6 Kubota Models To Avoid: The Worst Kubota Tractors

Kubota is a renowned manufacturer of machineries such as tractors and mowers. It owes its fame to its affordable quality products.

However, there are Kubota models that you should keep off as they are troublesome. The Kubota models to avoid are the BX2380, B3350, L3000DT, M9540, L3300F, and the Pre-2019 GR2120. These models have multiple issues, ranging from parts wearing fast to manufacturing defects. Kubota has recalled some of these problematic models.

Do you intend to buy a Kubota? Read on as we look at the models to avoid and the reasons.

Kubota BX2380

Kubota has a vast catalog of compact utility tractors with features like powerful engines and resiliency. However, steer clear of the BX2380 when picking a Kubota compact utility tractor. 

While it may seem like an excellent pick, courtesy of its robustness, it has several issues that outweigh its greatness. First, the company recalled BX2380s manufactured from 2014 to 2018 due to a burn hazard alert. It means you should not buy older models from 2018 backward, as you risk fires.

The new models are not risky but prone to overheating, starting issues, and complications with the PTO and loader. Keep off the Kubota BX2380, especially if it is a second-hand deal.

Kubota B3350

Engine regeneration helps eject unburnt fuel and keep harmful emissions in check. Many Kubota models have problems with the regeneration mechanism, but the B3350 is worse off. Reg problems recur in the Kubota B3350 even after addressing them. The regeneration issue may lead to the tractor shutting off.

Other B3350 complications include stalling, hard starts, and electrical problems. Regarding the starting issue, many owners complain about how hard it is to start the engine when it is cold. You may spend a lot on repairs when you get this Kubota tractor.

Kubota L3000DT

The Kubota L3000DT is among the Kubota models to avoid. It debuted in 2000 and was famous until users noticed a common snag, a failing clutch. The clutch problem is evident in slipping gears and sudden revving or brakes when driving. The result is a rough experience when working in the field.

This compact utility tractor’s transmission unit is troublesome. Shifting gears can be challenging, and the tractor may fail to move forward or reverse. Kubota L3000DT transmission problems are due to a weak spot in the system’s design. Please consider other compact utility models unless you are ready to become a regular visitor to a mechanic.

Kubota M9540

Kubota has practicable utility tractors, though the Kubota M9540 is an exception, mainly due to hydraulic troubles.

Problems with the hydraulic unit are common in tractors, but they hardly resurface after effective fixes. This is not the case with the Kubota M9540. If you own this model, you will spend a lot of time and finances addressing the hydraulic unit complications.

The M9540’s hydraulics may operate slowly or entirely fail to load. Additionally, you notice noises during operation, leaks, and hiked fluid temperatures. 

Suppose you want to stick with this model despite its problems. In this case, you should routinely maintain the hydraulic unit. Alternatively, you can upgrade the hydraulic assembly for the best service.

Older Kubota GR2120 (Pre-2019)

According to the 2019 recall notice, the GR2120 is one of the Kubota models to avoid. Similar to the BX2380, the older GR2120 is a fire hazard due to its faulty coolant reservoir tank, which is prone to overheating and can spray hot coolant on the occupants.

This garden tractor may fail to start, or it will frequently shut down. The GR2120’s engine might overheat or fail to idle.

The newer release is better, with redeeming features like comfort, a stable engine, and hydrostatic power steering for enhanced maneuverability. If you go for the Kubota GR2120, pick new models manufactured after 2019. Be keen on the year of manufacture to avoid the mentioned setbacks.

Kubota L3300F

The Kubota L3300F runs on a potent engine, which, unfortunately, is why you should keep away from this tractor. The engine frequently fails, plagued by overheating, sudden stalling, smoking, and failure to start. 

Previous owners of the L3300F complain about the engine, whose problems are recurrent, despite attending to them. Moreover, the cost of the Kubota L3300F’s engine parts is exorbitant. 

The transmission system may fail, noticeable via leaking fluid, hard-to-shift gears, and noises when changing the gears. The L3300F has a weak electrical unit, which wears over time, resulting in starter malfunctions and failure of the battery to charge.

Related Questions

Are Kubota Tractors Good?

Kubota has a vast catalog of tractors to meet various consumer needs. The manufacturer does not compromise on quality, resulting in top-grade tractors that will serve you for a long time. However, some models are troublesome.

Are Kubota Tractors from China? 

Kubota is a Japanese company headquartered in Osaka, Japan. It has a manufacturing branch in the USA that serves the North American market. 

How Long Can a Kubota Engine Last?

Kubota brings its A-game in engine manufacturing. Kubota engines last for thousands of hours without signs of wear and tear. You can improve the engine’s resiliency by regularly servicing it. 

So, Which Kubota Models Should You Avoid

The Kubota models to avoid are the BX2380, B3350, L3000DT, M9540, L3300F, and the old GR2120. Some models had previous recalls due to faults that proved risky to the occupants. Please be careful when buying used Kubota tractors, as you might get a model that should not be outside Kubota’s warehouses. Let your mechanic inspect the Kubota model before purchasing it.