7 Common John Deere 955 Problems and How To Fix

Despite its small size, the John Deere 955 is capable of handling heavy-duty tasks such as plowing, tilling, and hauling. Its hydrostatic transmission and four-wheel drive system provide excellent traction and maneuverability, making it ideal for use on hilly terrain or in tight spaces. However, expect to run into a few issues when operating the JD 955.

The most common John Deere 955 problems are leaking oil, engine not starting, stalling, heavy steering, overheating, power loss, and battery issues. Some issues are easy to fix, while others may need a professional’s help. Regardless, identifying the problem is the key to troubleshooting. So let’s look at the common JD 955 issues, their causes, and solutions.

The Engine Won’t Start

Battery issues are a common reason your John Deere 955 tractor won’t start. The problems with your tractor’s battery could range from loose or corroded connections to a dead battery.

Loose connections are easy to diagnose and fix. Inspect the connections leading to the battery and determine whether they need tightening. At the same time, check whether these connections are corroded or dirty. Clean the terminals to remove dirt and corrosion.

Use a multimeter to determine your battery’s voltage output. A functional battery will have a voltage output of at least 12.7V. Replace your battery if it has a lower reading. 

Leaking Oil

Leaking oil signifies that several things could be wrong with your John Deere 955. The leading causes of leaking oil are a clogged carburetor, damaged fuel cap, or clogged fuel lines.

You’ll have to evaluate each part of your engine to identify the exact source of the problem. A good tell-tale sign will be unusual wet spots around the problematic areas.

The solution to leaking oil includes cleaning or replacing the carburetor and replacing the fuel lines, fuel pump, and gas cap.


Stalling is among the most common John Deere 955 problems. A stalling engine in a JD 955 is a sign that your fuel filter is clogged. The first thing is to remove the clogged fuel filter. Replace the filter and test whether the tractor runs without stalling.

If it’s still stalling, the issue could also be that the coolant is at a low temperature. This problem is common in winter, and the best solution is to run the engine for a few minutes until the coolant warms up to the appropriate operating temperature.

Battery Won’t Charge

A charged battery is a necessity to operate a John Deere 955 tractor. However, it might fail to charge due to loose connections, no grounding, or problems with the alternator.

Check the connections leading to the battery and tighten any loose connections. Inspect whether your battery is grounded. Without the proper grounding, your battery won’t charge.

If your battery still won’t charge after tightening the connections and grounding it, the next step is to check for problems in the alternator. A bad alternator prevents the battery from charging properly and needs to be replaced to continue using the tractor.

Heavy Steering

Steering problems such as heavy steering could arise in your 955 John Deere. Heavy steering makes it hard to turn the wheel due to underinflated tires, uneven wear on the front tires, thick fluid oil, periodic servicing, and insufficient fluid oil.

The first step in dealing with heavy steering is to check your tire pressure and get it to the recommended range, depending on the task. While at it, check whether the tires are worn out.

If the wear is predominantly on the front tires, it could indicate poor wheel alignment and mechanical problems in your tractor’s ball joints, bearings, and pivot pins. Get your tractor to a dealer for mechanical repairs.

Also, take your tractor for regular servicing with a reputable mechanic to help prevent problems before they arise.

Power Loss

You won’t miss power loss issues when searching for John Deere 955 problems. Your tractor’s engine constantly loses power due to insufficient or poor-quality fuel. Start by checking your diesel tank and refilling it. If the tank has sufficient gas, but the engine keeps losing power, the cause could be a blocked fuel line or clogged fuel filters.

The two make it hard for sufficient fuel to reach the engine, creating power issues. Bleed the fuel lines and inspect them for blockages. Also, check the fuel filter and replace it if it’s clogged.

Another reason the John Deere 955 engine loses power is due to poor quality fuel. Always use the manufacturer-recommended gas for your JD 955 tractor.


John Deere 955 has a liquid-cooled engine which is excellent at preventing overheating. However, it’s still possible for your engine to overheat if something is wrong. Radiator problems, including a bad radiator cap and clogged radiator core, are the common causes of an overheating engine.

Another cause of overheating is an insufficient amount of coolant. This is an easy issue to fix, as all you should do is refill the manufacturer-recommended coolant. If the problem persists, check the hoses carrying the coolant for signs of blockage or damage.

You should also check the radiator for any signs of damage or blockage from dirt and debris. Clean out any debris from the radiator to allow better airflow.

Your tractor could also be overheating due to a blown head gasket. Coolant flows into the combustion chambers when the head gasket blows, causing overheating.

The obvious sign of a blown head gasket is large bubbles coming through the radiator. You should replace a blown head gasket immediately if it’s damaged.

Final Word

While the John Deere 955 is a reliable tractor, you may encounter one or more of the problems mentioned. You can fix most John Deere 955 problems, but if unsure, enlist a mechanic. Regularly maintaining your tractor will also prevent a lot of JD problems.