4 Most Common Husqvarna 150BT Problems and Effective Fixes

The Husqvarna 150BT leaf blower stands out for its ergonomic and lightweight design. Despite its effectiveness at clearing leaves from your lawn, you will likely encounter some problems using the blower. The most common Husqvarna 150BT problems are overheating, failure to start, starting then shutting off, and the engine running rough.

Knowing what causes these problems will help you prevent them or troubleshoot them when they arise. Read on a we dissect these issues and ways of fixing them.


An overheating leaf blower is a sign that something is wrong. Although the leaf blower relies on combustion and will get warm as you work, it should not overheat. The leading cause of overheating in a 150BT leaf blower is an incorrect fuel/gas mixture.

Since the Husqvarna runs on a two-cycle engine, it requires a mix of fuel and oil to run efficiently. For a 150BT, the oil/gas ratio is 50:1. If you haven’t used this ratio, correct it and check whether the leaf blower is still overheating.

Another common reason your leaf blower is overheating is a dirty and clogged air filter. The engine requires a sufficient supply of fresh air for complete combustion.

When the air filter is clogged, a lower amount of fresh air reaches the engine. Exhaust gasses will accumulate, leading to overheating.

When dealing with Husqvarna 150BT problems due to clogged air filters, the first solution is to clean the filter or replace it if it’s too dirty.

The third reason your leaf blower could be overheating is clogged cooling fins. When dirt and grime accumulate on the cooling fins, their effectiveness reduces, resulting in overheating.

You can troubleshoot the problem by cleaning the cooling fins regularly to remove any dust or debris blocking airflow.

Starting Problems

Your Husqvarna 150BT won’t start for several reasons. One of them is a worn-out spark plug. Spark plugs could become damaged due to cracks in the insulator, carbon buildup at the electrode, or a burnt-out electrode. The only solution to a damaged spark plug is to replace it.

Another reason your Husqvarna 150BT won’t start is due to a clogged carburetor. Carburetors become clogged when you leave fuel inside the leaf blower for an extended period.

Thankfully, all you need to unclog the carburetor is cleaning with a carburetor cleaner to clear the blockage. You might have to rebuild or replace the carburetor, especially where the clogging is so extensive that cleaning cannot clear it.

A defective recoil starter is the third reason your leaf blower won’t start. The recoil starter is essential to starting your leaf blower’s engine. Without it, the engine won’t start.

Recoil starters in leaf blowers fail due to the following reasons:

  • The spring sliding out of place
  • Damaged pulley
  • Low tension in the spring

Depending on the underlying issue, the solution could be recoiling the spring, placing the spring in the right position, or replacing the entire coil. 

Your leaf blower could also fail to start if you are using the wrong fuel-gas ratio. The Husqvarna 150BT requires a 50:1 fuel/oil ratio to work properly. Without the right combination, your leaf blower won’t start.

The wrong fuel-gas ratio is perhaps one of the easiest Husqvarna 150BT problems to fix. Drain the current fuel and pour in the correct fuel/oil ratio.

Starting Then Shutting Off Shortly

Your leaf blower Husqvarna leaf blower might start, but it dies soon after. One of the reasons your leaf blower starts and then dies is due to a clogged fuel filter.

A clogged fuel filter is typical when you leave fuel inside the engine for so long that it leaves behind a sticky mass.

Start by cleaning the fuel filter to clear the blockage. You can prevent the rapid deterioration of fuel by adding a fuel stabilizer to your leaf blower to make the fuel last longer.

A faulty ignition coil could also be why your leaf blower dies after running for some time. One indication that the ignition coil could be the problem is if your leaf blower fails each time it runs hot. If the ignition coil is faulty, you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

Your 150BT leaf blower could also stop after starting due to a clogged air filter. The air filter traps dirt and debris, preventing it from reaching the engine. When too much debris accumulates on the filter, sufficient air cannot pass through, leading your leaf blower to stall and fail.

Changing your air filter at least once annually (if you are not a heavy user) is recommended to keep your blower effective. Some air filters require regular cleaning.

Running Rough

The engine running rough is a common issue among Husqvarna 150BT blowers. The most apparent reason for a rough engine is old fuel.

If you haven’t changed your leaf blower’s fuel recently, you will probably have a rough-running engine. Replace the fuel and check whether your engine is now running smoothly.

Another reason your engine could be running rough is a clogged fuel line. When the fuel line is clogged, fuel does not reach the engine, causing your Husqvarna to run rough. You may have to replace the fuel line if it is clogged. Make sure you use the recommended replacement parts.

Final Thoughts

Although Husqvarna is one of the most reliable leaf blower brands, it is not free of problems. You may encounter one or more Husqvarna 150BT problems, most of which occur due to a lack of maintenance. Luckily, 150BT issues are easy to fix on your own.