6 Most Common Suzuki King Quad 400 Problems and How to Fix Them

The Suzuki King Quad 400 stands tall for its durability, versatility, and ease of use. One of the reasons this ATV is so popular is its advanced 4WD system.

The Suzuki King Quad 400 has a fully automatic QuadMatic transmission that provides easy shifting and smooth power delivery. But despite this feature, the King Quad 400 is sometimes prone to certain issues. The most common Suzuki King Quad 400 problems are fuel injection, transmission, brake, battery, engine, and throttle problems.

You can resolve some of these issues at home, but others require the help of a professional. Knowing these problems and how they manifest can help you fix them appropriately. Here’s a breakdown of these issues and possible fixes.

Transmission Problems

Transmission problems are common in Suzuki King Quad 400 ATVs. You’ll know you’re dealing with transmission issues if it’s hard shifting gears, especially from a low to a higher gear. This difficulty occurs due to a damaged or worn-out clutch, transmission gear problems, or shift linkage issues.

The solution to this problem depends on its cause. It might include replacing a damaged or worn-out clutch and the shift linkage components.

Transmission issues could also manifest as jerky movements or delays when changing gears. This problem occurs due to low or dirty transmission fluid or clutch problems. Start by checking the fluid levels in your ATV. Refill if necessary.

Next, examine the fluids for any contaminants. If any are present, flush and replace them with clean fluids to ensure your quad ATV runs efficiently.

You could also be dealing with transmission problems if your Suzuki King Quad 400 loses power or accelerates slowly, especially when changing gears. The problem could occur due to clutch issues or dirty/low transmission fluid.

Grinding or whining noises are another sign of transmission problems in your King Quad 400 ATV. This problem occurs due to low transmission fluid, worn-out transmission gears, or worn-out bearings. The wear and absence of transmission fluid result in excessive friction, producing those grinding noises. You can resolve the problem by refilling the transmission fluid and replacing the worn-out components.

Engine Issues

Engine issues are common Suzuki King Quad 400 problems every owner is likely to encounter. Some of these issues are minor. But when ignored, they could cause engine failure.

Overheating is among the leading engine problems you’ll encounter, especially during the hotter months or extended use of the ATV. Overheating occurs due to a clogged radiator, faulty water pump, or faulty thermostat.

To fix the issue, let the engine cool down, then check the radiator for debris or damage. At the same time, check the coolant levels, and ensure it is contaminant-free.

Check the water pump for any signs of damage, including wear or cracks. If it’s damaged or not working, replace the entire water pump. You’ll also need to replace the thermostat if it’s defective.

Your engine might also have issues if the Suzuki King Quad 400 stalls or stops while idling or driving at low speeds. Engine stalling could occur due to a clogged carburetor, dirty air filter, or faulty fuel pump.

Check the carburetor and air filter for dirt and debris. Clean the carburetor and replace the air filter to resolve the problem.

If the fuel pump is the origin of the problem, you could notice excessive noise, difficulties when starting your ATV, and poor fuel economy. You can either repair or replace a faulty fuel pump.

Another common engine problem is losing power. You’ll notice power loss when accelerating or when pulling a heavy load. Your engine could lose power because of clogged fuel or air filters and worn-out spark plugs. Clean the fuel and air filters and replace the worn-out spark plugs.

Rough idling is also a sign of clogged air filters or faulty spark plugs. Replacing both the air filter and spark plugs will solve the problem.

Battery Issues

Suzuki King Quad 400 problems could show up as issues with the battery. The most common battery issues are:

  • A dead battery
  • Charging issues
  • Corroded terminals

Your battery could die because it is too old or weak. If you’ve been using the same battery for years, you should replace it, as it’s likely to have more issues.

You might also experience charging problems or issues with the battery holding charge. The primary causes of this problem are a defective charging system or a damaged battery.

Check whether your charger has a problem by using an external charger. If it charges, you may need to replace the charger. However, if the battery still doesn’t charge, you may have to replace it.

