6 Most Common KYMCO UXV 700i Problems and How to Fix Them

The KYMCO UXV 700i comes with a powerful 695cc engine, 4-wheel independent suspension, and comfortable bucket seats. You will also appreciate its 440-pound capacity cargo bed and a 1200-pound towing might. However, this KYMCO model has a few setbacks you should be wary of. The most common KYMCO UXV 700i problems are exposure to the elements, battery failure, transmission issues, stalling, brake failure, and a problematic carburetor.

When looking for an ideal UTV, you should also look at its setbacks to determine if they are worth the purchase. Below are the potential problems you’ll face as a KYMCO UXV 700i owner. 

Exposure To Nature’s Elements

The UXV 700i’s open design gives it a rugged and masculine appeal. It only has side nets on the doors for protection, which are inadequate against elements of nature like dust, mud, sunshine, rain, and wind. Exposure to these elements can make your ride pretty uncomfortable.

The Fix:

There are several ways to go about this hiccup. First, you can opt for the Le Prime, which has a hardtop and front and rear windshields. The downside is that it is costlier, roughly an extra $2000. 

The other solution is getting a hardtop cover and windshields, a cheaper offer. Installation can be a headache for novices. Nevertheless, you can effortlessly hack the installation if you have the right tools and follow the instructions in the user manual. Always get high-grade parts that will serve you for a long time.

Battery Failure

Battery failure is a recurring problem affecting off-road vehicles, including the KYMCO 700 UTV. This issue is the primary cause of a tough start due to insufficient current flow.

The battery might be dead, meaning it does not have enough charge. Other factors that contribute to battery failure are:

  • Cold weather
  • Low electrolyte
  • Corroded terminals
  • A bad charging system
  • The battery might be past its service life


You address a faulty battery by testing it. Jumpstart the power source if the voltage is low. Check the terminals and clean them with sandpaper if corroded. You can prevent terminal sulfation by storing the battery in cooler places, ensuring adequate electrolyte levels, and charging to full capacity.

Inspect the charging parts and replace them if necessary. You should get a new battery if the one you are using is no longer functional. 

Cold weather slows the battery’s electrochemical reactions. Moving the UTV to a warmer spot can solve this hiccup.

Troublesome Transmission

KYMCO UXV 700i transmission problems mainly originate from the pinion and snorkel gear. The spiral form of these gears pushes them apart during reversal. Over time, the gears will wear their housing due to high heat production.

This side-by-side’s CVT automatic transmission may start grinding and produce clunking and rattling sounds. Besides the gear problems, you may have inadequate or tainted transmission fluid, which results in overheating and poor performance.

How To Fix:

You should inspect the transmission unit to know what ails it. Replace worn-out gears, together with the housing. Get a more resilient housing that can withstand heat and mechanical force. 

Routine transmission fluid change will prevent transmission failure. You should bleed the system to expel air bubbles, which taint the fluid. Also, check for leaks, especially if the fluid runs out fast. Fix the leaking spot via professional welding, or get a new assembly.

Engine Stalling

Several KYMCO UXV 700i problems originate from the engine, like stalling. Most of the time, the blame lies on the fuel system. The snag may be insufficient fuel, low-quality gas, a clogged line, and a bad fuel pump.

The UXV 700i is prone to vapor lock because its fuel cap lacks ventilation. The fuel vaporizes when the temperatures rise, creating a vacuum in the tank. The fuel pump will have problems pushing gas in such conditions. 

Bad spark plugs affect ignition, and the engine will misfire before it stops. A rough idle, poor fuel economy, and acceleration issues also signal faulty spark plugs. Do not rule out overheating and a dirty or damaged air filter.

The Fix:

Does your KYMCO UTV have enough fuel? You must check your gas tank and refill it with top-grade gas if it is empty. You can clean the fuel line to unclog it and remove impurities and traces of low-quality fuel. Buy a ventilated fuel cap to avert vapor lock. 

Inspect the spark plugs and change them if they are bad. Clean the air filter regularly for adequate air intake. Address hiked engine temperatures promptly before the issue becomes uncontrollable, leading to secondary damages.

Braking Problems

Over time, the KYMCO 700i’s brakes may fail due to beat parts, mostly the brake plate. The braking response depreciates, which is risky, as you may lose control of the UTV. The pedal may be too soft or hard, and you may notice noises when braking, hinting at insufficient brake fluid.


Braking failure is serious, calling for the attention of an experienced mechanic. You have to change damaged parts and ensure you have enough brake fluid. 

A Bad Carburetor

Some KYMCO UXV 700i problems stem from the carburetor. The carburetor is responsible for regulating air and fuel entering the cylinders. The KYMCO 700i’s carb will fail because of dirt or totaled components. 

A bad carburetor will produce a disproportionate air-fuel mixture, and the UTV may run rich or lean. The outcome is excess fuel consumption, starting difficulties, increased emissions, overheating, and misfiring.

The Solution:

You fix carburetor problems by disassembling and scanning it to determine the complication. Clean a dirty carburetor by using a cleaner like WD-40 or compressed air. Cleaning should be a routine maintenance practice to have this component in excellent shape. Repair or replace damaged parts where necessary. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are KYMCO ATVs Any Good?

KYMCO has an extensive collection of ATVs categorized into Mongoose and MXU series. Mongoose ATVs have a sportier look, while MXUs appear bulky. They are excellent off-road vehicles with incredible performance and robust frames for resiliency.

Is KYMCO a Chinese Brand?

KYMCO is a Taiwanese company specializing in motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and scooters. It has a global presence, with production facilities in Malaysia, China, and Indonesia. The company has dealership centers in different regions, including the USA.

What Is the Difference Between the UXV 700i and UXV 700i Le Prime?

The UXV 700i Le Prime is a prime accessory package with features like electronic power steering and 14-inch aluminum sport alloy wheels. The accessory package contains a bed extender, hard top roof, and rear and front windshields. It also costs more than the standard 700i.

KYMCO UXV 700i Requires Maintenance

KYMCO UXV 700i problems don’t match up to this UTV’s perks. They are the standard complications you will encounter with similar vehicles. You need basic mechanical experience to handle most of the troubles, though some, like problematic transmission and brake failure, may prompt a visit to the mechanic. Regular servicing will prevent some of these problems from occurring.