10 Most Common Kubota M7060 Problems and Effective Fixes

The Kubota M7060 is a mid-size tractor designed for various tasks, including farming, landscaping, and construction. One of its main advantages is its powerful and efficient engine, which delivers a high level of performance while minimizing fuel consumption.

However, the M7060 is prone to several issues. The most common Kubota M7060 problems are fuel filter issues, stiff steering, PTO not engaging, overheating, problematic starts, difficulty shifting gears, stalling, loose steering, difficulty stopping, and reduced engine power. Some of the mentioned issues arise due to lapses in maintenance, for instance, checking fluid levels and using the right fluids.

Others occur due to wear and tear of different components, which you can expect as the tractor ages. Let’s dissect these Kubota problems and explain how to fix them.

Fuel Problems

The Kubota M7060 fuel filter is a common source of fuel problems in this tractor. The filter affects the engine’s performance when it is clogged or damaged. For instance, it can cause stalling, rough idling, or even problems starting the engine since less fuel reaches it.

Regularly cleaning the fuel filter should prevent the issue from recurring. Replace the filter if it is damaged.

Clogged or damaged fuel lines can cause fuel problems in the Kubota M7060. Bleeding and cleaning the fuel lines to remove the blockage should help the fuel flow better. Replace the fuel lines if they have cracks or other signs of damage.

The Engine Won’t Start

The engine not starting is a common and frustrating problem you’ll likely encounter when operating your Kubota M7060 tractor. It could be due to low fuel, low temperatures, a dead battery, or loose connections.

If it’s the cold season, it’s safe to assume that the low temperatures are behind the engine’s failure to start. Give the tractor some time to warm up, then try again.

Low fuel could also contribute to problems starting the engine. You can avoid the problem by always checking the fuel level before you start the engine. In some engines, you may have sufficient fuel in your tank, but a clogged fuel filter makes it hard for the fuel to reach the engine. Check, clean, or replace the fuel filter.

If the temperatures are okay, and you have sufficient fuel, but the engine won’t start, check the battery and its connections. Loose connections can prevent power transmission to the engine. Tighten these connections. While at that, check whether the engine is charging. If it doesn’t charge, replace it, as it could be dead.


Overheating is among the most common Kubota M7060 problems. Overheating occurs primarily due to issues with the radiator. The radiator may experience problems cooling the engine due to debris accumulation, low coolant fluid, and damaged radiator.

To fix the issues, clean the debris on and in the radiator to clear any clogging. Next, check the coolant fluid and replace it if it is low.

You must purchase a compatible radiator to replace a damaged radiator. Ensure to cool the engine down fully before you check the radiator.

Difficulty Shifting Gears

Problems shifting gears in the Kubota M7060 tractor could signal several issues. The first issue could be a worn-out or damaged clutch. You’ll need to replace the clutch to resolve the problem.

A damaged gear shift linkage might also contribute to issues with changing gears. You must repair or replace the shift linkage if it’s damaged.

Check the shift forks and other components of the gear shifting mechanism for any signs of damage or wear, and replace them as necessary.

PTO Won’t Engage

The PTO not engaging is a common problem for the Kubota M7060. When the problem occurs, you can feel the shaft turning, but the PTO still won’t engage. Some of the reasons behind these PTO issues include the following:

  • Defective clutch packs
  • Maladjusted PTO control valve
  • Damaged connections in the PTO switch
  • Low hydraulic pressure

Damage and wear can contribute to damaged clutch packs and connections. Replace the damaged components and rewire the PTO to address the issue.

Readjusting the PTO control valve should also help restore proper function. Refilling the hydraulic fluid should provide enough to activate the PTO clutch if you’re dealing with low hydraulic pressure. 

If refilling the hydraulic fluid doesn’t help, consider other Kubota M7060 hydraulic problems, such as leaks.

Difficulty Steering

Stiff steering can cause issues controlling the tractor. Your Kubota M7060 tractor might encounter steering problems due to the following reasons.

  • Worn steering column or components
  • Improperly fitted steering column
  • Air in the steering system
  • Improper tire pressure
  • Low steering fluid
  • Improper wheel alignment

You can resolve these issues in several steps:

  • Check the steering fluid level and replace it as necessary
  • If there’s air in the steering system, bleed it to allow smoother steering
  • Check the tire pressure and adjust it to the recommended pressure
  • Check the tractor’s wheel alignment and readjust to the right position
  • Replace any damaged steering components with the recommended parts

Loose Steering

While some owners experience difficulty steering, others deal with problems with loose steering in their M7060 tractors.

When this issue occurs, you will notice an excessive steering wheel play. A faulty hydraulic cylinder is one of the reasons behind loose steering. You must replace the hydraulic cylinder to resolve the issue.

Your tractor could also have loose steering if you’re low on hydraulic fluid. The low hydraulic fluid causes slack in the steering column, but you can resolve the issue by refilling the fluid to the recommended levels.

Clogging in the hydraulic filter restricts the flow of hydraulic fluid into the steering system. Replacing the hydraulic filter should help.

Loose steering could also occur if your Kubota M7060 has loose steering shrinkage and connections. These become loose due to wear or vibrations that cause the joining parts to separate. When this happens, you can either tighten the loosened parts or replace any components that have worn out.

Difficulty Stopping the Tractor

One of the alarming Kubota M7060 problems is problems stopping the tractor as it puts you and others at risk of accidents. The first place to check is the braking system. Check the brake calipers, pedals, and pads for any signs of wear or damage, and replace them as necessary.

Check the brake fluid to ensure you have enough if these parts are okay. If not, refill as necessary. You should also check for any contaminants in the fluid. Replace the fluid if any contaminants are present.

A faulty transmission could also cause problems stopping the tractor. You must replace or repair the faulty parts if they are an issue.

Engine Stalling During Operation

The Kubota M7060 may lose power and stall during operation. Some of the causes of engine stalling include:

  • Clogged filters
  • Contaminated fuel
  • Clogged hoses
  • Problems with the fuel delivery system

When these issues exist, the fuel supply to the engine is reduced, thus affecting its operation. Cleaning or replacing clogged air and fuel filters should be the first step in resolving the problem. If it persists, check the fuel for any signs of contamination, such as debris or water. Replace the fuel if it’s contaminated.

You should also check other fuel systems components, such as the fuel vent cap, fuel lines, and hoses, for damage. Replace them with compatible parts if they are damaged.

Regeneration Problems

If your Kubota M7060 loses power during operation, regeneration problems could be the issue. Regeneration allows your tractor to burn off accumulated particulate matter to reduce your tractor’s emissions.

Kubota M7060 regeneration problems can occur for several reasons:

  • You turned the tractor off before the regeneration problem ended
  • You use the tractor for short periods; therefore, it never attains the temperatures required for regeneration
  • Faulty DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) sensors
  • Clogged DPF filter

When you notice a drop in engine performance and increased soot production, try operating the tractor at a higher engine power for some time to see whether the issue is resolved. It would help if you also took the tractor to a dealer to check for more serious Kubota M7060 DPF problems like faulty sensors.

Are Kubota M7060 Problems a Deal Breaker?

Kubota M7060 issues should not discourage you from purchasing the tractor. You can avoid a lot of the issues here with proper maintenance. However, if you’re not convinced, you should check some Kubota M7060 reviews for the pros, cons, and experience others have had with the tractor.