6 Most Reported John Deere X370 Problems and How to Fix Them

John Deere lawn tractors are famous for offering extra mowing convenience. And among the popular lawn tractor models is the John Deere X370.

This mid-sized lawn tractor is ideal for homeowners who want to mow up to 3.5 acres. However, users have reported some issues with this lawn tractor. The most common John Deere X370 problems are poor engine performance, starter issues, transmission problems, rattling excessively, mowing unevenly, and A/C problems.

Luckily, there are ways you can resolve these problems. Let’s examine how you can keep your X370  lawn tractor running smoothly.

Poor Engine Performance

The John Deere 370 has several engine problems plaguing its users. The most common engine problem with this lawn tractor is poor performance. The engine might overheat, lose power, and stop.

A poorly performing lawn tractor engine can be frustrating, especially if it acts up while mowing. Below are some of the causative factors for poor performance in JD X370.

  • Old or contaminated fuel
  • Dirty/clogged fuel filter
  • Clogged engine air intake
  • Clogged or dirty cooling fins

How to fix:

Check the fuel system for defects if your mower engine runs unevenly or loses power. Start with the tank and ensure there’s efficient fuel. If there’s low or insufficient fuel in the tank, fill it with fresh fuel.

The engine will perform poorly if the fuel in the tank is old, dirty, or contaminated. You may have left the fuel in the tank for a long time without running the engine.

Old fuel breaks down, leaving residual particles in the fuel lines. These particles clog up the lines and block fuel flow into the engine.

Drain the old or contaminated fuel and clean the lines to remove the clogs. Then, add fresh fuel and pour a stabilizer to keep the fuel in good condition.

Next, check for a dirty or clogged fuel filter and replace it.

The air intake and cooling fins might be clogged if the engine overheats. Locate the air filter and the cooling fins and clean them to remove any stuck dirt or debris.

John Deere X370 Transmission Problems

The John Deere X370 uses hydrostatic transmission to change speeds and directions. This transmission type is easy to maintain because it doesn’t require gears or belts that need adjusting or replacing.

Unfortunately, many users claim that the transmission in this lawn tractor might fail to move over time. The lawn tractor might lose power and stall while mowing.

In most cases, transmission issues with this lawn tractor result from the following factors:

  • Low transmission oil level
  • Clogged transmission filter
  • Air in the transmission system

How to fix:

Start by checking the level of transmission oil in your lawn tractor. If it’s low, add fresh oil to the required level. You can consult the manual to know the right oil for your mower. If the oil leaks from the transmission system, take your mower to a professional to repair or replace the leaking parts.

If transmission problems persist, inspect the filter for dirt or clogs. Like other John Deere X370 problems, a clogged transmission filter results from poor maintenance. Clean the filter with a disc brake cleaner or replace it if necessary.

Your lawn tractor might develop transmission problems if there’s air in the system. To bleed the air out, locate the bleeder screws on the pump and open it. This fix should help remove all the air in the system.

Starter Problems

The X370 starter is another component that can run into problems over time. If the starter fails to turn the engine on, it might have technical issues.

The starter might fail to work due to the following issues:

  • Blown fuse
  • Battery issues
  • Transmission in reverse
  • Faulty starter solenoid

How to fix:

Before you inspect for defective components, check if your transmission is in reverse. The starter won’t turn the engine on if the transmission is in reverse, so ensure it’s in the forward direction.

If the mower fails to start, inspect the battery terminals for corrosion. Clean any corroded terminals and ensure the connections are tight. If the battery is low, recharge it.

A blown fuse can also cause the starter not to work. So, check if the fuse is the culprit and replace it if it appears blown. Lastly, test the starter solenoid to see if it’s defective. If the solenoid turns out to be faulty, replace it.

Rattling Excessively

Does your lawn tractor rattle or vibrate while running it? The engine might sometimes rattle and cut out if you continue running it.

Several issues will cause your JD X370 to rattle and cut out while mowing. The most common causes include the following:

  • Old or worn/damaged belts
  • Debris stuck on the mower deck
  • Loose or imbalanced blades
  • Dirty or damaged drive sheaves

How to fix:

Old or damaged drive and attachment belts can cause your lawn tractor to rattle or vibrate. Inspect these belts and replace them if they appear old, worn, or damaged.

If your mower is dirty, you can check for stuck debris on the mower deck. Clean the deck to remove stuck leaves, sand, and mud.

Next, inspect the blades to see if they’re loose, imbalanced, or damaged. Balance the blades and tighten the bolts to ensure they rotate smoothly. If the blades appear damaged, replace them.

Lastly, check for dirty or damaged drive sheaves. If you find dirt on the sheaves, use a wire brush to remove them. If the sheaves appear damaged, replace them.

Mowing Unevenly

Bad or uneven cuts are among the most common John Deere X370 problems. The lawn tractor might also leave patches of uncut grass over your lawn.

These problems can occur whether your lawn tractor is new or old. If you encounter mowing problems with your JD X730, consider the following as possible causes:

  • Dull blades
  • Unleveled mower deck
  • Mowing speed too fast
  • Uneven tire pressure

How to fix:

Mower blades get dull when they hit objects such as stones. They may also become dull over time as you continue cutting grass. 

If your lawn tractor mows unevenly or leaves patches of uncut grass, the blades might be dull and need sharpening. If they appear worn/damaged, replace them.

An unleveled mower deck can also cause bad or uneven cuts. If you’ve not leveled the deck properly, set it at the correct level.

If it continues mowing unevenly, check the condition of the tires. Uneven tire pressure will result in bad cuts over your lawn. Inflate the tires with the correct pressure to ensure they run smoothly. If you find worn tires, replace them.

Lastly, the mowing speed can affect the cut quality. Try to reduce mowing speed and see if this mowing technique solves the uneven mowing problem.

A/C Problems

Some John Deere 370 owners have reported that their lawn tractors have issues with the air conditioner. The A/C can break down over time due to mechanical problems or lack of maintenance.

If you have issues with your mower’s air conditioner, below might be the possible causes:

  • Dirty air filter
  • Low fluid level
  • Loose connections or broken wires

How to fix:

Dust and debris will accumulate on the air filter over time and restrict the flow of cold air. As a result, hot air builds up in the A/C and causes overheating problems in the unit. So, inspect the filter and clean it if it has dirt or debris.

Next, check if the low fluid level in the system is the cause of the air conditioner problems. Low fluid level causes the AC to malfunction, so replenish it as necessary.

Inspect the AC wiring for any loose connections or broken/frayed wires. Issues with the wiring system will cause the AC to stop working. So, secure any loose connections and replace any damaged/broken wires.

Are John Deere X370 Issues Deal Breakers?

No. Despite having these problems, the JD X370 is a powerful lawn tractor that can last many years. It can run for up to 25,000 hours without repairing or replacing parts if you maintain it well.

If you encounter any John Deere X370 problems, follow our troubleshooting tips to fix them. Seek professional help if these problems persist after you’ve resolved them.