5 Most Common ICON Golf Cart Problems and Effective Fixes

ICON golf carts are game-changers, thanks to their comfort, environmental friendliness, and striking looks. Additionally, they drive smoothly, ideal for a day out on the golf course.

However, these electric models can sometimes act up. So, what are the common ICON golf cart issues? The most reported ICON golf cart problems are battery issues, a problematic solenoid, a faulty motor, brakes failing to engage, and low-pressure tires.

Do you own a troublesome ICON golf cart? Or perhaps you want to purchase this electric cart. Read on as we detail the problems you’ll likely encounter and how to solve them.

Starting Problems

It is frustrating when you try to start your golf cart, but it won’t respond. Failing to start is a frequent problem with electric vehicles, which you may encounter due to various reasons. The battery is the primary culprit behind this malfunction.

ICON golf cart battery issues arise due to:

  • Low charge
  • Damage because of poor charging habits
  • The battery is past its service life
  • The battery terminals may be loose or corroded. Corrosion leads to sulfate buildup, which will hinder the current flow

A faulty charging unit is another culprit behind the ICON utility vehicle’s starting problems. The battery won’t sufficiently charge when plugged in.

How To Fix

The first move is plugging in the charger to see the charge status. When you connect the charger, the charge indicator lights up to show the battery percentage. If it is low, give it time to fill up before starting the cart. 

If the indicator does not show, it signifies a problem with the battery or charging system. Inspect the battery to see if it is still functional. Consider replacing the cart’s battery if you have used it for a long time. 

The terminals may be the problem, too, especially if you notice signs of corrosion. Get rid of the sulfate buildup with sandpaper. You should consult a professional or visit the nearest ICON service center for a faulty charging system.

Motor Issues

A faulty motor is a culprit behind some ICON golf cart problems, such as a hard start and sudden stalling. The snag is mainly burnout, resulting from overheating, overloading, and pushing the cart past its operational limits.

Moreover, the motor can be troublesome due to contact with water leading to short-circuiting or damage to its frame or assemblies. The connections are another culprit behind the malfunctioning motor. The wires might be damaged, affecting current flow.

How To Solve

Assess the motor and its assembly thoroughly to know what is ailing it. If you have had an encounter with overheating before, it is likely the cause of the issue at hand. Resetting the motor can help in such a scenario, particularly if the damage is not severe.

Uncover the motor to access the reset button located near the power supply. Press the key to reset the motor and cover.

Check the wires and other connections to ensure that they are okay. If damaged, fix them or get new ones. Replacement is the only option for a badly damaged motor, such as in the case of short-circuiting.

Prevent motor issues by working within the cart’s limits. Refrain from flooring the accelerator or overloading it. Routinely service the motor to have it in good shape. 

ICON Golf Cart Brake Problems

Your ICON golf cart’s braking system might develop issues after prolonged use. The brakes may fail to engage, or the pedal feels hard when you step on it. Other times, you notice strange sounds when braking.

The issue is primarily due to loose bolts and connections, which may affect the cart’s running. Other causes are stuck cables and worn parts.

How To Fix

Thorough probing of the brake unit will lead to the root of the ICON golf cart brake problems. Tighten the unit’s bolts and check them regularly to ensure that everything is great. For stuck or entangled cables, you pull them out carefully. If the tangling led to their destruction, you must replace them. 

A Faulty Solenoid

A faulty solenoid is among the frequent ICON golf cart problems. The solenoid is a crucial component of golf carts, comprising a steel plunger and a thin wire coil going around the plunger. This part will break down after some time leading to hitches like difficulty in starting and acceleration.

A common sign of solenoid problems on ICON golf carts is the absence of a click sound when turning on the ignition. The issue might be worn-out coils or loose connections. The wearing out can be due to a high current passing through the coils.

You can solve minor solenoid issues, like loose connections, by changing the wires and other necessary fixes. However, you will need a new solenoid if the one you have is badly damaged.

Tire Problems

Your ICON golf cart will occasionally experience troubles with the tires, primarily because of low pressure or a puncture. Driving with low-pressure tires is rough and may wear parts of the suspension system. 

How To Fix

Part of the golf cart’s regular maintenance should focus on the tires, where you inflate them if they are low on pressure. In case of a puncture, you will need a tire repair kit to fix the complication. Get new tires if the ones you have are severely out of shape.

Are ICON Golf Cart Problems A Deal Breaker?

ICON golf cart issues are not necessarily a deal breaker, considering they are regular occurrences with other electric golf cart models. Additionally, the complications are minor and fixable.

You can avoid most of the problems by routinely servicing the golf cart. Check on parts like the motor, the solenoid, and the braking system, as they are the source of most hiccups. For complicated situations, let an experienced mechanic take charge.