7 Most Common Lectric XP Problems and How to Fix Them

Lectric XP is a popular e-bike prized for its easier pedaling, smooth rides, and foldable design.

It’s an affordable and durable e-bike that can help commuters cover longer distances with less effort. However, this e-bike has several problems you should be aware of. The most common Lectric XP problems are the battery taking longer to charge, weighing a lot, failing to remain folded, a non-adjustable handlebar, unreliable suspension, and poor lighting.

Lectric XP’s website provides a troubleshooting guide for solving most problems you experience with your bike. Alternatively, you can contact the brand’s customer support to help you find a solution.

But if you want to fix your e-bike faster, knowing how to solve most problems yourself is necessary. Read on to learn how to fix the most common issues with your Lectric XP e-bike.

The Key Must Remain in the Ignition When Riding

If you want to start riding, insert the key into the ignition to power the e-bike. After turning on the power, the key must remain in the ignition for you to keep riding.

At a glance, this is a valuable security feature that protects Lectric XP bikes against theft. However, most people might feel uncomfortable riding the bike at 20mph. This is especially true considering the location of the ignition.

Lectric XP e-bike’s ignition is at the bottom of the frame (single tubing), extending from the bike’s front to its back. That’s unlike many other e-bikes that have the ignition on the handlebars. When riding your XP bike, you might worry about the key falling out as it dangles at the bottom.

Additionally, powering the bike is less convenient for most riders. You must reach the bottom of the frame, locate the ignition, insert the key, and turn on the power. If you have joint discomfort, you’ll find it challenging to bend, access the ignition and power your bike.

How to Fix:

Unfortunately, the manufacturer installed Lectric XP’s ignition under the frame. So, there’s nothing to do to solve this issue.

Handlebar Not Adjustable

Some Lectric XP bikes feature handlebars that can only be raised or lowered depending on the rider’s preference. Such bikes are more convenient for taller riders. However, if you’re short or less flexible, the reach of this handlebar may compromise your comfort.

Unlike many other e-bikes, you can’t adjust the handlebar towards you for easier reach. It seems the manufacturer designed these bikes without shorter riders in mind.

As a short rider, you must lean forward to reach the handlebar. If you’re riding longer distances, the ride can be uncomfortable, and you might suffer from lower back pain.

How to Fix:

Before purchasing your Lectric XP model, consider which handlebar suits you. You can be okay with an adjustable or non-adjustable handlebar if you’re taller. However, if you’re a shorter rider, choose an e-bike whose handlebar is adjustable beyond lowering and raising its handlebar mast.

If you already have an XP bike whose handlebar isn’t adjustable, consult a professional mechanic to see if it’s possible to modify the handlebar mast. Remember that adjusting the handlebar mast can change its original appearance and cause the warranty to be invalidated.

The Battery Takes Longer to Charge

Charging issues are among the most common Lectric XP problems. The battery powers your eBike, allowing for easier pedaling when climbing hills or hitting longer distances. For the battery to work efficiently, you must charge it before starting your journey.

Unfortunately, the Lectric XP’s battery takes longer to get fully charged. Typically the bike’s 48V 9.6Ah (460.8Wh) battery takes approximately 4-6 hours to charge to full capacity. If you’re short on time, waiting more than four hours for a low-capacity battery to become fully charged can cause concern.

Higher-capacity batteries in other e-bikes can attain a full charge in less time. For example, the 48V 15Ah (720Wh) in Aventon Aventure e-bikes can achieve a full charge in approximately 4-5 hours.

Other batteries, such as the 52V 19.2Ah pack in Ripcurrent S e-bikes, are two times more powerful than the Lectric XP battery. The Ripcurrent S battery requires less than eight hours to charge fully.

How to Fix:

Manufacturers install batteries that are compatible with specific e-bikes. You can purchase a fast charger to cut the charging time by half. Alternatively, consult a professional to know whether you can replace the Lectric XP battery with a more powerful and compatible model.

The Bike Unfolds Itself When Folded

You can fold your Lectric XP e-bike for easier carriage and storage. However, this bike won’t stay folded because it lacks a mechanism that prevents unfolding.

Carrying or storing the bike can be unpleasant if it won’t stay folded. One may wonder why the manufacturer failed to consider installing a mechanism that holds the two halves in place.

How to Fix:

No one wants to keep holding the two halves of their e-bikes together during carriage. Thankfully, you can use Velcro straps to keep both halves in place after folding.

Not Ideal for Off-Roading

When looking into the Lectric XP problems, it’s necessary to consider how the bike performs on different terrains.

This e-bike doesn’t have reliable suspension to dominate uneven terrain with larger bumps. Its suspension fork is best suited for 40mm of travel to absorb smaller bumps. The bike is designed to perform decently on paved roads, the urban jungle, and light trails.

How to Fix:

Unfortunately, there’s little you can do to make your Lectric XP ideal for rough terrains with larger bumps. Keep the tires properly inflated if you must maneuver rugged trails. Riding your bike over larger bumps requires higher tire pressure to prevent the risk of pinch flats.

Poor Lighting

The standard headlight on Lectric XP e-bikes is not bright enough to illuminate far at night. You might hit objects or fall into ditches when riding the bike at night.

The bike’s rear light also doesn’t flash when you apply the brakes. If you ride ahead of motorists at night, they won’t know when you apply brakes. This can put you at risk of accidents.

How to Fix:

If you ride your XP eBike at night, replace the standard headlight with a brighter version. To ensure you have a compatible headlight, install the premium headlight from Lectric eBikes. This headlight offers twice the output of the brand’s standard headlight.

It is Heavy

Despite being a foldable e-bike, the Lectric XP weighs a lot, thanks to its bulky components. Your bike will weigh up to 64 lbs. depending on the model.

An average e-bike weighs between 40 and 50 pounds. Even if you can fold your XP eBike, 64 lbs. is quite heavy to pick up.

How to Fix:

If your e-bike feels too bulky, remove the rear rack to make it lighter. However, this may only help a little because the rack weighs less than three pounds. If you prefer a lighter e-bike, the XP Lite can be a better choice. This bike weighs 46 lbs. but can be smaller for taller riders.

Design-Related Issues

Most Lectric XP problems are design-related, and you can do less to fix them. If you can’t fix the problem, consult a professional to see if there’s something they can do. Alternatively, contact the brand’s customer support for help. Maintain your e-bike by cleaning and lubricating it regularly.