6 Most Common Toro Timemaster Problems and Effective Fixes

The Toro Timemaster is a self-propelled, walk-behind mower for residential homeowners with smaller lawns.

It’s a powerful mower that saves you time while offering clean cuts across your yard. However, this Toro model has several issues that affect its smooth operations. The most common Toro Timemaster problems are starting issues, blades failing to engage, clogged carburetor, loose wheels, clogged fuel cap vent, and transmission problems.

Does your TimeMaster experience any of the mentioned problems? Read on as we detail effective fixes to these issues.

Problematic Starts

The Toro Timemaster has a reliable and simple electric start system. However, the system might experience starting problems with time despite making a few polls. Your mower might have difficulties starting or fail to start at all.

When these problems occur, the engine might spin after turning on the switch. However, the mower won’t produce a spark from the plug to start the engine.

In most cases, this Timemaster problem results from an issue with the cables. A bent or damaged cable is the primary culprit.

Effective fixes:

Inspect the cable to see if it’s bent or damaged. If it appears bent, use a small hammer to straighten it. Then, put the cable in the crook or slot after straightening it.

If the mower doesn’t start after straightening the cable, check if it appears raptured. If so, replace it.

Blades Won’t Engage

Timemaster owners have reported that their mower blades won’t engage, failing to offer even cuts. Some claim the engine stalls while trying to engage the blades.

If your mower blades won’t engage, they might leave huge spots of uncut grass. The leading cause of this problem is engaging the blades too quickly.

Another possible cause could be grass clipping and other debris clogging the blades. Often, wet grass clippings can stick to the deck and the blades. If these clippings pile up, they might clog up the blades and stall out your engine.

Effective fixes:

The best way to address this issue is to check the Toro Timemaster operator’s manual. The manual provides instructions about how to engage the blades slowly. Slow engagements ensure a smooth transition.

Next, clean the blades and mower’s deck to remove any stuck grass clippings. After cleaning all the clippings, check if the paint underneath the deck has come off. If so, spray a corrosion protection and waterproofing product such as silicone spray.

Transmission Problems

Transmission issues are among the most common Toro Timemaster problems. These problems might result from leaks in the system or a loose or worn belt.

If the transmission oil leaks, your engine might overheat and lose power.

A worn or loose belt can result in traction problems as the belt slips. This belt should be tight to provide the required traction on the wheel.

Effective fixes:

If transmission oil leaks from the mower, check what could be causing the leak. Alternatively, take the mower to a repair shop to get the leaking component repaired or replaced. Then, check for a low oil level and add more if necessary.

Check for a loose or glazed-up belt if the transmission issue persists. Replace the belt if it’s loose or damaged. Before reinstalling the new belt, clean any clogged grass and replace the cable. Remember to pay attention when reinstalling other parts like the pulley and the spring.

Clogged Carburetor

A clogged carburetor is a common problem with Toro Timemaster mowers. When the carburetor gets clogged, it might cause the engine to lose power and stall.

Usually, old or bad fuel will clog the carburetor. This problem occurs when you store your mower with gasoline for a long time, especially during winter. The fuel in the tank and the fuel system deteriorates, forming a thick, sticky substance. This substance clogs the carburetor.

Dirty or contaminated fuel can also result in a clogged carburetor. This issue might result from dirt and debris in the fuel line. If you add fresh fuel, it instantly becomes dirty and contaminated and clogs the carburetor.

Effective fixes:

When storing your mower for several months, empty the gasoline from the fuel system.

Alternatively, add an effective fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank and run the mower for a few minutes. This will allow the stabilizer to mix with the fuel and keep it in good condition for many months.

If the above won’t fix a clogged carburetor, empty the fuel from your mower and clean the fuel line. Use carburetor cleaner to remove any clogs. If the issue persists, take the mower to a professional to rebuild or replace the carburetor.

Clogged Fuel Cap Vent

The Timemaster mower features a fuel cap with a vent to allow airflow into the tank. With excessive use for an extended period, the vent gets clogged up and prevents air from flowing into the tank. This problem creates a vapor lock that causes the engine to stall.

Like other Toro Timemaster problems, you can diagnose and fix this issue without the help of a professional.

Start by slightly opening the fuel cap and starting your mower. If the engine runs continuously, the fuel cap has a problem. Inspect the vent for clogs and clean it. Use a small nail or wire to remove any gunk clogging the vent.

Wobbly and Loose Wheels

Some Toro Timemaster owners have encountered problems with their mowers’ wheels. The wheels might wobble or become loose after handling several mowing projects.

Wobbling or loose wheels cause the mower to cut unevenly and become challenging to operate. These problems might result from worn wheel bearings or loose wheel bolts.

Worn wheel bearings might cause a humming or squealing noise.

Effective fixes:

If the wheels wobble while operating, inspect the wheel nuts to see if they’re loose. Tighten them and test your mower. If the wheel bolts appear worn or damaged, replace them.

If the issues persist and cause a squealing or humming noise, remove the wheels and check for worn bearings. Look for compatible wheel bearings from your local repair shop and replace them.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a reliable mower to handle your small yard, the Timemaster is worth the money. This mower is powerful, fast, and convenient to store. However, several Toro Timemaster problems can affect how your mower operates.

If you’ve experienced the above problems with your mower, use our quick fixes to resolve them. Afterward, maintain the mower regularly to ensure it stays in good condition throughout the mowing seasons.