8 Most Common John Deere 755 Problems and Effective Fixes

The John Deere 755 is capable of handling various tasks around your farm.

It’s a versatile and durable tractor for mowing, hoeing, loading, and snow-blowing. Unfortunately, most owners have reported several issues that plague this tractor. The most common John Deere 755 problems are starting issues, radiator problems, overheating, problematic steering, fuel line issues, PTO malfunctions, hydraulic problems, emitting black smoke, and power loss.

Do you own a problematic JD 755? Our guide will help you resolve issues affecting your tractor.

John Deere 755 Starting Problems

Starting difficulties are among the most reported problems with the John Deere 755 tractor. With time, starting the tractor might require several attempts before the engine can turn on. In unfortunate situations, the tractor won’t start until you’ve solved the underlying problems.

In most cases, this tractor’s starting problems will result from the following factors:

  • Battery issues
  • Clogged air filter
  • Loose or blown-out spark plug
  • Malfunctioning starter

Effective Fixes:

Before checking for faulty or clogged components, check the battery to ascertain it’s functional. Recharge it if it’s low, and clean the terminals if they appear corroded. 

If the battery is defective, replace it.

Next, check if a clogged air filter is the culprit. Use warm, soapy water to clear the debris if the filter appears dirty. You can replace an old or worn filter.

If starting issues persist, check for a loose or blown-out spark plug. Secure any loose plug and replace any that appears damaged.

The starter can wear out over time or have loose connections and cause starting difficulties. Secure any loose connections and replace the starter if it’s worn.

Steering Issues

John Deere 755 users have experienced steering problems after using their tractors for an extended period. One of the most reported issues with the steering is loose or worn components.

Tie rod ends, steering linkages, and ball joints can get loose or wear out and cause the steering to be unresponsive. Other causes of steering issues in this tractor are:

  • Tire wear
  • Insufficient tire pressure
  • Tire alignment problems

Effective Fixes:

If the steering feels loose or doesn’t respond while driving, check for loose or worn components in the steering system. Tighten or replace any worn tie rod ends, linkages, or ball joints.

Inspect the tires if you still experience steering difficulties after addressing the steering system. Insufficient tire pressure, tire wear, and tire alignment problems can result in the tractor pulling to one side. Replace any worn tires and ensure they’re properly aligned. Then inflate the tires as recommended in the manual.

John Deere 755 Fuel Line Problem

Issues with the fuel line in your JD 755 can cause starting, stalling, or power loss problems. Since this tractor handles multiple tasks around homes and farms, it requires proper maintenance to run efficiently.

If you neglect the fuel line, your tractor might develop some of the following issues:

  • Fuel leaks
  • Clogs in the fuel line
  • Damaged components

Effective Fixes:

If you’ve used your tractor for an extended period, components in the fuel line can succumb to wear and start leaking fuel. You can notice fuel leaking from the tractor or the tank getting empty fast. Inspect the line for a leaking tank, fuel injector, or delivery valves. Repair or replace any leaking components.

Old or contaminated fuel tends to clog the lines with sediments. Clogged fuel lines prevent a smooth flow of fuel into the engine. Drain the old fuel and clean the tank, filter, and injector pump.

Add a fuel system cleaner and fresh fuel and start the engine. Then replace a damaged tank, filter, or pump.

John Deere 755 Radiator Problems

The radiator is part of the air inlet that supplies the engine with cool air. If the engine is under load, the radiator will prevent it from overheating.

However, the JD 755 radiator might have issues and fail to supply air into the engine. And like most John Deere 755 problems, radiator issues might occur due to poor maintenance. The most common causes of radiator problems are:

  • A buildup on the radiator and fins
  • Damaged radiator and fins

Effective Fixes:

A clogged radiator and fins need a thorough cleaning to remove the stuck dirt, debris, and gunk. Use a radiator flush to clean the buildup in the radiator. Clear the dirt and debris on the fins using water or compressed air.

If the radiator or fins appear worn or damaged, replace them.

Hydraulic Issues

The John Deere 755 tractor is prone to various hydraulic issues that can affect its smooth operation. Most hydraulic problems might manifest as follows:

  • Jerky movements
  • Slow operation
  • Weak lifting capacity

If your tractor exhibits these signs, it might have a low hydraulic oil level, leaking parts, a clogged hydraulic filter, or a damaged hydraulic pump.

Effective Fixes:

First, check the oil level in the reservoir and add more if the level is low. If the oil level goes down fast, check for leaking parts. In most cases, the hydraulic fuel might leak due to worn or damaged hoses and seals. Replace these parts if necessary.

A clogged hydraulic filter can cause pressure problems in the system. Replace the filter if it’s dirty.

If the hydraulic problems persist, the pump might be defective. Inspect the pump and replace it if it’s not working properly.

Engine Losing Power

John Deere 755 problems related to the engine can occur due to poor maintenance. You might notice that your JD 755 engine overheats and starts to lose power. In unfortunate situations, the engine might stall in the middle of operations or under load. The most common culprits are:

  • Clogged air intake
  • Low oil and coolant levels
  • Excessive load

Effective Fixes:

A clogged air filter or the cooling fins can block air intake into the engine, causing it to overheat and bog down. So, clean these components if you find them clogged. Replace the filter or fins if they appear worn or damaged.

Next, check the oil and coolant levels and adjust them as necessary. If low, top them up again. Avoid adding excess oil or coolant, as they can lead to power loss issues.

Lastly, ensure you’re using the tractor within the recommended load-bearing capacity. Reduce speed when under load to prevent the engine from overheating and losing power.

Emitting Black Smoke

A John Deere 755 tractor that blows black smoke indicates a fuel-to-air ratio imbalance. In most cases, the engine will smoke and lose power.

If your tractor blows black smoke while working, check for a clogged air filter and dirty cooling fins. A clogged air intake blocks airflow into the engine leading to a fuel-to-air ratio imbalance. Moreover, a clogged fuel filter and injector can cause the engine to blow black smoke and lose power.

Effective Fixes:

Start by inspecting the air intake for a clogged air filter or cooling fins. Clean these components with soapy water if necessary.

If the smoking issue persists, inspect the fuel filter and injector for dirt. Replace the dirty filter and clean the injector. You can drain the dirty fuel, refuel the tank and add an injector cleaner.

PTO Issues

This tractor’s PTO (Power Take Off) allows a smooth power transfer from the engine to the attachments. With improper maintenance, the PTO can have problems and halt your projects.

When the PTO acts up, the following could be to blame:

  • Insufficient lubricant
  • Worn PTO shaft and bearing
  • Worn or defective PTO clutch

Effective Fixes:

The PTO can become unresponsive due to insufficient lubricant. Lubrication issues can cause components such as the PTO shaft to wear out and result in costly repairs. Add more lubricant and change it regularly to keep the tractor running smoothly.

If you notice unusual noise from the PTO, check for worn PTO clutch, shaft, and bearing. You might also notice signs like difficulty engaging and disengaging gears or decreased power output. Replace any worn or damaged PTO clutch, shaft, or bearing.

John Deere 755 problems

Final Thoughts

The John Deere 755 is a reliable, compact utility tractor you can use around your home or farm. But like other tractors, your JD 755 may experience starting, radiator, fuel line, hydraulic, power loss, black smoke, PTO, overheating, and steering issues.

While these John Deere 755 problems are frustrating, you can use the information above to diagnose and fix them. Prioritize regular maintenance to ensure the reliability and longevity of the tractor.