Your battery might not charge if it has low fluid levels. If your battery is refillable, open it and refill the low cells. If not, replace the battery.

Corroded terminals are also common when using the Suzuki King Quad 400. Corrosion on the terminals interferes with the charging and transmission of power to the engine. Cleaning the terminals solves this issue instantly.

Fuel System Issues

The fuel system of the Suzuki King Quad 400 could experience several problems, such as clogged fuel filters, damaged fuel lines, blocked fuel lines, and faulty fuel injectors.

If your ATV has a clogged air filter, you’ll notice issues such as engine stalling, problems starting your ATV, and decreased performance. Cleaning or replacing the clogged fuel filter should resolve the problem.

Another fuel system issue in the Suzuki King Quad 400 is blocked or damaged fuel lines. Blocked fuel lines limit the fuel reaching the engine, causing performance issues. Start by identifying the location of the clog and remove it with pressurized air or cleaner fluid. You must, however, replace damaged fuel lines.

Suzuki King Quad 400 fuel injection problems prevent the engine from receiving sufficient fuel to run the ATV. It can cause additional issues such as poor fuel economy, losing power when accelerating, engine stalling, and overheating.

Clogging is the most common reason fuel injectors fail. You can resolve and prevent recurring problems by cleaning with a fuel injector cleaner. If they still don’t work, then you might replace them.

Throttle Problems

The throttle controls how much air and fuel get into the engine. Throttle issues can cause several Suzuki King Quad 400 problems, such as poor performance, excessive fuel consumption, rough idling, stalling, and accelerating problems.

You could experience throttle issues such as a sticking throttle, damaged cable, and malfunctioning throttle sensor.

The throttle could stick due to worn-out cables or limited lubrication in the throttle. It could also occur due to tangled cables. If you’re experiencing this problem, try lubricating the cables. However, if they are old, replace them. You could also check whether the screws of the throttle housing are too tight, then loosen them to prevent sticking.

The throttle cable could also be damaged, thus preventing it from working effectively. The damage could be due to cracks or wear and tear. Replace damaged throttle cables to restore effective function.

The throttle position sensor of the Suzuki King Quad 400 could cause problems if it malfunctions. The faulty throttle sensor might trigger slow acceleration, engine light flashes, problems changing gears, and low fuel economy. You’ll need a new throttle position sensor if your current one malfunctions.

Brake Issues

Brake issues are also common Suzuki King Quad 400 problems. One of the problems is worn brake pads. When the brake pads wear out, they could cause issues such as reduced stopping power and longer stopping distances. Worn-out brake systems are a safety hazard, especially in emergency braking situations. Therefore, you should replace the brakes as soon as you detect wear.

Another common brake issue is low brake fluid levels. Without sufficient brake fluid, your brakes will feel spongy. It will also take longer to stop your ATV. Low brake fluid could occur either because you haven’t refilled it or due to faulty brake lines. Start by refilling the brake fluid to the recommended level and checking the brake lines for any damage or air.

Brake problems could also occur due to malfunction in the brake components. Components such as brake calipers, master cylinders, and brake rotors could malfunction due to corrosion, old brake fluid, and debris. When these components malfunction, you may notice the following:

  • Squealing brakes
  • Spongy brakes
  • It takes longer to stop the ATV after braking
  • Your ATV leans on one side when braking
  • Vibrations when you press the brake pedal
  • Leaking brake fluid
  • Smoke from the wheel
  • Dragging brakes

You’ll need to replace the brake components if they malfunction. Make sure you bleed the brake system to remove any trapped air bubbles.

Suzuki King Quad 400 Problems Are Inevitable

While the Suzuki King Quad 400 is a reliable and durable ATV, it’s not immune to mechanical problems. Some of these are normal with the ATV’s aging, while some arise from poor maintenance. Regular maintenance can prevent some of the issues or reduce their severity. It’s advisable to address each problem as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs.