5 Most Common Tracker 800SX Problems and How To Fix Them

Side-by-sides are increasingly becoming popular due to their versatility. And among the popular models is the Tracker 800SX. With a 1-ton towing capacity, the 800SX comes in handy when hauling cargo. It’s also perfect for off-roading and farm surveillance.

However, Tracker 800SX is susceptible to certain issues. The most common Tracker 800SX problems are problematic starts, transmission issues, sudden stops, overheating, and brake failure. Most of these issues arise if you neglect entirely to service your side-by-side.

Do you own a troublesome Tracker 800SX? Or maybe you are thinking of purchasing this side-by-side model. Read on as we detail issues you might encounter and how to fix them.

Problematic Start

As a UTV or ATV owner, there is a high chance that you have dealt with a difficult start. It is one of the frequent Tracker 800SX Crew problems, where the UTV may take a long time to start or completely fails.

In most cases, a dead battery or faulty electrical parts are to blame. If you notice clicking sounds when turning the key but the engine fails to crank, the issue might be a broken starter. 

The fuel system is another culprit behind the hard start. You may have inadequate or poor-quality fuel. A blockage in the fuel line will also lead to starting problems. Worn-out spark plugs are another cause of this problem.

The Fix

A dead battery requires jumpstarting or using another battery. If the battery is low on charge, it may indicate a problem with the charging system, calling for its replacement.

Inspect the 800SX wires and other electrical connections and fix them if broken. Don’t forget to clean the terminals to counter the effects of corrosion.

You should replace faulty spark plugs after every 100 hours and go for reputable brands that will serve you for a long time. The same applies to a stubborn starter.

While you can bypass a starter on your side-by-side, it is risky and more of a temporary solution. Get a new starter assembly to manage the starting problem. Use high-quality gas, as Tracker recommends for its utilities. A vacuum pump is handy for a clogged fuel line.

Tracker 800SX Transmission Problems

You can trace some Tracker 800SX problems to the transmission unit. This UTV runs on a continuous variable transmission, which can be troublesome after prolonged use, or due to poor maintenance.

Telltale signs of a failing transmission include irregular shifting, leaking fluid, burning odors, and unusual noises.

Transmission issues in your Tracker side-by-side might arise due to the following:

  • Damaged components
  • Insufficient transmission fluid
  • Low temperature

The Fix

You solve Tracker 800SX shifting problems by ensuring you have sufficient transmission fluid and the system should not leak. Use high-quality fluid, which will retain its fluidity regardless of the temperatures. Finally, repair or replace damaged parts.

Failing Brakes

The braking unit is one of the most overlooked parts when it comes to maintenance, yet it is crucial for the UTV’s operation. Tracker 800SX is prone to brake failure, a drawback you can avoid via regular servicing.

You should check the braking unit if you notice symptoms like difficulty in braking, noises when braking, leaking braking fluid, and the UTV leaning on one side when you brake. You should address the problem promptly as it is risky and affects the driving experience.

The Fix

The braking system is complex and requires professional care. Nevertheless, if you have the relevant experience, you should check for braking fluid levels and refill if low. Leaking fluid calls for the repair of the reservoir. Get new brake pads if braking takes longer or you notice grinding or squeaking sounds when you push the brake pedal.


This Tracker side-by-side runs on a robust, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 3-cylinder gasoline engine with an 812cc displacement. While potent, this engine is the source of some Tracker 800SX problems, like overheating. Hiked engine temperatures might be due to low coolant levels, a faulty fan, or a problematic radiator.

Never drive with an overheating engine, as you may cause further damage. Please turn off the UTV and let it cool before attending to the issue.

The Fix

Usually, the cooling system is the source of overheating, so you start by probing it. Refill the coolant if it is low and thoroughly inspect the radiator, with more attention to the fins. 

Dirty and bent fins clog the radiator, preventing ample circulation. Clean it if it’s dirty, and use a screwdriver or a pair of pliers to rectify bent fins. Tighten the radiator cap, as a loose cap can lead to hiked temperatures.

Check the fan’s functionality and make necessary repairs if it is faulty. Additionally, change the engine oil if it is old or low, and work within the UTV’s carrying and towing limits, as overburdening it may lead to this engine problem.

UTV Stops Suddenly

You may have an empty fuel tank, poor-quality or contaminated fuel, or a blocked fuel line if your Tracker 800SX stops suddenly. Overheating is another cause of this hiccup.

The Fix

Troubleshooting a sudden stop is easy as the hitch primarily originates from the fuel system. Confirm the fuel levels: if you have enough fuel, you might be using low-quality or contaminated gas. You should clean the fuel line and get high-quality gas. Cleaning also helps with clogs. For severe blockage, use a vacuum pump to suck out the foreign material.

Are Tracker UTVs Any Good: Verdict on the 800SX

The 800SX boasts several appealing features, including a quiet idle, a Trailbloc clutch, and impressive towing capability. The features outweigh the mentioned Tracker 800SX problems.

Like any side-by-side, you need to maintain your Tracker 8000SX regularly. Call a professional mechanic to fix complex issues, such as brake failure.