7 Common Mahindra XTV 750 Problems and Effective Fixes

Mahindra XTV 750 is a powerful utility vehicle that can tow up to 952 kg. However, this UTV isn’t completely reliable, as it’s reported to have several issues. The most common Mahindra XTV 750 problems are hard starts, electrical issues, fuel complications, battery problems, loose bolts, brake issues, and belt problems.

Below is a detailed breakdown of common Mahindra XTV 750 issues and how to fix them.

Hard Starts

Mahindra XTV 750 starter problems are common among most owners. Difficult starting results from low battery charge, faulty ignition, contaminated fuel, or clogged air filters. 

A low charge means the UTV won’t have sufficient power to ignite. Use a multimeter to check the battery’s voltage and charge it if it’s below 12V.

Damaged ignition makes starting difficult because the engine requires a spark from the ignition. Dirt and wearing out are the leading causes of ignition issues. Replacing defective spark plugs and cleaning dirty ones will solve the problem. 

Hard starts can occur due to contaminated fuel. Poor-quality fuel freezes in low temperatures, causing fuel blockage. Blockage reduces the power reaching the engine, making starting a challenge. Stick to the recommended high-quality fuel to avoid this inconvenience.

Clogged air filters restrict the entry of sufficient air, causing the engine to strain and produce white smoke. Regularly clean and oil your Mahindra’s air filters for smooth starts.

Electrical Issues

Mahindra XTVs are prone to electrical problems from time to time. These UTVs’ battery cables quickly burn due to a wrong connection. A burning plastic smell and smoke are signs of electrical issues.

Always connect the positive cables first when installing the battery to prevent electrical issues. Negative cables are the ground wires. Connecting them first means the metal tools will complete the circuit when connecting the positive cables, resulting in sparks and fires in the worst cases.

When disconnecting cables, start with the negatives to avoid shorting bare metallic parts. Replace burnt cables for improved performance.

Fuel Issues

Mahindra XTV 750’s have several fuel problems. The most prominent of these issues is leaking. Fuel hoses are prone to leaking due to excessive vibrations. Monitor them regularly and tighten them when necessary.

Clogging is another fuel issue in the Mahindra XTV 750. These UTVs have coated steel tanks. Diesel corrodes the coating, creating solid residues that clog fuel lines and injectors. Grit-contaminated diesel also contributes to residue buildup.

Regularly refilling the tank prevents running the residue-filled fuel at the bottom, minimizing the blocking of fuel lines and injectors.

Rusting fuel tanks are a common problem among Mahindra UTVs. To prevent this problem, keep the tank full even during the off-season. A full tank reduces the air concentration, inhibiting rusting.

Fuel discoloration also affects Mahindra UTVs. Coolant leaking into the fuel tank through faulty head gaskets is the primary cause of this problem. Replace defective head gaskets to prevent further contamination.

Mahindra XTV 750 Battery Problems

Mahindra XTV 750 is susceptible to several battery issues. These UTVs use inferior battery cable connectors, which erode over time. If your UTV’s battery is malfunctioning, you should check if all cables are in the best condition.

Due to the vehicle’s intense vibrations, lead acid tends to sip out of the batteries onto the tray and cables, causing corrosion. Replace all corroded battery parts for better performance.

Your XTV’s battery may also die after activities that require high RPMs. Faulty regulators are the leading cause of this issue. Check and replace these mechanical parts if defective.

Loose Bolts

Loose bolts are among the most common Mahindra XTV 750 problems. This issue results from the Kohler diesel engine’s excessive vibrations when idle.

Mahindra XTV mechanical parts have little Loctite, hence susceptible to loosening after some time. To fix this problem, pull out the loose bolts and apply Loctite on each one before screwing them back tightly.

Loctite prevents loosening from vibrations, curbs corrosion, and enhances the vehicle’s reliability. You can take the utility vehicle to the dealer for free fixing if still under warranty.

Mahindra XTV 750 Brake Issues

Brake complications are inevitable in Mahindra XTVs. These utility vehicles are heavy and take a while to stop. The weight places a lot of pressure on the brakes, causing them to break down.

Faulty throttle sticks also cause brake difficulties. These parts may freeze and misbehave in low temperatures. Dirt buildup also affects the throttle. Clean, lubricate, and adjust its wires for smooth braking.

Mahindra XTV 750 Belt Problems

Mahindra XTV drive belts transmit energy from the engine to the transmission. After a while, these parts wear out and malfunction, leading to difficult starting and stalling.

Inspect your UTV’s drive belt regularly and change it when it shows wear and tear signs like breaks, cracks, missing cogs, abrasion, and flat spots.

Curbing Mahindra XTV 750 Problems

Your Mahindra XTV 750, like all other UTVs, requires regular servicing and maintenance to prevent constant breakdown. Below are essential tips to follow when maintaining your Mahindra XTV 750.

  • Add coolant regularly – Although getting to this vehicle’s coolant is challenging, you should monitor and refill it regularly. Check if the radiator cap is in tip-top condition while at it.
  • Change the oil and filters frequently –  You should monitor the oil levels and change the filters if they are dirty before heading out. This prevents stalling inconveniences and ensures fuss-free operations.
  • Clean or replace air filters – Clogged air filters cause the engine to strain. Always clean the buildup gunk or replace it if cleaning is impossible.
  • Lubricate fittings – Lubricate fittings on your UTV’s pivot points. Use a grease gun for easy and effective application.
  • Replace spark plugs – Spark plugs wear out with time and malfunction. Monitor and switch these when necessary for better performance.
  • Keep tires in good shape – Your UTV is prone to malfunction when using underinflated or overinflated tires. Use the pressure gauge to measure your tractor’s tire’s pressure before setting off.
  • Change the belt – Although this vehicle’s drive belt can survive a lot of wear and tear, change it regularly for better operations.

Mahindra XTV 750 Review

The Mahindra XTV 750 has several excellent features. This gas-model utility vehicle has leather seats that stay in good shape regardless of the weather or operation type. Their shifters are reverse low and high, meaning you can switch gears swiftly.

These Mahindra utility vehicles use one of two engines; the 7500cc petrol Kohler engine or the 1000cc  diesel Kohler engine. Both engines produce more than 25 horsepower, hence quite powerful and reliable. The featured fuel tanks have a capacity of thirty-four liters, ideal for long rides.

Combined with a continuously variable transmission with high, low, reverse, and park settings, the Mahindra XTV is easy to use. You can directly select the four-wheel drive and diff lock using a toggle switch on this vehicle’s dashboard. Thus, ideal for steep terrain. Its solid steel chassis is stable enough to carry a large cargo of about 545kg, which is quite impressive for a small vehicle.


Mahindra XTV 750 problems affect the brake, fuel tank, electrical components, bolts, battery, and belt. However, these issues shouldn’t stop you from purchasing this UTV, as it has remarkable features. Follow the quick fixes in this post to get the most out of this utility vehicle.