6 Most Common John Deere X590 Problems and Effective Fixes

The John Deere X590 is a great all-terrain mower with amazing features like electronic fuel injection and hydraulic power steering. However, don’t let all the niceties fool you. These mowers are prone to acting up at times. The most common John Deere X590 problems are difficult starting, transmission complications, steering issues, overheating, mower deck problems, and starter motor issues.

Do you own a problematic JD X590? Or perhaps intend to purchase one? Read on as we analyze the recurrent X590 John Deere problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Starting Problems

Starting issues are frequent in John Deere tractors, including the X590. The leading causes of these complications are low battery charge, damaged switches, clogged air filters, and insufficient oil.

After prolonged use, batteries wear out and malfunction. Replace old batteries and their chargers to prevent this issue.

Faulty switches lead to a problematic starting, as they can’t trigger the engine to run. Switches easily blow due to short circuits, and repairing them is impossible. Replace any defective switches to solve starting difficulties.

Clogged air filters are ineffective and let in contaminated air. Engines require clean air for effective combustion and thus strain to function with blocked filters.

Fixing this issue entails removing the filters, spraying them with an all-purpose cleaner, and letting them soak. Rinse, dry, and place them back afterward.

Insufficient oil strains the engine, leading to hard starts. Refill the engine oil regularly to the appropriate level to curb this complication.

Transmission Issues

John Deere X590 transmission problems arise due to overheating, slippage, leakage, and pump failure. After prolonged use, transmission shafts and gears wear out, causing the system to strain and produce excess heat. To fix this problem, closely monitor the transmission components and replace them immediately if damaged.

Slippage is a result of faulty elements like worn-out solenoids. Identifying this problem is easy, as the error code will be displayed on the diagnostic tool immediately after it starts. Broken solenoids are irreparable. Replace them to solve these John Deere X590 problems.

Faulty gaskets and seals are the leading causes of leaking. Transmission gaskets and seals wear out with time, ending up malfunctioning. Replace old transmission components immediately after they show aging signs.

John Deere X590 transmission pumps start malfunctioning early. Faulty pumps can’t build up sufficient pressure, causing the system to strain. This is mainly accompanied by difficult shifting, which can be hazardous. Replace defective pumps for smooth functioning.

Steering Issues

John Deere X590 steering systems may sometimes refuse to work in one direction, shut down, or make a popping noise.

If your tractor’s steering wheel declines to turn in one direction, it may have a leakage problem. The steering wheel has six O-rings, sealing the outside valve assembly. These rings wear out and start leaking with time.

Leaking reduces the steering system’s pressure, causing it to malfunction. You’ll have to replace the entire steering housing to fix this issue.

Insufficient oil can’t produce adequate force to steer the John Deere 590 lawn tractor, leading to sudden shutdowns. Regularly check on the steering fluid levels and refill them to the required level before starting work.

Complications in the coupling assembly and steering column produce a pop sound. Check on these components and repair or replace them if faulty. A worn-out pinion may also cause this issue. Change the pinion immediately after it starts aging to curb this inconvenience.


John Deere X590 engines are prone to overheating due to insufficient oil, clogged cooling fins, dirty carburetors, and overworking.

Little oil heats up quickly as it has no time to cool in the engine. It also transmits limited energy, causing the engine to strain and produce excess heat. Monitor the engine’s oil level and refill it appropriately to prevent this drawback.

Clogged fins don’t cool the heated engine oil sufficiently, leading to overheating. Regularly clean these engine components to reduce the chances of overheating.

A dirty carburetor delivers contaminated fuel to the engine, causing it to overheat. Regularly clean the carburetor to avoid overheating.

Overloading the engine by drawing excess current or supplying unrestrained voltage causes it to overwork. This results in rapid heat production. Stick to the recommended current withdrawal and voltage supply to keep the engine in prime condition.

Mower Deck Problems

Common John Deere X590 mower deck problems include excessive vibrations, damaged grass, uneven cuts, and a squeaking sound.

Damaged or faulty deck components are the primary causes of excessive vibrations. Inspect the mower blades for any bent or broken parts. Replacing the entire blade set is the best way to solve this problem, as repairing them is impossible.

Your tractor has dull blades if the grass appears to have injured tips and is brown. Dull mower blades pull instead of cutting the grass, damaging your lawn. Always keep your mower’s blades sharp to prevent these John Deere X590 problems.

Uneven cuts result from unlevelled blades. You level the blades by packing the mower on level ground and adjusting the blades from the sides. Measure all sides of the blades, ensuring that the distance from the ground is almost similar. The height differences shouldn’t be more than a quarter inches.

Your tractor’s deck may produce a squeaking sound due to an old belt. A worn-out belt slips on the deck pulleys, creating an irritating sound. Replace the deck belts immediately after they show flat spots and cracks.

Starter Motor Issues

A faulty main fuse is the primary cause of John Deere X590 starter problems. Fuses transmit power to the starter motor, triggering it to start. These components blow due to short circuits and are irreparable. Fixing this issue involves replacing defective main fuses with new ones.

The starter motor may also malfunction due to a low battery charge. Always ensure the battery charge is above 12 volts before working to avoid this inconvenience.

Faulty internal components may cause the starter motor to malfunction. Check for damaged bearings and ring gears and replace them for better performance.

John Deere X590 Maintenance

Below are maintenance tips for John Deere X590 tractors.

Lubricate deck spindles, front steering link, lift pedal, idler arm pivots, axle pivots, and axle spindles every fifty hours for improved efficiency.

  • Change the oil filter and engine filter every one hundred hours.
  • Check the mower belt every one hundred hours and replace it if faulty.
  • Clean engine cooling fins every one hundred hours to prevent dirt build-up.
  • Replace the spark plugs every one hundred hours or annually, as they malfunction after prolonged use.
  • Sharpen or replace blades annually to enhance their efficiency.
  • Check the tire pressure regularly to prevent straining when working.
  • Clean the deck’s underside regularly for clean and even cuts.

Final Thoughts

The JD X590 is a capable lawn tractor capable of tackling any terrain. Although you’ll encounter a few John Deere X590 problems, you can avoid them by frequently servicing your tractor. Consult your local dealer or mechanic if you cannot troubleshoot your X590.