How to Clear Oil Change Required Message in Jeep

The Jeep Cherokee has a way of notifying users about an oil change service that’s due. Your car will produce a single chime and display the “Oil Change Required” message on its cluster screen. Performing the oil change service is a crucial step in clearing this message.

However, the message might keep flashing long after changing the oil. In other instances, the oil change required message might display in between oil change intervals. So, how do you clear this oil change required Jeep message?

This article explores two methods of clearing the oil change required message. You’ll also know the best time to change the oil in your Jeep Cherokee.

How to Clear Oil Change Required Jeep Cherokee

When your Jeep Cherokee oil life indicator keeps flashing the oil change message, don’t panic because this happens more often. Luckily, you can quickly clear the message and proceed with your ride without a message on the dashboard distracting you.

We’ll cover the two common methods used to clear this message.

Method 1: Use the Instrument Cluster Display

This method requires you to access and use the instrument cluster display to clear the message. Use these steps to get the job done:

  • Put the gear in the “Park” position. When shifting your gear to the “Park/P” position, ensure you’ve closed all the doors.
  • Turn your Jeep Cherokee ignition in the ON/RUN position. To achieve this, press the “Start/Stop” button twice and ensure your foot is off the brake. When pressing the button, avoid starting the engine.
  • Use the instrument cluster display to navigate to the “Oil Life” sub-menu. The buttons (arrow controls) on the steering wheel’s left side will help you navigate the vehicle info section to select the “Oil Life” option.
  • Press and hold the OK button. After selecting the “Oil Life” option, you’ll use the “OK” button on the steering wheel’s left side to reset the oil life gauge. You must keep holding the button until the gauge resets to 100%.
  • Restart your Jeep Cherokee. Turn off the ignition first and start the engine. If you’ve successfully reset the oil life gauge, you won’t see the oil change required message again.

Method 2: Use the OEM-Recommended Steps

A few steps are available for clearing the oil change notification on all Jeep models. So, if the oil change required Jeep Cherokee message appears, these steps will help clear it:

  • Put the gear in the “Park/P” position.
  • Press the “Start/Stop” button to turn the car into the ON/RUN position. Ensure your foot is off the brake while doing this. Remember not to start the engine.
  • Slowly depress and release the car’s accelerator pedal three times. You should complete the process within 10 seconds.
  • Turn the Cherokee ignition off. Then start the engine to check if you’ve successfully cleared the oil change required message.

Whether you use the first or second method, the indicator message should not reappear after starting the engine. If the message illuminates again, you didn’t conduct a successful reset. Use either method to repeat the process until you clear the oil change required message.

If the message doesn’t clear after several attempts with these methods, consult your Cherokee user’s manual to understand how to remove the message. Alternatively, contact the dealership or a professional mechanic for assistance.

When Should You Change Your Jeep Cherokee’s Oil?

The best time to perform an oil change service on your Cherokee is before it gives the “Oil Change Required” message. Check your car’s manual to determine when to change the oil. This is because oil change intervals vary depending on the engine type.

It’s also worth noting that your Cherokee features a duty-based oil change indicator system. That means oil change intervals will fluctuate depending on your driving habits. For example, an oil change might be required if you drive your Cherokee for more miles than usual.

If you have an older Jeep version, you must change the oil more often. These old vehicles rely on conventional motor oil that needs changing frequently. If you’re unsure when to change the oil in your Jeep, reach out to your dealership for help.

When To Reset Your Jeep Oil Life Indicator

A few situations require you to reset the car’s oil life indicator. These situations include:

  • After seeing the “Oil Change Required” message: If the message pops up on the cluster screen, resetting will help clear it. Use the methods provided above to reset the indicator.
  • After changing the oil: If you’ve changed the oil before the warning message, you can reset the oil life indicator. Doing so helps the system to begin monitoring oil quality from that time.
  • After driving many miles: Going on a long trip causes the engine oil to degrade. If the oil is still effective, reset the oil life indicator to prevent the warning message from popping up.
  • After driving in harsh conditions: If you went on a trip on dusty roads or hot weather, reset the oil life indicator. Doing so will help prevent the oil change required Jeep message from popping up sooner than expected.
  • After using a different oil type: It’s always advisable to use the recommended oil for your Jeep Cherokee. However, you can use an effective alternative if you can’t access the recommended oil. After using this oil, reset the oil life indicator to see how it performs from that point.
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Below are responses to commonly asked questions about Jeep oil.

How long does Jeep oil last?

Synthetic oil in your Jeep Cherokee should last 7,500-10,000 miles before you consider changing it. The oil change intervals will vary depending on driving conditions and habits. On the other hand, conventional oils last from 3,000-5,000 miles.

Can I still drive my car if it says oil change required?

You can drive your car for an extra week or 500 miles after the oil change required message appears on the display. However, don’t drive more than that to avoid severe mechanical damage. It’s advisable to change the oil soonest to avoid damaging the engine.

Does the Jeep Cherokee leak oil?

The Jeep Cherokee leaks oil over time due to an oil system component failure. Moreover, worn or damaged components, such as gaskets, can cause oil to leak. Replace the worn or damaged parts or take the Cherokee to a professional mechanic to fix the leaking parts.

Final Thoughts

An oil change required Jeep message occurs when the oil change service is due. The indicator notification can be annoying and distracting when it appears on the cluster screen. When this message pops up, use the two methods provided to clear it. Check the manual or contact the dealership for assistance if the message fails to clear.