Why Are There So Many Birds in My Yard? Reasons and Fixes

Waking up to birds in your yard sounds like an excerpt from a fairy tale. Back to reality: you will have to contend with heaps of bird droppings and noises. The birds may also trigger reactions from your pets; imagine barks and purrs in the morning.

Why are there so many birds in my yard? Many homeowners have this question when they realize they have unexpected guests in their yards. Birds will frequent your compound for many reasons. We look at these reasons as a crucial step in containing the problem.

Why Are There So Many Birds in My Yard?

There are so many birds in your yard because of food availability. Worms, termites, and tiny insects are a staple for birds. If such insects are abundant in your yard, then birds will camp at that spot. Food leftovers and open trash cans will also attract birds to the yard.

The following are pointers on why the feathered fellows love your yard.

Food and Insects Will Attract Birds to Your Yard

Food attracts animals, and birds are no exception. Birds may spot an abundance of food from their flight, prompting a stopover.

You may have leftovers strewn on the ground from a party or gathering in your yard. You might notice crows, magpies, and ravens tussling over the food remnants. An open trash can also attracts these visitors.

Worms, termites, and other insects will draw birds to your yard. The insects, mostly termites, can be a nuisance, and birds feasting on them is more of a biological control measure. 

Flowers bring birds that feed on their nectar: such birds, like the sunbird and hummingbird, aid in pollination. 

Avians may become pests when they descend on your backyard garden to eat fruits and nuts, spelling losses. Furthermore, expect a flock of birds after grain harvest, as they want their share.

Chicken May Attract Raptors to Your Yard

If you keep chickens, they may attract raptors that prey on them.

Raptors are very patient and will circle the marked territory, waiting for a chance to pounce for the kill.

Water Bodies Near Your Yard Will Attract Birds

Do you have a waterbody around your house? If yes, you have the answer to why there are many birds around your home.

Birds like ducks and geese will take over water bodies like ponds, lakes, pools, and dams. Areas around the water bodies are perfect breeding sites for such avians.

Dead or Dying Animals Will Draw Vultures to Your Yard

Why are there so many birds around my house? If a closer look at the birds reveals that they are vultures, you may have a dead or dying animal nearby.

Vultures are nature’s cleaners, courtesy of their scavenging nature. Carcasses and dying animals draw their attention. You may want to check your compound for dead livestock if you are a farmer. Dead raccoons, squirrels, and other birds are other possible explanations for the scavenger’s presence.

Your Yard Is a Stopover for Migratory Birds

Why are there so many birds in my yard? Your lawn could be a stopover for migratory birds. 

Migratory birds move from one location to another to seek food, escape winter, or look for breeding grounds. They move in large numbers and have several stopovers. Your yard may be a suitable stopover.

As birds move, they need to take a break to refuel before getting back on their migratory trail. Your compound may be ideal due to the presence of food and nesting grounds like your roof or trees.

Do not stress with such birds, as their presence is temporary.

Birds May Use Your Yard To Escape From Predators

Nature is a game of survival, and birds may be predators or prey, depending on the situation. With predators on their backs, avians may feel safe in your lawn.

This might be the case if your yard has several trees or bushes where they may hide until they feel less threatened. As they hide, they may keep busy foraging for food.

How To Keep Birds Off Your Yard

You can employ several measures to keep your yard bird-free. Read on to know how to deal with the avian situation.

Get Rid of Food Sources in Your Yard

What are birds eating in my lawn? We learn that food is a primary reason why birds flock to your compound. Knowing what food attracts the birds will help keep them away.

For instance, if the birds come to your yard to feast on termites and other insects, you should look for ways to get rid of the food. You can destroy the termite hill, which can make your yard unsightly.

Regular mowing of your lawn will do away with the insect shelter. With no place to hide, the birds can feast on them one last time before foraging in other areas.

An insecticide is a worthy option to get rid of stubborn insects. You should know the insects you are dealing with for easy eradication.

Keep Your Compound Clean

A littered compound draws the attention of crows and ravens. Unless you clean up, you must bear with the feathered fellows’ presence.

Always pick up litter after a cookout or party and shut the trash can.

Net Your Garden

If your lush garden is responsible for the bird problem, you may consider netting it.

Use garden netting to cover your farming spot to keep away the pests.

Prune Trees

Trees in your compound may bring birds, as they provide food and roosting areas. Pruning the trees makes them less desirable to the birds.

The result is a drastic population drop in your yard.

Scare The Birds Away

You can scare away unwanted birds by using scarecrows or flags.

Shiny objects like old CDs or silver tape also do an excellent job of keeping your home bird-free. 

Lighting a flashlight or putting large balls in your field to mimic eyes achieves a similar outcome.

Can I Shoot Birds in My Yard?

Do not shoot at the birds, especially native species, due to laws protecting them.

Unprotected birds are mostly non-native species like the house sparrow, rock dove, and European starling. While shooting may scare them and probably kill some, it may cause a disturbance in the neighborhood.

If the bird problem is out of control, a logical move is to contact animal or pest control. While you have to pay for the services, you are sure of professionalism. You will never have to deal with birds in your yard again.

Final Word

Why are there so many birds in my yard? This article answers this question and provides solutions for the situation at hand. Pick a suitable bird control measure and bid the problem goodbye.