Lawn Bagger vs Sweeper: Which One Should You Use?

A lawn bagger vs sweeper, which tool should you use on your lawn? You can use both tools to collect debris from a lawn, but they work in different ways.

Lawn baggers are larger and more powerful, making them ideal for large properties or for people who need to remove a lot of debris from their lawns regularly. Lawn sweepers are smaller and less powerful, but they can be more convenient for people with smaller lawns or those who don’t want to use a riding mowers.

What Is a Lawn Bagger?

A lawn bagger is a device you can use to collect grass and debris from your lawn. It is an accessory added to a lawn mower and can be purchased online or at most big-box stores. The lawn bagger is made of plastic or nylon. Some are constructed with wheels that allow them to move easily over rough terrain.

Baggers don’t have any unique technology or moving parts. They rely on the motion of the lawn mower to redirect debris and clippings to their collection bag.  Advanced lawn bagger models use vacuum sanctions to do the job best. Others come fitted with choppers to ensure a lot of debris fits in their bags before a replacement is needed.

Lawn Bagger Pros

  • Available in various sizes and varieties
  • No maintenance needed
  • No special skills are needed to operate a lawn bagger
  • Can clean up multiple types of debris
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to store

Lawn Bagger Cons

  • Collection ability might be affected by wind and rain
  • It relies on the lawn mower to pick up trash
  • Prone to clogging
Lawn Bagger Attached to a John Deere D950A

What Are Lawn Sweepers?

Let’s examine lawn sweepers in this lawn bagger vs sweeper section. Lawn sweepers are designed to help you clean up after muddy dog walks, snow days, and other events that leave dirt and debris on your lawn. Lawn sweepers have three main parts, a rotating brush, a bag, and a handle.

The bag traps all the debris that you sweep into it. It usually has an opening at the top, so you can add more material if necessary. The handle lets you carry the bag around as needed. The brush sweeps grass clippings and other debris and deposits them into the bag. 

Lawn sweepers come in various sizes, shapes, and types. They are often used for commercial properties like office buildings or schools where many people walk around littering daily.

They’re also useful for homeowners who want to keep their grass looking great but don’t have time to mow regularly due to work schedules or other obligations (like being parents).

Lawn Sweeper Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Picks up any debris
  • It doesn’t need frequent maintenance
  • Available in various sizes and types

Lawn Sweeper Cons

  • A lawn sweeper needs a lot of storage space
  • Leaves collected might be dispersed by the wind
  • It doesn’t perform optimally on bumpy lawns
Lawn Sweeper

Lawn Bagger vs Sweeper: Comparison

Lawn baggers and sweepers are two of the most common forms of lawn care equipment. They both work to clean up your yard, but which is better? Let’s take a look at the lawn bagger and sweeper comparison.

Operating Mechanism

Lawn baggers and sweepers operate in different ways. Baggers are attached to lawn mowers to collect grass and debris. The mower directs the debris into the collection bag. Baggers do not have moving parts. Instead, they rely on the mower to direct the debris into the collection bag.

Lawn sweepers have a brush that sweeps in between grass and redirects debris to the collection bag. They use gasoline or electricity for operation.

The winner here is the lawn sweeper. The sweeper doesn’t rely on any other external machine for optimal operation. 

Collecting Efficiency

Lawn sweepers are known for their efficiency. They have a large mouth that allows them to collect debris faster and more efficiently than lawn baggers. 

The wide mouth of the sweepers also covers a larger surface area, ensuring all materials are collected from your lawn. These machines also have in-built sweeping brushes that ensure all the debris in your yard is collected.

On the other hand, lawn baggers rely on the machine they are attached to for collection. If the device is small in width, it will take a lot of time. Also, if the machine is not powerful enough to handle all the debris on your lawn, the bagger’s collection efficiency will be affected.

When it comes to lawn bagger vs lawn sweeper efficiency, lawn sweepers are the winners. 


You must hop on your mower and mow your lawn when using a sweeper. Once you are done, hop off the mower and use your sweeper to collect all the debris your mowing has created.

On the other hand, a lawn bagger requires you to attach it to your lawn mower before you can start grooming. The bagger will collect all the debris as you mow. Once you’re done with the process, you do not need to repeat it as you have already collected the debris. 

For this lawn bagger vs sweeper convenience battle, the winner is the lawn bagger. 

Should I Use a Lawn Bagger or Sweeper?

We recommend using a lawn sweeper to keep your lawn pristine and green all season long. Using a lawn sweeper will allow you to clean up any debris left behind after mowing—and it’s better for your grass than just using a bagger. That’s because a lawn sweeper can remove even the heaviest debris from your lawn without damaging your grass.

We recommend using a lawn bagger for homeowners with large yards who want maximum results. The bagger allows you to clean up larger areas of your yard at once (and thus save time).