8 Most Common Kubota B2601 Problems and Quick Fixes

Planning to buy a Kubota B2601 tractor but worried it might have problems that could be costly to fix?

Kubota B2601, with its powerful diesel engine and 26 HP horsepower, can efficiently perform a wide range of tasks. But like any other machine, this 4-wheel drive also has a couple of setbacks you should be aware of. The most common Kubota B2601 problems are start-up issues, overheating, steering issues, stiff treadle pedal, soot build-up, stalling, and the start plug not generating a spark.

Herein is a detailed dissection of these Kubota problems and how to fix them.

Starting Problems

The Kubota b2601 engine’s inability to start isn’t new to most users. Various reasons may cause this problem, so as a customer, you only have to identify the culprit to fix it.

  • The fuel filters and air intake filters could be dirty
  • No gas or old gas
  • A dead battery or faulty battery connection
  • The ignition switch might be broken

Dirty fuel and air intake filters will cause clogging in the tank, preventing gas and air supply to the engine. Check these two parts for dirt and clean them if possible. Replacing them is another option.

There could be no gas in the fuel tank, or the gas is too old to start the engine. If you haven’t used your tractor for several months, you should check on the fuel and oil to see if they’re still in good condition.

Quickly fix this issue by draining all the old diesel gas and refilling your tank with new gas up to the required level.

For the battery part, check if all the cables are correctly tightened and well connected to supply power to the engine. If the battery is dead, charge it.

Engine Failure

For your Kubota b2601 tractor to move, the engine must function well enough to transform fuel into motion. The engine always needs proper care and maintenance to serve well for an extended period.

If not, you’ll most likely experience various challenges. Engine failure is one of them, mainly caused by excess carbon trapped inside the combustion chamber.

The only solution is to clean your combustion chamber regularly to avoid carbon build-up.


Engine stalling is also one of the Kubota b2601 problems you may face after a few uses. Your tractor’s engine stalls whenever fuel fails to reach the engine cylinder.

This could be due to three possible reasons. One is fuel flow or delivery issues. Your tank may be full, but there could be blockages in the engine hoses, so the fuel doesn’t get to the engine.

A clogged filter is another issue that could cause engine stalling. Check to ensure that there’s no clogging. A clogged fuel filter will prevent fuel flow, so the engine loses its power, while a clogged air filter prevents the engine from getting enough pressure.

The last possibility is fuel contamination. Water, tiny particles of sand and dust, or even rust can contaminate the diesel fuel if they get inside the tank. These can then cause clogging in the filters.

If this is the case, discard the contaminated fuel, clean the tank and refill it with new fuel. You should also clean the filters and replace them if necessary.


Overheating is another problem that Kubota b2601 tractors experience. Overheating in Kubotas mainly occurs when the air filter isn’t working as it should.

When the air filter is clogged, there won’t be enough airflow to cool the engine and battery, causing overheating. Also, the cooling fins may be broken, which makes the situation even worse.

Check the air filter and cooling fins to see if they’re in perfect working condition. You can always replace the cooling fins if broken or the air filter if badly clogged to clean them off. 

Soot Build-up in the Engine

For most Kubota b2601 owners, excessive soot build-up is a challenge they face frequently. Too much soot can damage the engine since it thickens the oil and negatively impacts viscosity.

Once this happens, the engine has to work extra hard to keep your tractor functioning. To avoid this, owners tend to change the oil more frequently than they should.

Clean up the diesel tank well after draining all the fuel inside. You also need to ensure that the parking brakes are working well

Spark Plug Not Generating a Spark

A spark plug provides a spark by igniting the fuel and air mixture. Without it, the engine cannot start. However, sometimes it may become faulty and unable to generate the needed spark, perhaps due to wear or time. Dirt or corrosion can also stop it from functioning well.

Among all the Kubota b2601 problems, fixing the spark plug issue is relatively easy. These are affordable engine parts that you can buy at any mechanical store and are quick to replace. 

Steering Issues

A good steering wheel enables you to drive smoothly and change directions quickly. That’s how a Kubota b2601 steering wheel behaves when it’s still new. However, after some time, most users find it too loose to drive or too tight to turn around while driving. You may also discover that the steering wheel tends to lean on one side.

If you experience difficulties with your steering wheel, you may need to check the hydraulic oil levels, steering fluid, and tires. For the fluid and oil levels, there shouldn’t be any leakage.

All four tires should also have the same air pressure to stop the steering from leaning on one side. If nothing works, take the tractor to a qualified mechanic to fix the steering wheel.

Stiff Treadle Pedal

Controlling your tractor using your foot, you either make it speed up or slow down. You only need to apply a little effort on the treadle pedal to move it. However, you may sometimes have to push it harder due to stiffness, depending on the direction you’re pushing it.

You may need to add more lubricant to the pedal joints or loosen the bolts a little if you find them too tight. Doing so should solve pedal stiffness. 


Kubota b2601 is just the right tool for your everyday lawn needs, whether mowing or landscaping. However, it isn’t unusual to encounter challenges when using this tractor. Thankfully, Kubota b2601 problems are easy to fix.