6 Most Common John Deere 1025r Problems and Quick Fixes

The John Deere 1025r is a valuable machine capable of handling various landscaping and gardening tasks. However, this tractor has a few downsides you should be aware of. The most common John Deere 1025R problems are overheating, decreased speeds, low transmission oil, fuel leaks, faulty brakes, difficulty starting, and wrong gear shift lever positioning.

Whether you’re struggling with your current JD 1025r or intend to buy a new one, you might worry about its efficiency and reliability. Read on to understand John Deere 1025r issues, their causes, and what you can do about them.

Engine Problems

Like any other tractor, the John Deere 1025r engine is its power source. When the engine develops issues, you can rest assured your tractor won’t be functional. Your 1025r tractor is susceptible to the following engine problems.


Allowing your JD tractor to run at extreme temperatures can overheat the engine and reduce its effectiveness and longevity.

You might also need to check the radiator fins for clogged debris affecting the heat transfer process. Inspect the radiator fins for dirt or debris and clean them regularly.

Check the fan belt for improper adjustment or damage if the radiator fins are okay. An out-of-place or damaged fan belt can result in 1025r overheating.

Refit and tighten the fan belt if it’s out of place. If damaged, buy a new fan belt to replace the faulty one. Alternatively, buy a coolant for your machine to keep the engine at room temperature.

Difficulty Starting

One of the most prevalent John Deere 1025R problems is difficulty starting. If your John Deere 1025r engine has trouble starting, it’s probably struggling with the wrong gearshift lever positioning or oil type.

The engine will fail to start when the gearshift lever is on the long positioning, mainly neutral. Ensure the gearshift lever is in the correct positioning – high or low range – before running the engine.

The wrong oil will have poor viscosity and compromise the engine’s effectiveness. This might cause the engine to experience problems when starting. Drain the wrong oil and refill with fresh and correct oil.

John Deere 1025r Hydraulic Problems

The hydraulic system drives the fluid that helps in running your tractor. Some of the common John Deere 1025R hydraulic problems include:

Decreased Speed

Most users have noted that the operation speed of the JD 1025r decreases with time. The possible reason for this issue is water that alters the density and pressure of hydraulic oil. You can drain the hydraulic fluid for John Deere 1025r and replace it with a new and correct oil type.

Poor Performance

Your 1025r tractor will perform poorly whenever the water in the hydraulic oil alters pressure. You can drain and replace the hydraulic oil to stabilize pressure. Alternatively, inspect the hydraulic oil filters and replace them if faulty.

Transmission Issues

A John Deere 1025r with transmission problems won’t move despite having a perfectly running engine. The transmission problems might result from the following:

Low Transmission Oil

When the transmission oil reduces to the minimum level, the hydraulic system won’t generate enough power for the tractor. You can solve the issue by adding more oil.

Cold Transmission Oil

Transmission oil gets cold and fails to move the tractor when the weather becomes chilly. For better performance, your 1025r requires a slightly warm transmission oil. Before running the tractor, you can wait for the weather to become a bit warmer.

Wrong Gear Shift Lever Positioning

When running your JD 1025r tractor, the gearshift lever should always be in the low or high range. If it’s in the neutral position, it can result in transmission problems. Check the gearshift lever to ensure it is well-positioned.

Electrical Problems

A defective battery is the primary cause of electrical problems in John Deere 1025r tractors. This problem can manifest itself in different ways, such as the battery not charging, the battery with corroded terminals, and the lights not working.

You can fix this problem by:

  • Connecting the battery correctly
  • Cleaning the corroded terminals
  • Tightening the electrical belt
  • Replacing a faulty battery

Fuel System Problems

Fuel system issues are among the most reported John Deere 1025R problems. John Deere 1025R fuel problems develop slowly over time, especially if the fuel in the system has been sitting for too long. Such fuel may clog the fuel filter and cause poor engine performance. Fix this issue by starting the engine several times.

The problem might be severe if the fuel leaks. A fuel leak can cause the tractor to stall abruptly after running for a while. If you experience a fuel leak in your tractor, contact a professional mechanic to come and fix it.

Brake and Steering Issues

Driving a tractor with faulty brakes and steering can be deadly. Before buying or driving your John Deere 1025r tractor, inspect the brakes and steering to ensure they’re in good condition.

Faulty brakes and steering might fail to respond quickly, resulting in a fatal accident. Your tractor’s brakes and steering might malfunction due to the following.

  • Faulty oil filter
  • Improper tire inflation
  • Excessive manhandling of brakes and steering

You can fix these problems by replacing the lousy air filter and inflating the tires properly. If you’re dealing with excessively manhandled brakes and steering, hire a mechanic to repair or replace them.

Final Thoughts

You’re not alone if you’re struggling with the above John Deere 1025r problems. This tractor handles easy to complex gardening or landscaping tasks, and as a result, it’s likely to experience several issues.

1025r components such as the engine, brakes, steering, hydraulic system, or electrical system will develop problems over time. Thankfully, you can fix some issues or hire a professional mechanic to do the job.