7 Yanmar Tractor Models to Avoid: The Worst Yanmar Tractors

Are Yanmar tractors any good? Yanmar tractors are efficient, boasting features like practicability, diversity, and convenience. Furthermore, they are affordable, with an excellent balance between price and quality.

A majority of Yanmar tractors rank among the best in various categories. However, like most farm utility brands, there are models to keep off. The seven Yanmar tractor models to avoid are FX235, SA424, 1500D, YM350, YM455, F22, and YM1110. The reasons to avoid these models range from spare parts unavailability to mechanical issues.

Are you thinking of purchasing a Yanmar tractor? Read on to know troublesome models and why you shouldn’t touch them.

Which Yanmar Tractors Should I avoid?

Avoid the following Yanmar tractor models.

  • Yanmar FX235
  • Yanmar SA424
  • Yanmar 1500D
  • Yanmar YM350
  • Yanmar YM455
  • Yanmar F22
  • Yanmar YM1110

Yanmar FX235

A blown gasket is a common problem among FX235 tractors. If detected early, this problem is easy to fix, but things won’t be rosy when the blown gasket translates to secondary issues like overheating and radiator faults.

FX235 replacement parts are hard to come by as this tractor’s target is the Japanese market. If you get a link to the part, you may have to spend more than you would for regular tractors.

Another reason to avoid the FX235 is that the manual is in Japanese. It may be challenging to understand this manual if you are a novice to farming utilities. The solution is getting a translated version, meaning more costs.

Yanmar SA424

Are you buying a compact tractor for the first time? If affirmative, you should steer clear of the Yanmar SA424. The SA424 is a great farming and yard maintenance tractor, though it is prone to several problems. Troubleshooting Yanmar SA424 problems can be challenging if you are new to such equipment.

The main issue with this tractor is failure to start, primarily due to a fault in the electrical unit. A worn engine can also be the root of the starting hiccups. Other complications of this model are front-end loader malfunctions and poor fuel economy.

As a newbie, these setbacks may be too much to handle and will affect your workflow. Go for the Yanmar SA424 if you have some mechanical know-how.

Yanmar 1500D

The 1500D is one of the Yanmar tractor models to avoid, especially if you live in cold areas. It is a compact utility tractor manufactured from 1975 to 1979. The main issue with the 1500D is failing to start in cold weather.  

Users of this tractor also complain about overheating, though it is manageable with adjustments and proper cooling unit maintenance. The 4WD mode may fail to launch, requiring a mechanic’s attention to revive its functionality. 

The bottom line is to abstain from the Yanmar 1500D if you experience lengthy winter conditions, as launching it will be an uphill task. You may consider upgrading some elements, like the engine and fuel line, a costly affair.

Yanmar YM350

The Yanmar YM350 has good looks, runs well, and has good fuel economy. However, many American owners have lamented the unavailability of spare parts. The YM350 is a Korean model, meaning getting replacement components is almost impossible. Plus, it does not share parts with other models. 

You will have to ground this model if it breaks down and needs upgrades. Additionally, you may need help understanding the user manual as it is in Korean. These troubles are only worth it if you buy this model for display as a collectible.

Yanmar YM455

Like the YM350, the YM455’s target is the Korean consumer base. Do not buy this Yanmar model to avoid the stress of getting spare parts.

The Yanmar YM455 is a rare model. If you must purchase it, do so as a collectible.

Yanmar F22

Many people love the Yanmar F22 due to its rugged appearance, which is a spoiler for its resilience on the field. It is an old model which debuted in 1984 for the Japanese market. Despite targeting Japan, there are plenty in the US.

The primary reason you should avoid this model is the unavailability of some spares, mostly the transmission parts. If lucky, you may find a grounded model with intact parts that you can borrow.

Yanmar YM1110

The YM1110 is another entry on the list of Yanmar tractor models to avoid. Built for the Japanese market, it is rare in the US, a reason why some people fancy it, as it has a decent resale value.

However, do not go for this model, even if you love rare items, as getting replacement parts will be a headache. 

Things To Keep in Mind When Getting a Yanmar Tractor

It is not a secret that Yanmar produces high-quality tractors. Nonetheless, there are several things to keep in mind when you decide to deal with this brand.

First, you should check the target market. Some models target Japanese and Korean markets and are rare in other countries. It is logical to avoid such tractors to save you from the hassles of sourcing spares.

Avoid older models due to the rarity of replacement parts. The older models used old technology, and you realize that most lack power steering. It may be arduous to learn the ropes of such tractors, especially if you are a beginner.

Please run a background check on second-hand Yanmar tractors to have a hint of what to expect when working with them.

Final Remarks

Above are the Yanmar tractor models to avoid if you consider this agricultural utility brand. Most are excellent on the farm and yard but become troublesome when they fail, mainly due to expensive replacements. Pick other Yanmar models apart from the ones highlighted in this piece.