5 Most Reported Kubota L6060 Problems + Expert Fixes

The Kubota L6060 is among the best compact tractors in the Grand L60 Series. It guarantees optimal performance regardless of the working conditions. The tractor is ideal for any task, from small farming to residential and commercial landscaping.

Like any heavy-duty machinery, the Kubota L6060 may encounter issues during its lifespan. Over time, the tractor’s fuel system and the battery may fail and trigger several issues, including starting difficulties. Moreover, many users have experienced steering, PTO, and overheating problems with this tractor.

This guide details how to troubleshoot the most common Kubota L6060 problems.

Fuel System Issues

Fuel-related issues are common with the L6060. The fuel system has several parts that must work in unison to allow efficient fuel delivery to the combustion chamber. These parts include the fuel tank, filter, pump, and lines.

The tractor’s fuel system requires regular maintenance to ensure the tractor performs optimally. Failure to maintain may lead to premature wear or damage to various parts. For example, dirt and debris can accumulate in the fuel lines and clog up the filter and the pump.

The fuel can also degrade and clog up the lines if left idle in the lines for a long time. Clogged fuel lines will trigger other issues like starting problems, random misfires, loss of power, and engine stalling.

To resolve this issue, remove the filter and inspect it for clogs or signs of damage. Install a new filter if the old one appears clogged or damaged.

The fuel pump may also wear out and malfunction due to excessive use. In this case, an authorized mechanic should help rebuild or replace the pump.

You can use compressed air or a diesel fuel system flush to clear any clogs in the fuel system. Lastly, always use high-quality fuel and add a diesel fuel stabilizer to keep it fresh for many months.

Battery Failure

Battery failure is usually the cause of many electrical issues in this compact tractor. And like many Kubota L6060 problems, improper maintenance is the leading cause of battery failure.

If your tractor has a problematic battery, you may encounter difficulties starting the engine. Electrical accessories such as lights and switches may malfunction or work intermittently. But what causes the tractor battery to fail?

Clogged battery terminals and loose cables can impede the current flow from the battery to various electrical components. Moreover, the battery may not charge properly if the terminal cables are loose. Examine the cables and terminals for any defects.

Clean the terminals to remove rust build-up and tighten the terminal connections. Also, inspect the cable and the alternator to ensure they work as expected. Replace any broken cable or a damaged alternator.

Replace the battery if it has outlived its durability or lost its ability to hold power. Most tractor batteries last from 6-8 years. However, the average lifespan depends on the battery type, operating conditions, and usage.

Problematic Steering

The L6060 uses a hydrostatic transmission steering that reduces the operator’s effort when turning the wheel. Unfortunately, the power steering in this compact tractor is not without problems. There are complaints about the steering wheel continuing to turn to the left. It doesn’t stop turning after reaching the full left-side lock.

After contacting the dealer, it appears this is normal with Kubota compact tractors, particularly the M and L series. However, if your tractor’s steering wheel feels abnormal while turning, contact the dealership for help.

Another issue with the L6060 steering is intermittent binding while turning the wheel. The steering wheel has a slight resistance when turning. This issue may worsen when operating at high RPM or running it for a couple of hours.

The first thing to check is the steering fluid. Insufficient or contaminated power steering fluid might be the culprit if you encounter a binding steering wheel. Top up the fluid or change it if it appears dirty or discolored.

Allow the dealership or a professional mechanic to examine the steering unit if the binding issue persists. Your tractor might have damaged piston rings or a steering controller that needs replacing.

PTO Issues

Among the most reported Kubota L6060 problems is the PTO malfunctioning. Some users claim that the PTO won’t shut off or disengage after turning off the switch. This problem may result from a defective switch or damaged wiring.

Remove the PTO switch and test it with a multimeter. You’ll need to connect the multimeter’s wires to the switch and push the switch off and on to see how it reacts. If you get an infinite resistance, the switch is defective and needs replacing.

Then, inspect the wiring and connectors for signs of wear, rust, or damage. Clean and secure the connectors if necessary. Replace the broken or damaged wires and route them properly to avoid further issues.

The PTO may also malfunction and prevent the tractor from turning on. A professional mechanic can help examine the clutch and control valves for defects. If the clutch is to blame, you can have it repaired or replaced.

Your mechanic can conduct a pressure test to see if the control valves are okay. A malfunctioning control valve will affect the tractor’s RPM and needs replacing.

Engine Overheating

Poor maintenance is the leading cause of many automobile engines overheating. If your Kubota L6060 engine overheats, you may notice other symptoms, like the engine losing power and shutting off after a while. Failure to fix an overheating engine could result in costly repairs or complete engine failure.

Your L6060 engine may overheat due to insufficient coolant or blockage in the air circulation system. Check the coolant’s reservoir and refill it to the recommended level. If the coolant in the reservoir looks dark or rusty, change it with fresh coolant.

Next, inspect the radiator fins, cooling fins, and air filter for dirt or dust particles. Clean them if clogged to allow sufficient air circulation.

Kubota L6060 Specs

Engine typeE-TVCS, liquid-cooled 4 cycle
Horsepower60 HP
PTO horsepower53 HP
Rated engine speed2700 rpm
Fuel typeDiesel
Transmission typeHST
Drive method4WD
3-point hitchCategory 1 & II
Lift capacity2976 lbs.
Ground clearance15.4”
Weight4023 lbs.
Turning radius9.2’
Warranty24 months or 1500 hours
Kubota L6060 problems

Are Kubota L6060 Problems a Deal Breaker?

Kubota L6060 issues should not take away the worth of this compact tractor. This tractor can be your best bet if you’re looking for a daily workhorse. It’s powerful, versatile, and durable to tackle any task around farms and residential areas.

Understanding the most common problems with the L6060 will help you avoid or handle them when they arise. Thankfully, you can address most issues with this tractor or hire a professional to fix them. Stick to your tractor’s routine maintenance to keep it running throughout the years.