6 Most Reported Scag Tiger Cat 2 Problems and Expert Fixes

The Scag Tiger Cat 2 combines power and maneuverability to deliver clean cuts. You can use it to navigate tight spaces or tackle rough terrains without compromising the cut quality. This mid-sized zero-turn mower has all the perks available in high-end mowers. Most people love this zero-turn due to its revolutionary Velocity Plus cutter deck that offers manicured cuts despite the ground speed. 

However, Scag Tiger Cat 2’s amazing features and capabilities don’t make it 100 percent perfect. The most common Scag Tiger Cat 2 problems are starting difficulties, power loss, PTO clutch failure, slow cut speed, excessive vibrations, and hydro belt issues.

Do you own a problematic Scag Tiger Cat 2? Herein is a detailed guide to help you fix your Scag mower.

Engine Not Starting

Every lawnmower owner will encounter problems starting the engine at least once. But if your Scag Tiger Cat 2 experiences starting difficulties more often, you should find the cause.

Ensure you’ve disengaged the parking brake and the PTO switch is off. You must also ensure the flywheel and electromagnetic coil air gap is around 0.010 to 0.015 inches.

Check the spark plug if the zero-turn mower fails to start after adjusting the above. A loose, corroded, or blown spark plug doesn’t ignite the fuel to start the engine. Tightening and cleaning the plug can resolve the issue. If you find a blown or broken spark plug, replace it.

Contaminated fuel can also trigger starting problems. Contaminants such as water, rust, and organic matter cause fuel to deteriorate and lose its effectiveness. Check the fuel in the tank and drain it if it looks discolored. Clean the lines before refilling the tank with fresh gasoline.

Check for defects in the electrical components, such as the battery, cables, and connections. Clean the battery terminals and tighten any loose terminal cables. If the cables look worn, replace them to prevent the chances of electrical shorts. If you have a bad battery that won’t charge, replace it.

Losing Power

Some Scag Tiger Cat 2 owners complain that their mowers start smoothly, but the engine bogs down after a while. The RPMs will drop gradually, and a check engine light pops up on the dash.

This problem may occur despite having the throttle and choke cables in perfect condition. The mower will lose power and may eventually stall despite having a clean air filter and sufficient fuel. So, what could be the cause?

If you’ve checked all the above and they all seem perfect, inspect the spark plug for carbon buildup. A corroded plug provides weak sparks, thus causing an incomplete combustion. You can use 220-grit sandpaper or brake fluid to remove the buildup. Cleaning and tightening the plug can resolve the issue.

A malfunctioning O2 sensor could also be to blame if your mower loses power while running. If the sensor is defective, it’ll disrupt the air-fuel ratio, causing the engine to lose power. Replacing this sensor can help fix the problem.

Hydro Belt Breaking

Hydro belt breaking is one of the most reported Scag Tiger Cat 2 problems. In fact, this is a major reason many people are reluctant to buy this mower.

The hydro belt drives various components in your mower, including the power steering pump. If the belt snaps out of position or breaks, it’ll leave you without power steering, among other issues. This belt doesn’t last a lifetime, but it shouldn’t break or get damaged too often.

 Unfortunately, this mower’s hydro belt will break after several hours of cutting grass. This manufacturing fault will cost you a lot since you’ll keep replacing the belt.

The belt is put under excessive load due to a design flaw regarding the sizes of TC1 and TC2. That’s why the belt wears out quickly and breaks without a warning.

Installing a high-quality hydro belt may give you more hours of operation. But if this issue is a bother, take your mower to the dealer for help.

PTO Clutch Failure

PTO clutch not engaging or disengaging is a problem most Scag Tiger Cat 2 owners encounter over time. The PTO clutch needs to engage the blades when cutting your lawn. If the clutch is defective, you may find engaging or disengaging the blades difficult.

The possible culprit is the clutch cable. A broken or loose clutch cable connection will cause the clutch not to work. This issue may cause your mower to overheat and stall. Check the cable connection to the engine and tighten it. You’ll need to replace the clutch cable if worn or damaged.

Inadequate lubricant can cause the clutch to get stuck, causing the clutch not to engage or disengage. Before checking the oil level, ensure no objects obstruct the clutch’s movement. Then, check the oil level and top it off if it’s low.

Cutting Speed Issues

The Scag Tiger Cat 2 features two steel blades with a cutting speed reaching up to 15 mph. This is good enough speed to deliver a clean finish on larger lawns.

Unfortunately, the blades will likely slow down and fail to cut as quickly as expected. The slow cutting speed is one of the Scag Tiger Cat 2 problems that may result from improper maintenance. For example, dull blades will struggle to cut grass and slow down. Sharpening the blades with a file can resolve the issue.

The mower deck could also be to blame, particularly if mounted incorrectly. This deck will keep the blades unbalanced and reduce cutting speed. Balancing the deck and blades can resolve this problem.

Wet grass is bad news for mower blades. The blades will struggle to cut correctly, resulting in uneven cuts. It’s best to mow your lawn when the grass is dry.

Excessive Mower Vibration

Like other mowers, your Scag Tiger Cat 2 parts will become loose over time. Loose parts create vibrations while the mower is running. If not addressed on time, excessive vibration can cause failure to various components.

The leading cause of vibrations in this mower is loose blades. It’s not uncommon for the blades to get loose due to excessive use. Moreover, the blades may get bent or damaged, causing more vibration. You can address this by tightening the loose bolts with a torque wrench.

If the blades look bent, try straightening them with an angle grinder. You’ll need to install new blades if the current ones look damaged beyond repair.

Besides the blades, dirt or debris caught under the deck can increase vibration while mowing. Clean the deck to remove any stuck debris. Then, inspect the blade belt and replace it if it looks worn. Lastly, tighten all the loose nuts and bolts around the mower.

Scag Tiger Cat 2 problems

Are Scag Tiger Cat 2 Problems a Deal Breaker?

Scag Tiger Cat 2 issues are not a deal breaker, and it’s easy to see why. Despite these issues, the mower is famous for its power and maneuverability. You can use it to handle small or large-sized lawns without sacrificing quality. Additionally, this mower is reliable, comfortable, and durable.

There are several ways to troubleshoot each problem facing the Tiger Cat 2. Alternatively, you can visit your dealer or local mechanic to help you address daunting issues.