6 Most Common SSR Bison 400 Problems + Fixes

The Bison 400 by SSR Motorsports is a mid-performing side-by-side. It’s one of the most inexpensive UTVs on the market but has features and accessories common in top-of-the-line utility vehicles. This UTV provides enough power and excellent maneuverability to handle rough terrains and hillsides.

However, the Bison 400 has several issues you should consider before purchasing. The most reported SSR Bison 400 problems are loud engine noise, gear shifting problems, excessive heat, annoying beeping sounds, wide turning radius, and engine stalling. So, what should you do if you encounter these problems?

Herein, I dissect these issues and effective troubleshooting techniques.

Gear Shifting Problems

Utility vehicles handling rough terrains are more likely to experience problems within the transmission system. The SSR Bison 400 is not an exception. Many owners have encountered issues shifting gears after using this UTV for an extended period.

The shifter may skip or get stuck in gear and prove challenging to navigate the terrain. Sometimes, the gear won’t shift into Park despite applying too much force. You may have to leave your side-by-side in gear when turning it off.

You may also hear a grinding noise while shifting gears. This noise indicates several issues, including insufficient or contaminated transmission fluid. If your UTV gears stick and grind while shifting, the shift cable could also be defective.

Before checking for faulty parts, ensure your SSR Bison 400 has enough transmission fluid. You can top off the reservoir with fresh fluid if necessary. However, if the fluid is dirty/contaminated, change it. Sufficient transmission fluid will lubricate moving parts and prevent gear sticking and grinding.

If the sticking and grinding issue persists, examine the shift cable. The cable tends to become loose or misadjusted due to vibrations and bumpy rides. Locate and tighten the nut holding this cable in place if it’s loose. When tightening the nut, ensure to adjust the cable correctly.

Engine Stalling

Another common problem with this side-by-side is the engine stalling after running for a while. The SSR Bison 400’s engine may stall due to the riding conditions or improper maintenance. If you regularly ride the vehicle on dusty trails, your engine is more likely to stall if not cared for.

Dust and debris from the trails can clog the air intake and fuel system, causing the engine to choke. The engine may experience several performance issues, including stalling.

The air filter is the first culprit you should inspect. It gets clogged over time and restricts airflow. If the engine doesn’t receive sufficient air, it’ll run rich and stall. A thorough cleaning or replacement of the blocked filter can fix this issue.

Next, check the fuel lines and filter for grime buildup. If blocked, these parts won’t allow sufficient fuel flow, thus causing the engine to run lean. Cleaning the fuel lines and replacing the fuel filter will help.

Loud Engine Noise

Some SSR Bison 400 problems are not a result of excessive use or the operator’s fault. Whether new or old, your side-by-side will make excessive engine noise while riding. The noise will be worse in the cabin, especially at higher speeds.

This UTV has many plastic parts around the cab area that amplify the engine noise. You’ll find making phone calls or conversing with your passenger while riding hard.

If this noise is a bother, consider installing sound-deadening materials. A mechanic can help you choose the most effective materials and install them around the engine and under the seats. These materials will decrease engine noise drastically.

Loose or broken plastic components will intensify the noise within the cab area. Tighten any loose plastic parts or replace them if damaged. Lastly, drive at lower speeds when conversing with your passenger to avoid noise distraction.

Annoying Beeping Sounds

Apart from the engine noise, this UTV makes irritating beeps when utilizing the turn signal or reversing. This beeping noise can annoy some riders since it sounds more like loud ringing than the usual beeps.

So, what can you do if you don’t want to hear the beeping noise while reversing or using the turn signals?

The beeper in this UTV is a safety feature used when turning or reversing. It warns other drivers or passers-by of your side-by-side moving in reverse or making a turn. Beepers are more useful in large trucks with several blind spots.

The compact size of the SSR Bison 400 doesn’t necessarily need beepers. Moreover, most people use this UTV in farms and fields with fewer people and vehicles. To address this issue, locate the beeper underneath the hood and unplug it. Doing so will disable the turn and reverse signals.

Excessive Heat in Cabin

An overly hot cabin is among the most reported SSR Bison 400 problems. Heat will accumulate in the cab area, making riding uncomfortable, especially during the warmer months. If you’re driving long distances, the cabin may become excessively hot to enjoy the trip.

The most common causes of this heat are the overheated engine or the hot air from the radiator. This heat tends to find its way into the cab. When looking for ways to alleviate this heat, examine the engine and radiator to see if they’re overheating.

Fix any problem causing the engine to overheat. You can top off the coolant reservoir and clean the radiator.

Next, install a heat shield under and behind the UTV’s seats. You can adjust the windshield to allow more air circulation in the cab area. Thankfully, this side-by-side has a foldable windshield you can adjust at your convenience.

Wide Turning Radius

If you prefer riding your UTV on tight trails, the turning radius of the SSR Bison 400 is something you’ll want to consider. It’s a small 2-seater side-by-side ideal for adventure seekers interested in compact UTVs.

However, this utility vehicle has a wide turning radius. It’s, therefore, not suitable for tight trails and sharp corners. You’ll struggle to navigate tight trails with corners, leading to more fatigue.

Unfortunately, this is a manufacturer’s issue you can’t modify. However, there are several ways to mitigate the problem. For instance, you can choose ideal trails with less sharp corners to ride your vehicle.

Then, ensure the tires are properly inflated and balanced. Moreover, you can take your UTV to a professional mechanic to upgrade the steering system. Doing all these will help you steer your Bison 400 easily on tight trails.

SSR Bison 400 Problems

Are SSR Bison 400 Problems a Deal Breaker?

Although the SSR Bison 400 has several issues, it can be an excellent utility vehicle for beginners and seasoned riders. Its price tag is one of the best factors to consider if you want to save some bucks. But even at a more affordable price, this side-by-side has more to offer regarding features and accessories.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to deal with several Bison 400 issues, whether new or old. You can troubleshoot some of these problems at home or take the UTV to a repair shop for modifications.