5 Most Common John Deere 5045e Problems And Effective Fixes

The John Deere 5045e is an excellent utility tractor, suitable if you want reliable equipment to handle acres of farmlands.

This model has plenty to love, including the PowrReverse transmission and adjustable 2WD axle, which translate to smooth operation. Like most farm equipment, the 5045E is prone to some complications that can slow your work progress. The most common John Deere 5045e problems are overheating, engine failure, starter issues, power loss, and faulty hydraulics.

You should sort out the issues before they go overboard, forcing you to ground your tractor. Read on as we look at the recurrent JD 5045e issues and their solutions. 


Overheating is a common problem among many tractors, including the 5045e. Signs of elevated temperatures are dashboard light alert, rattling noises, and the production of steam and smoke. If you suspect your tractor is overheating, you should stop using it to prevent the problem from getting out of hand. 

The primary cause of this issue is a faulty radiator. It may be dirty with clogged fins or lack of enough coolant. Other reasons for overheating are insufficient engine oil, thermostat failure, and faulty water pump or fan.

You solve overheating by inspecting the possible affected systems. Start by checking the radiator: ensure it is clean, with no dirt clogging the fins. Bent fins can also cause overheating. Use a handy tool to straighten the fins. Refill the coolant if it is low.

Confirm if the fan and water pump are in good condition. If faulty, make the necessary repairs or get replacements if the problem is irreparable. Refill engine oil and check for leaks. In case of leaks, seal the hoses or get new ones. Your tractor should be in perfect shape after the necessary fix.

Starting Issues

One of the frequent John Deere 5045e problems you may encounter is the engine failing to start. You may turn the key countless times, but the engine won’t turn over. The following are possible causes of this problem.

  • A low battery or loose connections
  • A closed fuel shut-off valve
  • Improper or low fuel
  • Highly viscous oil, primarily due to low temperatures

You solve this 5045e JD problem by probing the battery. If the battery is dead, you may get another one or jumpstart it. Ensure the connections are firm and remove the sulfate buildup on the terminals. Inspect the wires and fix broken connections.

Confirm that you have sufficient fuel in the fuel tank. Flush the fuel system if you have used the wrong fuel.

Low temperatures make engine oil very dense. As a result, the engine won’t function as intended. Other times you may not have enough oil. Fill up the oil and if it is freezing, push the car to a warmer spot and wait for the coil to become less dense.

Starter Problems

John Deere 5045e starter problems can be frustrating. Starter issues could be the culprit behind your tractor’s hard or failed start. 

Symptoms of starter problems are:

  • The engine fails to start
  • Intermittent starting
  • Clicking or grinding noises when you turn on the ignition
  • The starter remains on after starting the engine
  • Smoke production

This complication may occur due to loose starter wiring, corroded connections, a bad relay, or a damaged starter.

The best fix for a faulty starter is a replacement: trying to fix a worn starter may make the problem recur. Furthermore, check the connections; some need minor repairs to get the starter working.

Power Loss

Loss of power when driving your 5045e JD is primarily due to fuel issues. You may have insufficient or poor fuel or blocked fuel lines. Other reasons for diesel engines losing power may be a clogged exhaust pipe and a dirty air filter.

Fill your tractor’s tank with enough fuel. It should be the correct fuel as recommended by the manufacturer. If you have the wrong fuel in the tank, a flush will be necessary to clean the system. 

Clean your air and fuel filters, as the gunk may affect the engine performance. Fill up engine oil, as low oil levels can cause power loss.

Hydraulic System Malfunctions

Faulty hydraulics are John Deere 5045e problems that may spoil your experience with this utility tractor. This hitch may lead to loss of power, blowouts, and poor performance, evident if the tractor has attachments.

Hydraulic system malfunctions come due to low hydraulic fluid levels, air in the fluid, leakages, and faulty parts.

You address hydraulic system faults by troubleshooting the entire system. Probe for hydraulic fluid leaks, especially if the levels seem abnormal. Bleeding is the go-to solution for air in hydraulic fluid. Fix and replace damaged parts of the hydraulic system.

Final Remarks

John Deere spares no effort in developing practicable farm equipment, as evident from the 5045e tractor. However, the 5045e isn’t problem-averse. The leading John Deere 5045e problems include overheating, faulty hydraulics, engine failure, and starter issues.

Regular maintenance and inspections will save you from most of the mentioned problems. If you are not good in mechanics, have an experienced hand tackle the troubleshooting and repairs of the tractor.