7 Most Common Husqvarna MZ61 Problems and How to Fix Them

The Husqvarna MZ61 is an entry-level commercial zero-turn mower for homeowners and professionals. The model has exclusive features that guarantee comfort, performance, and productivity.

Its 24HP Kawasaki engine translates into a reliable startup and fast performance. Unfortunately, this mower encounters issues from time to time. The most common Husqvarna MZ61 problems include a clogged carburetor, unusual vibration, battery not charging, uneven mowing results, engine overheating, hydraulic issues, and the deck not engaging.

Most of these problems occur when the mower is not adequately maintained. But how do you resolve these issues? Keep reading.

Clogged Carburetor

The MZ61 engine requires a functional carburetor to start and keep running. However, poor maintenance might lead to the accumulation of dirt in the carburetor. With a clogged carburetor, the engine might experience starting difficulties.

If the engine starts, it might run roughly, affecting the smooth riding experience.

Old or dirty fuel can leave deposits in the carburetor and cause it to malfunction. Fuel left in the lines for an extended period deteriorates and releases deposits. These deposits accumulate in the fuel lines and the carburetor, resulting in engine issues.

If your mower has a damaged fuel filter, dirt might go through to the carburetor. The dirt and debris will clog up the carburetor over time.

How to Fix:

If you’re sure the mower’s carburetor is to blame, remove it from the manifold for cleaning. Tear down your carburetor and remove heavy deposits with carb cleaning brushes. Then deep your carb in a commercial cleaner to remove stubborn residues.

If some clogs won’t come out or the carb appears damaged, replace it. You’ll also need to replace the fuel filter. Then, clean the fuel lines and refill the tank with fresh fuel.

Battery Not Charging

The MZ61 battery needs an adequate charge to ensure the engine starts smoothly. But like other mowers, the battery might have issues and fail to charge.

Battery charging problems might result from the following issues:

  • Loose terminal cable connections
  • Disconnected charging lead
  • Malfunctioning charging system
  • Dead battery

Most Husqvarna MZ61 problems related to the battery occur due to neglecting maintenance. For example, a battery’s death can occur if you store the mower in winter without running the engine. As a result, the battery fails to charge.

How to Fix:

Inspect the battery terminal cable connections. If you find loose terminal cables, secure the connections. Clean the terminals to remove accumulated rust and dirt.

Next, inspect the charging system. Secure the charging lead if disconnected and replace it if worn or damaged.

If the battery charging problem persists, test for a dead battery with your multimeter. Check the manual to know the correct battery voltage reading from the multimeter. If the volts suggest the battery is dead, install a new battery.

Hydraulic Problems

The hydraulic system in your MZ61 provides the mechanical energy needed to operate the mower. Over time, you might notice that your mower moves too slowly and loses power under load.

This mower has a powerful engine that allows it to move fast and smoothly in any direction. If it becomes too slow, the culprit might be the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic problems in your zero-turn mower might result from issues like:

  • Air trapped in the system
  • Leaking hydraulic fluid

Air trapped in the mower’s hydraulic system prevents the smooth flow of fluid. As a result, the mower becomes weak, slows down, and eventually stalls.

If fluid fails to flow through the system, it creates lubrication problems for the essential parts. These parts overheat and get damaged.

Sometimes, you’ll hear unusual noise from the system resulting from compressing and decompressing the air.

How to Fix:

If there’s air trapped in the system, bleed the system, particularly the lines and cylinder. This fix should help remove any trapped air that affects the flow of hydraulic fluid.

Then, inspect the system for leaking parts. Leakage in the system can affect the smooth flow of the fluid. Replace any worn or damaged parts that might cause oil to leak. Lastly, refill the reservoir with fresh hydraulic fluid.

Unusual Noise and Vibration

The Husqvarna MZ61 has some form of vibration while under use. But when the vibration becomes intense, your mower has problems that need addressing.

This mower will vibrate due to the following:

  • Loose parts
  • A build-up of debris under the deck
  • Incorrect tension on the drive belt

How to Fix:

With excessive use, the blades become loose, and if not secured, they cause unusual vibrations. Loose blades cause an imbalanced rotation. They will hit the deck and generate excessive noise and vibration. Align the blades and tighten the bolts.

If you have bent blades, use a blade balancer to ensure they rotate evenly. Then sharpen the dull blades. Replace any broken or damaged blade.

If the vibration and noise persist, locate all the bolts and nuts holding the deck and parts together. Tighten the loose nuts and replace the missing ones.

Then, check under the deck for a build-up of debris. Clean the deck to remove stuck clippings and dirt.

Lastly, inspect the drive belt to see if it’s the cause of unusual noise and vibration. If the belt is too loose or tight, correct the tension level.

Uneven Mowing Results

Issues with the mower deck, blades, and tires can cause your MZ61 to mow unevenly. Like other Husqvarna MZ61 problems, proper maintenance can prevent this issue.

So, if your mower cuts unevenly, the possible culprits might be:

  • Bent or dull blades
  • Unequal tire pressure
  • Debris collected under the deck

How to Fix:

Before inspecting the blades and deck, inspect the tires. Check the owner’s manual to ensure the tires have the correct air pressure. If not, inflate or deflate them as necessary.

Next, check the blades and balance them if they appear bent. If your blades are dull, sharpen them. Replace any damaged blades and align them properly.

If the uneven mowing issue persists, check under the deck and clean any stuck mud and clippings.

Deck Not Engaging

Another common problem with MZ61 is the deck failing to engage. If the deck fails to engage, the blades won’t rotate to cut grass.

Issues that might cause the mower deck not to engage are:

  • Loose, dirty, or damaged drive belt
  • Blown fuse
  • Faulty blade switch

How to Fix:

Inspect the drive belt to see if it’s dirty or loose. Clean the belt to remove the stuck debris and adjust the tensioner to fix a loose belt. If you have a worn or broken belt, install a new one.

Next, examine the fuse and blade switch to see if they’re functional. Replace a blown fuse and faulty blade switch.


Engine overheating is a common problem for zero-turn mowers. It’s another maintenance issue that comes over time and can damage your engine if not rectified.

Several issues will cause your MZ61 engine to overheat. The most common ones are:

  • Clogged air intake
  • Insufficient engine oil
  • Overloaded engine

How to Fix:

The air intake can get clogged over time and block fresh air from cooling the engine. Inspect the air vents and cooling fins and clean them if they have dirt or debris. If you find damaged components in the air intake, replace them.

Then, check for a low engine oil level. Insufficient oil causes engine parts to rub against each other and overheat. Fill the reservoir with fresh oil as recommended in the manual.

If the engine overheats, check if the deck height is too low. Readjust the deck height to avoid overloading the engine.

Husqvarna MZ61 problems

Are Husqvarna MZ61 Problems a Deal Breaker?

Despite all these Husqvarna MZ61 issues, the mower remains a reliable partner for tidying your yard. It’s a high-quality zero-turn mower that takes comfort and productivity to a new level.

If your mower encounters these issues, fix them as illustrated above. Don’t hesitate to call a professional for help if you can’t address the problems. Lastly, keep your Husqvarna MZ16 zero-turn mower well-maintained to ensure it keeps running.