5 Most Common Husqvarna TS 354XD Problems and How To Fix Them

Are you planning to upgrade to a riding lawn mower?

The Husqvarna TS354XD is an excellent consideration, with appealing attributes like a powerful engine and an adaptable ClearCut deck. However, you must bring this model’s setbacks when weighing its excellence. The most common Husqvarna TS354XD problems include starting problems, excessive vibration, smoke production, poor fuel economy, and problematic deck and blades.

Read on and learn more about Husqvarna TS354XD issues and their fixes.

Starting Problems

It is frustrating when you want to use the mower, but it won’t start. It is a frequent issue that most riding lawn mower owners have experienced at least once. The genesis of this trouble is inadequate or bad gas. Other probable causes are:

  • A bad battery
  • Bad spark plugs
  • A faulty starter
  • A problem with the ignition switch
  • A clogged air filter
  • Clogged fuel lines or an issue with the fuel pump

You can point out the root of the problem by noting the engine’s behavior when starting it. For instance, if you notice clicking when you turn the key, the issue may be a bad starter solenoid or a dead battery. 

How To Fix

Start by checking the fuel tank to see if you have adequate fuel, and fill it up if it is low. Always use the correct fuel, as dictated by the manufacturer. Debris and frozen fuel can clog the fuel line, cutting the engine’s gasoline supply. 

In case of frozen gas, fill the tank with more gas to warm up the system. Also, park the mower in a warm place to prevent such an occurrence. You flush out debris by cleaning the fuel line or using a vacuum pump.

The next area to check is the electrical unit. A dead battery can’t start the engine, calling for jumpstarting or replacing it. Probe the terminals and clear off sulfate buildup. Replace a faulty starter to bid goodbye to a hard start.


Shaking when riding is among the leading Husqvarna TS354XD problems. The trouble is mainly due to loose or unbalanced moving parts. The blades are the main culprits in this situation. Damaged and unbalanced blades can stress the engine, leading to vibrations.

Debris in the deck, a damaged deck, and issues with the crankshaft and suspension system are other possible causes of this hitch. 


Inspect the mower’s underside, as it is the probable origin of the shaking. Tighten loose bolts and other connections before shifting to the deck and cutters. Ensure that the deck is at the right level and the blades are sharp and balanced. Get rid of the debris in the deck and the pulley unit.

Inspect the suspension system, mainly focusing on the tires and supporting structures. Fix and replace damaged parts for a smooth ride.

Problems With the Deck and Blades

The 354XD Husqvarna is prone to minor snags from the deck and blades. Debris in the deck increases the mower’s load, which may lead to noises, vibrations, and overheating. At times, the deck may fail to adjust.

Dull, damaged, and poorly balanced blades can cause shaking and engine stress. Moreover, they leave an unsightly yard due to rough cuts.

How To Fix

Adjust the deck to the right level depending on the terrain. If it fails to move, check for rusted or missing bolts and material stuck between the moving parts. Clean the deck to remove rust and dirt. Oiling the moving parts helps the deck to move effortlessly. Sharpen and balance dull blades. Get new blades if the ones you use are badly damaged.  

Smoke Emission

The engine is the source of some Husqvarna TS354XD problems, mainly excess smoke emissions. You may encounter this snag if you have inadequate oil, used the wrong or aged oil, extra oil, and oil in fuel. Furthermore, damaged parts, such as piston rings and cylinders, may contribute to this drawback.

Address this issue promptly, as it may contribute to other complications, such as overheating and poor fuel economy.

How To Fix

Probe the oil levels and fill up if low and reduce overfilled lubricant. Use the proper engine oil and change it regularly. Clean the fuel line to eliminate oil and other foreign matter that generate smoke.

Inspect the air filter and clean it if it’s dirty. Replace damaged parts to restore the engine’s functionality. Additionally, be careful when refilling the lubricant to avoid accidental spills. In case of a spill, clear it before starting the engine.

Poor Fuel Economy

The Husqvarna TS354XD is an economic mower model, with impressive fuel economy being one of its highlights. A fuel consumption shift indicates something is wrong, mainly with the engine. You may encounter this hitch due to the following:

  • Bad spark plugs
  • A faulty air filter
  • Low-quality fuel or the presence of impurities
  • Dull blades
  • Materials stuck on the deck
  • Problems with the wheels and suspension system.
  • Tough mowing conditions


You address a bad fuel economy by verifying the engine is in good shape. Replace faulty spark plugs and clean the air filter. Use high-grade fuel to get the best out of the TS354XD and flush the fuel unit to expel impurities. The right fuel will help you overcome harsh mowing conditions, like going uphill or on rugged terrains.

Balance and sharpen dull blades and remove material stuck under the deck. The wheels and the supporting suspension system should always be in proper shape to avoid eventualities.

Final Thoughts

This piece presents you with common Husqvarna TS354XD problems and how to address them. We can see that most complications are easy to solve and preventable with consistent servicing of the mower.

Troubles, like a hard start, call for a comprehensive inspection of the mower to get to its source. You can visit Husqvarna dealership centers for help if you don’t know how to troubleshoot the problems.