5 Most Common Yardsport YS200 Problems and Effective Fixes

The Yardsport YS200 is a gas-powered utility vehicle with a simple design. Thanks to its versatility, this UTV model is adored by some users. You can use the Yard Sport 200 as a golf cart and property surveillance.

A 500-pound towing might and a 250-pound bed capacity boost this vehicle’s versatility. However, the YS200 isn’t for everyone. It has several drawbacks. The most common Yardsport YS200 problems are lack of comfort, rough riding, stiff accelerator pedal, defective solenoid, and problematic starts.

Do you own a problematic Yardsport YS200? Read on as we detail the issues with this utility vehicle and practical solutions.


The YS200 is not the best utility vehicle when it comes to comfort. The seats are stiff and short, risking back pains after prolonged use. This cart’s open design exposes you to weather elements, like rain, sun, and wind. Also, the seating space is tiny, and driving can be challenging with several passengers.  

The Solution:

It is easy to modify the Yard Sport YS200 to make it cozier, especially if you are a hands-on person and have the right tools. Get a padded and high back seat for comfort when driving. You may have to tweak the seat belts, too, for safety. 

You should get a roof cover and aftermarket windshield for protection against outside elements. A removable cover works fine; you may remove it when it gets too hot. You must get used to the tiny interior space, as expanding it without compromising the vehicle’s integrity is impossible. 

Rough Riding

A rough ride is among the common Yardsport YS200 problems that add to its discomfort. The issue may be the terrain. Remember that the YS200 is not an all-terrain vehicle, so you should expect a bumpy drive when moving on rugged surfaces. 

Most of the time, the blame goes to the suspension system, primarily the tires. You may have flat or out-of-balance tires, which you may notice by reduced speed and a shaky steering wheel. Other possible causes of rough riding are exceeding the load limit and transmission failure.

The Fix:

Working within the Yard Sport YS200’s operating limits goes a long way in ensuring a smooth ride. Do not overload it and slow down on poor terrains for the stability of the suspension system. 

You should check the state of your tires and the entire suspension unit if the problem persists on smooth surfaces. Park the UTV on a level surface to see if you have flat or unbalanced tires. 

It is easy to point out a flat. Inflate flat tires to the recommended levels and repair punctures, if any. For unbalanced tires, move some distance away from the car to check for inclinations. 

In most cases, unbalancing arises due to uneven tire wear. If the damage is severe, get a new set of tires and practice tire rotation to avoid such a situation. Consider replacing defective parts of the suspension system, like the struts.

Starting Issues

Discovering that the Yardsport YS200 will not start, regardless of your efforts, is disheartening. Starting issues are commonplace among utility vehicles, and you may face them with this Yardsport model. 

The cart may be hard to ignite if you haven’t used it in a long time or if it is cold. The following are possible causes of this hiccup.

  • A damaged battery or low voltage
  • A defective starter
  • Insufficient gas
  • Mechanical issues
  • Faulty wiring or connections


You address these Yardsport YS200 problems by probing various components, starting with the electrical unit. Test the battery to see if it is working. Visually inspect for anomalies like swelling, corroded terminals, and dripping liquid. 

You can clean corroded terminals with sandpaper. Replace the battery if it is no longer functional. Also, repair broken wires and faulty connections. 

Be keen on the sounds when starting your Yard Sport YS200. A clicking sound without the engine coming to life indicates a faulty starter that you should replace. 

Ensure the gas tank is full and scan the engine for mechanical issues, especially if you haven’t fired it up in a long time. Move the cart to a warmer place if you suspect cold weather is behind the hard start.

Defective Solenoid

The solenoid transmits current to the motor. The YS200’s solenoid is prone to malfunctioning, which results in the cart failing to move. You can check for the solenoid’s functionality by pressing the accelerator pedal. 

A clicking noise signals the solenoid is working. It is faulty if you don’t hear the sound. The trouble may be due to broken or loose wires, debris on the solenoid, and corroded coils.


Inspect the solenoid to determine what is wrong with it. Repair broken and loose wires and clean off debris from the solenoid. Replace the solenoid if the damage is extensive.

A Stiff Accelerator Pedal

The YS200’s pedal is pretty stiff. Pressing it is challenging, and your foot may be sore if using the cart for the first time or a lengthy period. The issue is the spring, which is too hard. Objects stuck under the levers may also contribute to the pedal’s stiffness.

The Solution:

Modification is the go-to solution for a stiff pedal. Get an aftermarket pedal assembly with softer springs for effortless pressing. You should get rid of debris around the levers and lubricate moving parts to keep this trouble at bay. 

Upgrading the pedal can be challenging, especially if you are inexperienced. Please have a professional handle the modification for the best outcome.

Yardsport YS200 problems Are Inevitable

Yardsport YS200 issues will certainly crop up at some point. While this UTV is versatile, courtesy of its design, you should not push it past its limits. Don’t overload it or treat it like an off-road utility, as it will break down.

Most of the highlighted troubles are avoidable via routine maintenance. This cart should not spend a considerable time out of service, as some parts may wear and starting the engine may be difficult.