5 Most Common Kubota BX2380 Problems and Effective Fixes

The Kubota 2380 tractor is a reliable, compact tractor, but it faces several problems, some of which are easy to fix. The most common Kubota BX2380 problems are starting issues, stalling, PTO problems, overheating engine, a wobbly front wheel, and a loose steering wheel. Read on as we cover BX2380 problems and the best solution for each issue.

Won’t Start

It’s such an inconvenience when your Kubota 2380 tractor won’t start. That’s why you should pinpoint the source of the problem so you can get your yard or farm work done.

The battery is the first place you should check. A dead battery or one with corroded terminals could be why your Kubota BX 2380 tractor lacks the power to start. Start by charging your battery and if that doesn’t work, check whether the terminals are corroded and clean them out.

Loose battery connections could also contribute to poor current transmission. Check the connections and tighten them. If the problem persists, check whether some parts are damaged and replace them. Replace the battery if all troubleshooting efforts fail.

A bad starter motor is another reason your BX2380 tractor won’t start. For this problem, jump cables directly to the battery, then start your tractor. If it works, replace the starter motor.

Another reason your tractor may not start is due to poor-quality fuel. Contamination by debris and water could ruin fuel quality. Sometimes, leaving good quality fuel in your tractor for too long spoils it. If you’re dealing with a case of poor-quality fuel, drain and replace the old fuel.

Starts and Then Stops 

Sometimes, your Kubota BX 2380 tractor starts and stops while in use. The problem could be insufficient fuel reaching the engine. Therefore, the first place to check is the fuel flow.

Check for clogging in the fuel lines. Start by disconnecting the fuel line and checking how the residual fuel flows. If it’s trickling, use an air compressor to flush out any debris clogging it. If the fuel gushes out, the problem could be in the fuel filter or the fuel pump.

Clogging in the fuel filter slows down the fuel flow into the engine, meaning there’s not enough to complete your work. Take the filter out and check whether it is covered in a layer of thick viscous substance. If it is, replace it immediately.

Check the fuel pump for blockages if your tractor still stops during operation. The fuel pump clogs up when debris breaks through the fuel filter barrier. It could also be due to trapped air. Bleed the injector pump to remove any clogging in the fuel pump.

In addition to fuel, your tractor needs air to facilitate the engine’s operation. Airflow issues due to a clogged air filter or damaged return lines could cause your tractor to stop during operation.

Start by checking the air filter for debris and tears. If the air filter is in good condition, clean it. However, if it’s worn out, you should replace it to keep debris from reaching the engine.

Another thing to check for is cracks or breaks along the return lines, which could lower the engine’s pressure. Replace the lines if they have cracks.


An overheating engine can cause a series of other Kubota BX2380 problems, including the engine not starting or suddenly stopping during operation. The lack of coolant is the prominent cause of an overheated engine in your tractor.

Start by checking the coolant level in the radiator and refilling it if the levels are low. If you have recently replaced the coolant, but it keeps depleting fast, check whether your engine could have damaged parts that allow leaking. Replace those parts.

At the same time, check the head gasket. A blown-out head gasket could allow coolant into the combustion chamber. Replace the head gasket if it’s blown.

Low coolant is one of many reasons your engine may overheat. Failing to provide sufficient motor oil allows heat generation as the engine parts move, causing excessive heat. The solution is always using motor oil to provide lubrication and prevent overheating.

PTO Shaft Won’t Turn

Power Take-off (PTO) issues are among the most common Kubota BX2380 problems. It isn’t unusual for your BX 2380’s PTO not to engage.

The underlying cause of the issue could be low air pressure levels or transmission oil. Check the air pressure levels and transmission levels and correct them. If the problem persists despite troubleshooting, check the voltage.

Use a voltmeter to measure your battery’s voltage. It should be at least 12.5. If it is lower than the recommended voltage, charge your battery and check whether the PTO problem persists.

A damaged clutch pack could also be behind your Kubota 2380 PTO problems. The solution is to replace the entire clutch pack and avoid overloading it in the future. If PTO problems persist, call a local mechanic to help.

Steering Problems

The common steering issues in a Kubota 2380 tractor include a loose steering wheel, a wobbly front wheel, and resistance when steering. These issues point to potential problems with the steering box.

You’ll often notice steering problems if you work in the rain or leave your tractor out during the rain. Unplug your tractor’s weep hole to drain water in the steering box.

Bushing wear could also contribute to steering problems, particularly wobbly front wheels. When the bushing wears, you might feel the steering wheel vibrating more than usual during operation. You’ll also notice uneven wear on your front tires. Replacement is the only solution to fixing worn-out bushing.

If you feel resistance when steering your tractor, it could be due to air trapped in the steering system. Try bleeding the steering column to see whether the problem resolves. If it persists, check the steering oil levels, as they could be low.


Encountering these Kubota BX2380 problems doesn’t mean you chose the wrong tractor brand. These are problems that will occur due to regular wear and tear. You can prevent some of them if you regularly maintain your tractor. Use good quality oil, replace lubricant and coolant, and replace air and fuel filters.

What other problem have you encountered when using your Kubota 2380? Let us know.