburetor, overheating, excessive wear/tear, starting issues when cold, rough riding, loose steering, and motor problems.

Whether you’re considering the purchase or are already experiencing a few problems with your UTV, knowing what the issues are, what causes them, and how to fix them is helpful. Herein is a detailed Cazador UTV troubleshooting guide.

Fuel Not Reaching the Carburetor

Cazador utility vehicles often have an issue with the fuel reaching the carburetor. When this happens, operating your UTV becomes impossible due to fuel starvation. The problem is common in Cazador UTVs that use vacuum-operated pumps.

When defective, the vacuum fuel pump cannot suck fuel from the tank to the carburetor. A faulty fuel pump causes the engine to run poorly or stop mid-operation. The solution is to replace the fuel pump immediately with a compatible part.

You can also prevent the issue from occurring by maintaining your UTV regularly. Such maintenance includes checking for leaks, wear, or clogging. It also includes cleaning the fuel pump to remove any debris that could cause issues.

The Engine Won’t Start When It’s Cold

The engine not starting when cold is one of the common Cazador UTV problems that owners report. The problem is prevalent during the colder seasons.

Placing the UTV in warmer conditions should help the fuel flow better, and the UTV will operate normally. Since this problem can interfere with your work, storing your UTV in a temperature-controlled garage is advisable to help keep it functional, even on cold days.

If the engine doesn’t start even after being in the warmth, consider troubleshooting further to identify potential causes. One cause could be problems with the fuel. These include contamination or insufficient fuel. Whichever the case, refill the tank with clean fuel.

Damage to parts of the ignition system, such as spark plugs, the battery, the ignition coil, and the ignition switch, could contribute to issues starting the engine. You must replace these parts if they are damaged, worn out, or otherwise defective.


The structure of the Cazador UTV makes its engine prone to overheating. The engine has few spaces to allow circulation, with most of the circulation coming from ancillary airflow.

The limited airflow can contribute to engine overheating, causing reduced performance, stalling, and poor fuel economy.

Using external fans directed to the engine could help minimize overheating. We also recommend removing the skid plate for better airflow.

However, once you remove the skid plate, you should avoid riding in rough terrain to protect the underside components from damage.

Wear and Tear

While wear is expected in all machines, it is one of the common Cazador UTV problems. The wear in these vehicles happens faster than in other UTVs, meaning you will replace parts more frequently.

The solution for this issue is to replace the worn-out parts. However, you can minimize the wear and tear by providing adequate lubrication, cleaning the engine and other components, and storing the UTV in a garage to protect it from the elements. One issue with the higher wear rate in the Cazador UTV is the lack of readily available parts.

Steering Problems

Some Cazador UTV problems may show up in the steering system. Loose steering is the most common issue. Other common steering problems include difficulties shifting gears and unusual noises.

Most of these problems arise due to the wear of different components in the steering column, including tie rod ends and nuts.

Steering issues can also occur due to improper tire pressure. When the tires are not well inflated, they make it harder to control the UTV, especially when turning. It can also make it harder to steer the vehicle in the desired direction.

Inflating the tires to the manufacturer-recommended PSI should help fix the issue. You should also check for other issues that could cause low tire pressure, such as perforations in the tire, and repair them as needed.

Rough Riding

Cazador utility vehicles are noisy and provide a rough riding experience, especially in uneven terrain. They are prone to roll-over accidents, particularly when turning or navigating hills and obstacles. You may also experience the problem when riding across rough terrain or making a sharp turn at high speed.

Rough riding also occurs due to worn-out shock absorbers, allowing you to feel most of the impact of the ride. You can resolve the issue by replacing the shock absorbers.

You can prevent rough riding by running the UTV at half throttle. It also helps to drive slowly and carefully when navigating risky terrain for a smoother ride and to minimize the risk of tipping. If navigating a hill, go straight down instead of across the slope.

Due to the roughness of the ride, this UTV is unsuitable for people who want to ride long hours and older people.

Motor Problems

Motor problems in the Cazador utility vehicle cause starting issues and reduced performance. Motor burnout is the most common problem you’re likely to experience with this UTV.

It often occurs when the engine overheats, damaging the wiring and components of the motor. It can also occur when you push your vehicle too hard by driving at fast speeds. Sometimes, the motor burns out when you carry a heavier load than your UTV can bear, forcing the engine to overwork.

You can resolve motor issues in the UTV by resetting the motor. Once you’ve reset the motor, charge the battery and test the vehicle.

If it still has issues, you may have to replace the motor or its damaged components. You should consider working with a mechanic if you don’t have the skills to replace the motor.

Is the Cazador UTV Worth It?

Despite these Cazador UTV problems, it is still worth buying this UTV. The UTV is versatile as you can use it for trailing or as a golf cart. In addition to its versatility, it is an affordable UTV, especially when you’re not looking for a heavy-duty model for heavy work around the yard. Even though you might experience a few problems, the Cazador is still a great recreational UTV.