6 Most Common Intimidator UTV Problems and How to Fix Them

When fully functional, the Intimidator UTV provides excellent service. However, that’s not always the case. You’re likely to encounter a few hiccups when driving your Intimidator UTV. The most common Intimidator UTV problems are coolant leaking, overheating, problematic starts, insufficient engine power, battery problems, and transmission issues. Most of these problems affect the transmission, engine, battery, and radiator.

Knowing what these problems are, what causes them, and how you can resolve them can make a difference. Let’s look at the common Intimidator issues you’re likely to encounter and their solutions.

The Engine Won’t Start

The engine not starting is a common Intimidator UTV problem. It could occur for various reasons, including:

  • Low temperatures
  • A dead or cold battery
  • Problems with the ignition system
  • Bad gas or a dirty air filter

Low temperatures during the winter put additional strain on your UTV’s battery and engine, meaning it can take some time to get started. If this is the case, take the UTV into a warmer place and give the engine sufficient time to warm up before you start it.

Another reason your UTV’s engine might not start is a dead or cold battery. Test the battery using a multimeter to check whether it can give an output of 12V. If it can’t, try charging it fully and see whether that works.

Your UTV’s engine won’t start if you use contaminated or bad gas. Contaminants in the gas could be moisture, which in low temperatures freezes, preventing the gas from reaching the engine. You can resolve the problem by filtering out water as you fuel the UTV or using fuel additives to remove moisture in the engine.

Moisture is not the only problem preventing the engine from starting. A dirty air filter prevents air from getting into the engine for combustion, an essential step in powering the engine up. You can resolve the issue by cleaning or replacing the air filter.

Finally, your UTV might not start if there’s an issue in the ignition system. The common ones include damaged or dirty spark plugs. Clean the dirty spark plugs or replace them if they’re too damaged.


Overheating can cause your UTV to malfunction or ruin the engine. When your engine overheats, the first place to check is the radiator. Blockages or damage to the radiator could hinder airflow, preventing the heat from cooling the engine. The solution is always to check your radiator and clean off any debris.

While cleaning the radiator, ensure that you have sufficient coolant inside it. Low coolant levels result in inefficient cooling. If you’re low on coolant, refill it with the manufacturer-recommended one.

Sometimes, you have the right amount of coolant, but it is of poor quality, thus incapable of cooling the engine effectively.

Your UTV’s engine could also overheat if you overwork it. This is common for new ATVs with less than 20 hours of riding. If your ATV is new and the engine is overheating, try reducing the load. You should also drive incrementally from ½ throttle to full throttle to give the engine time to get used to operating.

Coolant Leakage

Coolant leakage is one of the most reported Intimidator UTV problems. Leaks mainly occur due to worn-out or damaged radiator hoses and clamps.

Damaged radiator clamps have a blue layer on them. When this happens, you should replace them. Loose or damaged radiator hoses could also cause the coolant to leak. Depending on the problem, you can tighten the loose hoses or replace the damaged ones.

Another common cause of coolant leakages is physical damage to the radiator. The damage can occur from the wear and tear of the radiator fins or the branches and rocks you encounter during your rides.

When the damage involves cracks or holes in the radiator, the coolant will leak, limiting your UTV’s ability to keep the engine cool. The best fix for a physically damaged radiator is to install a new one.

Your UTV could also leak coolant if the thermostat is faulty. A faulty thermostat can cause serious issues, including overheating, lower fuel economy, and leaking coolant.

A faulty thermostat makes the engine overheat, causing a pressure buildup in the radiator. This pressure buildup eventually forces coolant to leak through the weaker parts of the radiator, such as the water pump or hoses. You can tell whether you’re dealing with a faulty thermostat if:

  • The thermostat shows unusually high readings
  • Your engine keeps overheating
  • Your coolant level is constantly low despite refilling regularly

In most cases, you must replace the thermostat if it starts malfunctioning.

Insufficient Engine Power

Engine issues are among the most common Intimidator UTV problems. Sometimes your UTV’s engine might start, but it might have insufficient power. Insufficient engine power occurs due to a damaged ignition coil, issues with the spark plug, low gas, or a clogged injector.

Refill your gas tank if you’re low on fuel. You can also prevent this problem from occurring in the future by checking the gas levels each time before you ride the UTV.

You can also check the spark plug for debris or damage. Clean out any debris on the spark plug and replace damaged ones.

You’ll know the ignition coil needs replacing if your UTV uses more power than usual, has a sputtering engine, excessive jerking, and vibration. Check the ignition coil as soon as you notice this problem and replace it if it’s damaged. Failing to address ignition coil problems could result in engine failure, which is costly.

Battery Issues

The battery can cause some Intimidator UTV problems, especially when it drains power, has loose connections, has faulty charging, and has low electrolyte levels. And, in some cases, you’ll experience battery problems due to poor maintenance. Battery issues manifest as an engine that is slow to start or won’t start.

To keep the batteries performing at their best, you must fully charge them before the first use and avoid draining them beyond the 80% level. Discharging too much of the battery’s capacity weakens the battery, increasing the chances of it dying on you.

Your battery might have problems fully charging because of a faulty charging system. Charging systems get faulty due to loose connections or defective voltage regulators. Tightening the connections and repairing them is advisable

While checking for battery issues, inspect all the connections to ensure they are clean and tight. Corrosion, grime, and loose connections reduce the effectiveness of the battery. Tighten any loose connections and clean any debris from the battery. If the battery still has issues, it could be damaged. In this case, you must replace the battery.

Intimidator UTV Transmission Problems

Intimidator UTV transmission problems are likely to occur, even in a well-maintained UTV. These problems could have different causes, depending on the symptoms your UTV shows.

One sign you have transmission problems is gear slippage. Gear slippage in your UTV could be due to issues in the CVT transmission system. The solution is to replace the belt.

Low transmission fluid and worn-out clutch could also contribute to gear slippage. If this is the issue, refill the fluids and replace the worn-out clutch.

You can prevent most UTV transmission problems by maintaining your vehicle regularly and using the right oils and fluids. You should also promptly deal with any signs of transmission problems to avoid costly repairs like replacing the entire transmission system.

Intimidator UTV Problems are Inevitable

Although Intimidator UTVs are reliable off-roading vehicles, they are susceptible to the mentioned problems. When they occur, address them immediately to prevent further damage. You can also prevent some of the issues from happening by regularly maintaining your UTV.