7 Most Common Kubota MX5400 Problems And Effective Fixes

If you’re a fan of Kubota tractors, the MX5400 model can be an excellent choice. It features a 3-cylinder engine, making it one of Kubota’s most powerful, versatile, and durable utility tractors.

The tractor packs a powerful punch in almost any application. However, like any other tractor, the Kubota MX5400 has several issues that may affect its performance. The most reported Kubota MX5400 problems are steering problems, engine overheating, problematic starts, battery problems, power loss, transmission issues, and hydraulic system problems.

This article addresses the mentioned MX5400 issues and how you can fix them effectively. Let’s get started.

Steering Problems

The Kubota MX5400 is prone to steering hiccups, especially when tackling challenging tasks such as brush hogging or pushing logs. When driving your tractor, the steering wheel may drift to one side, making it difficult to turn the wheels.

The steering may become stiff, and the front wheels wobble. This problem can inconvenience your driving experience and increase the risk of accidents.

How to Fix:

When the steering starts to drift, check for a faulty steering gearbox. You may also hear strange noises from the gearbox. Inspect the rods and racks for signs of damage and replace them if necessary.

If the steering feels stiff, the problem could be a faulty steering pump. Inspect the steering pump to see if it’s faulty and replace it with a new one if it has signs of damage. If it looks okay, check the steering fluid level and add more if necessary.

Stiff steering may also result from a clogged steering filter. Replace the filter.

If the front wheels wobble while driving, the cause of this problem can be a damaged hydrostatic steering unit. Inspect the component and replace it as required.

If you can’t fix these MX5400 problems, take your machine to a dealer for diagnosis and fixing. It’s best to have a professional fix these steering issues than navigate them and cause more damage.


Most Kubota MX5400 problems associated with the engine start to manifest 60-200 hours of use. Your tractor’s engine may start to overheat when you overwork it. However, if it overheats more often, even without excessive use, this can cause concerns.

There are several reasons why your Kubota MX5400 engine might be overheating. Your tractor may have dirty radiator fins, a faulty radiator cap, a low coolant level, and a loose or damaged fan belt.

How to Fix:

  • Inspect the radiator fins to see if they have dirt, mud, or debris. Dirt and debris buildup on the radiator fins causes insufficient airflow to the radiator. Clean the fins to remove the dirt buildup.
  • Check for a faulty radiator cap and install a new one if necessary.
  • Check the coolant level. If it’s low, add fresh coolant fluid.
  • Inspect the fan belt to see if it’s loose or defective. Fix it tight if it’s loose. However, if the fan belt appears worn or old, replace it.

Problematic Starts

If your MX5400 tractor has difficulty starting, the main culprit could be the fuel system. Perhaps your tractor suffers from a blocked fuel filter or faulty fuel injection pump.

Sometimes, the wrong fuel type in the fuel system can cause the engine to experience starting problems. So before you think of effective fixes, ensure your tractor uses the right fuel. The owner’s manual should guide you on the correct fuel type.

A bad solenoid could also be the cause of starting problems. When the solenoid is bad, the engine may fail to crank or make its usual starting noise.


  • Check the fuel filter to see if there’s a blockage. A blocked fuel filter prevents fuel from reaching the engine, causing starting issues. Clean the filter to remove dirt and debris. Alternatively, replace the filter.
  • Inspect the injection pump to ensure it is operating properly. If not, replace it or hire a mechanic to repair it.
  • Use a voltmeter to test if the solenoid is bad. Replace it if the test confirms you have a bad solenoid.

Engine Power Loss

Some Kubota MX5400 owners complain that their tractors occasionally lose power and won’t rev up when driving up the slope. Sometimes, the engine may chug and stall when tackling challenging tasks.

When this happens, your tractor may be suffering from fuel consumption problems. Perhaps your tractor’s fuel line has water, causing power loss. Sometimes, the engine may die in the middle of operations.

Other issues to watch out for are clogged or damaged injection nozzles, dirt in the fuel lines, a clogged air filter, and a broken cylinder head gasket.

How to Fix:

  • Check if there’s water in the fuel tank. Water can accidentally get into the fuel tank and cause the engine to sputter and lose power. If there’s water in the tank, bleed it out and treat it with a cleansing additive.
  • If dirty fuel is the culprit, add a fuel cleaner and replace the fuel filter.
  • Inspect the injection nozzles for signs of damage or clogging. Install a new kit if necessary.
  • Replace the clogged air filter.
  • If the cylinder head gasket is broken, replace it.

Hydraulic System Problems

This is one of the most common Kubota MX5400 problems. Your tractor may experience hydraulic system problems when lifting or lowering implements.

The cause of poor hydraulic lifting performance might be a clogged oil filter, contaminated oil, or insufficient hydraulic oil.

Leakage in the hydraulic system can significantly reduce the level of hydraulic oil. Another cause of low hydraulic oil levels is exposure to low temperatures. This makes the fluid more viscous, slowing its flow.

How to Fix:

  • Check for a clogged oil filter. Clean or replace a clogged filter. Drain the existing oil if contaminated and add a fresh one.
  • Inspect if the fluid leaks in the hydraulic system. Repair the leaking areas and refill the oil.
  • Add more fluid if the oil is more viscous due to low temperatures. Check the user manual to understand the correct oil levels and oil type.

Hydrostatic Transmission Issues

The Kubota MX5400 is prone to several hydrostatic transmission issues that affect its performance. The hydrostatic transmission often gets stuck in forward gear, and the gear becomes hard to shift. This is usually a problem with the gear shift linkage or clutch adjustment.

Sometimes, the hydrostatic transmission may make excessive noise. When this happens, your tractor may be experiencing issues with the speed control pedal linkage.

You may also notice the transmission oil overheating due to clogged or damaged cooling components. Insufficient transmission oil can also be the cause of overheating.

How to Fix

  • When the gear gets stuck, check for rusty or worn gearshift linkage. Replace it if necessary. You can also check the clutch adjustment. Try to adjust it correctly to see if that solves the problem.
  • If the transmission makes excessive noise, inspect the speed control pedal linkage. If it’s defective, replace it. You can also try to adjust the linkage.
  • If the transmission oil overheats, unclog or replace the cooling components. You can also add more transmission oil.

Faulty Battery

The KubotaMX5400 faces various electrical issues, one being a faulty battery. The tractor’s battery may die without any prior notice. When this happens, the battery won’t charge and, therefore, won’t start the engine.

Sometimes, this problem results from an issue with the terminals or cables. These components may become rusty and fail to transmit power. You may be dealing with a defective battery if these parts are okay.


  • Inspect the battery terminals and cables for signs of corrosion. If they appear rusty, clean them to remove the buildup. If the cables are worn, replace them.
  • Replace the battery if it’s defective.

Final Thoughts

Despite these problems, the Kubota MX5400 promises high performance, versatility, and durability. It has advanced technology and top-notch features, making it worth the investment.

Use our tips to fix Kubota MX5400 problems and continue your regular maintenance routine to keep it in good condition.